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  1. Staples Office Supply is antigun
  2. Mom trespassed from school because she has ccw permit.
  3. Petition to stop EPA from shutting down last lead smelter in USA
  4. Gun Control Bill Gains 185 Co-Sponsors in the House
  5. ISRPA Responds to Mayor of Chicago
  6. California confiscation
  7. URGENT ACTION ITEM: Contact BATFE to oppose regulation change
  8. Calling all gun owning foster/adoptive parents in Nevada
  9. Hit this poll
  10. Vet with PTSD/buying firearm?
  11. KY Knife Preemption Legislation
  12. OK Knife Preemption Legislation
  13. Knife Rights NYC Lawsuit update
  14. Has anyone written a letter since the CT registration ordeal...?
  15. SC Knife Preemption Legislation
  16. Toby Keith poll
  17. New Obama Executive Orders
  18. What next for 2014
  19. Oregon - universal background checks
  20. Texas Residents - please post comments to Travis County Commisioners court FB page
  21. Illinois Concealed Carry - Business Tracking
  22. IL - Walmart posts agains carry - sorta
  23. We Need Your Help in New Jersey... Again
  24. NH watch out - UBC
  25. Reliable news??
  26. WV - Lobby Day
  27. A call to residents of Grand Rapids, MI….
  28. Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Inc.
  29. Please support us in europe
  30. South Carolina Constitutional Carry
  31. Lobby Day Across the US
  32. Georgia HB 875 Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014
  33. Colorado bill to repeal standard magazine ban
  34. Texas Primary Election - March 4th
  35. NRA Directors election
  36. Support for SB1771 in TN needed
  37. Tennessee Switchblade Ban Repeal Bill - SIGNED
  38. Utah gun owners we need your help!
  39. Iowa HF384 to legalize suppressors
  40. Charlton Heston to be commemorated with U.S. Postal stamp.
  41. CT Governors Race
  42. Attention, all New Yorkers
  43. Rally in Albany
  44. Fire Mission: Please hit this poll
  45. We need your vote on Florida's SB-448
  46. Maine residents our time is here!
  47. Michigan - Stand your ground under assault
  48. Surgeon General Nominee Decidedly Anit-Gun
  49. PACs and funds
  50. Florida SUPPORT HB-89 and HB-7029
  51. Hit this poll
  52. Call governor Christie's office
  53. This week in Fl and other states, new bills and old ones
  54. DiFi is at it again
  55. Defense for the First One to be Arrested inCT
  56. Arizona Urgent! Anti-gun group in Phoenix to influence Brewer! Tomorrow Mar 26
  57. CT Chooses Liberty
  58. Consider a banned firearm for the sake of CT
  59. KS - Urgent - Knife Preemption Fix Bill
  60. Ohio: Hunting with Suppressor Bill Passes House, Goes to Senate
  61. Louisiana:Hunting with Suppressor Bill Passes House, Goes to Senate
  62. Louisiana: Permit Carry in Restaurants That Serve Alcohol
  63. Support a Museum gun range in Cody WY that is being blocked by anti-gunners
  64. FL Residents: SUPPORT SB-296 With NO AMENDMENTS
  65. TN: "Open Carry Freedoms Act of 2014" HB2409 & SB2424 Open Carry No Permit!
  66. GUAM: Bill 296 Shall Issue Being Considered
  67. Today, I won a battle.
  68. PA citizen militia
  69. IL - Call to Action - HB4290 Certified Firearms Instructor
  70. IL Call to Action HB4290 Stage 2
  71. CA (AB1563) shall issue CCW legislation
  72. gunfacts.info worth checking out
  73. Money Militia
  74. SCOTUS Denies Cert for drake v jerejian
  75. Good news/ bad news in Florida
  76. Anti HB 4774 rally in Lansing, MI
  77. Tuesday May 20 2014 Please Vote!:AR,GA,ID,KY,OR and PA
  78. Florida
  79. embarrassed for my home state
  80. ATF quietly trying to impose new rules on multiple gun purchases.
  81. California "good cause" restriction struck down
  82. CNN Poll
  83. After California shooting, House Democrats to push for gun control measures
  84. This is what people need to see
  86. I'm running for state rep in Sullivan County NH
  87. Sign the petitions.
  88. Where is this Rose Garden honor?
  89. Tom Gresham's Target Petition
  90. Feds using AFB network to process and release illegal aliens?
  91. Form letter to your elected offiicials
  92. IRS notifying insurance companies?
  93. Do your part to block an anti-gun Surgeon General.
  94. Dealing with my brother
  95. WA Students for Concealed Carry - We need leaders.
  96. SC residents please write Rep Mark Sanford..
  97. Calling on all New Yorkers
  98. Texas Highroaders
  99. Please sign petition to remove suppressors for the NFA.
  100. Wash State: Anti I-594 Rally/Speech Aug 1 Vancouver
  101. Today's letter to the Governor of MD:
  102. Sign the petition to cancel HSUS tax exemption
  103. spy on your
  104. UPS lost my business - go FedEx!
  105. Missouri Members (Primary Today Aug 5)
  106. Bernie Herpin: I got a request for donations for his campaign
  107. CALIFORNIA fire mission: SB808, SB580, SB505, and SB199
  108. New Hampshire: Primary Sept 9!
  109. Proposed Bill - SJR 19
  110. Mom's Response
  111. 2015 Second Amendment March - April 29, Lansing MI
  112. The latest from meetbloomberg.
  113. NY 2A rights - TONIGHT.....ASTORINO vs CUOMO debate at 8pm
  114. CA Gun Supporters
  115. MSNBC Poll on "Kroger" carry...
  116. Shot heard around NY Nov 1st Watertown
  117. If you have not yet voted, make sure you do so tomorrow!
  118. Attention ny voters: Safe act traitors list
  119. "Official" i594 Rally Thread - December 13, 2014
  120. *"I WILL NOT Comply Rally" Dec. 13, 2014, OLYMPIA*
  121. Contact Your Senator
  122. I594 - Surprising news..maybe
  123. WA States preemption on gun laws being eroded
  124. 2015 Pro Gun Legislation Montana Shooting Sports Association
  125. WA I594 Injunction filed
  126. I-594 type gun control spreading
  127. Gun rally, olympia wa, thurs. Jan 15th.....
  128. Hit this Poll please
  129. Sig Brace debocle and what I AM GOING TO DO.
  130. Anti Activity Tracking - Post any and all known Anti activity
  131. "Pause for Safety" Bill introduced
  132. Big Trouble
  133. Wa House bill 1857
  134. February 2015 Issue of LOCAL Newsletter
  135. Wisconsin 48 hour wait for handguns
  136. Suppressors in IL? there's hope
  137. New knife protection legislation advanced by Knife Rights at Fed and State levels
  138. NRA-ILA, Urgent Florida Gun Bills need your help
  139. Universal Background Checks in NH!
  140. BATFE proposes to ban SS109 & M855 ammunition for civilian sales.
  141. The ban of the 5.56 round
  142. Looks like AZ will finally get rid of our laughable "nunchaku" law
  143. Help on a Constitutional Carry Bill (Maine)
  144. Iowa Omnibus Gun bill support
  145. Help Needed: HB4005 Florida Campus Carry
  146. New regulations for hunters and shooters traveling outside the country...
  147. Congressman Proposes New Ammo Ban
  148. The letter I sent to the ATF re: the proposed "ammo ban"
  149. Is this normal?
  150. URGENT Action Needed - Campus Carry intentionally stalled in FL Senate
  151. Other than the NRA, what RKBA group do you financially support?
  152. Quick update; Florida guns in schools statue: DOA....
  153. Do you buy from Amazon?
  154. ISRA Alert - attempt to bring back assault weapon bans
  155. Action Request From Knife Rights
  156. KY & PA: Get out and Vote Today - Primaries
  157. Anti Gunners to barricade IL gun store June 6 - ISRA Alert
  158. We still have a fighting chance in Iowa...
  159. These Texas Representatives May Have Killed Open Carry - Please Contact Them!
  160. Final efforts in Iowa... Please help
  161. Mainers write your House rep now!
  162. Wisconsin Knife Bill help
  163. Defeated in Iowa
  164. They're at it again
  165. Uber Bans Firearms - Petition Started
  166. Immediate Action on knife bill in NY
  167. Manchin, Toomey both interested in reviving gun control push
  168. New Jersey Denied Carol Bowne a Fighting Chance
  169. Found this in TPNN--- hope it isn't true
  170. On the topic of inclusiveness
  171. the Brian Fletcher case
  172. Chattanooga and military life
  173. Oklahoma Gov raises the bar
  174. Northern Colorado Front Range National Forest Shooting Update
  175. Would You Buy From A Store That Bans Muslims?
  176. NRA says Illinois State Police to make CCW harder esp for instructors
  177. anti-gun posting- collecting evidence
  178. Knife Rights Victory in NY (incremental)
  179. Verizon FIOS Drops the Sportsman and Outdoors Channels
  180. Petition to not allow new gun shop to open
  181. New firearms proposed legislation list.
  182. Contact your Senators - Harry Reid Promising Gun Control Vote in Senate
  183. Petition to legalize Open Carry in Florida
  184. About time we send another message to our members of Congress
  185. Bill introduced to remove suppressors from NFA regulation
  186. KnifeRights assistance request:IL, MI, WI
  187. Call/Write supporting Knife Owner's Protection Act and opposing NJ Ivory
  188. No More Victims petition
  189. Goodyear hates gun owners
  190. A Call
  191. The 'legally purchased' lie. An anti-gun tactic.
  192. Call Your Senators Now!!
  193. President "Honors" San Bernadino Victims
  194. Petition to support Sheriff Van Blarcum
  195. Assault Weapons Ban
  196. Illinois Watch List
  197. Oregon Judiciary Committee Activity
  198. FIRE MISSION - Virginia - Comment on permanent state-agency gun ban!
  199. Yet Another Attempt to Ban Using the Terrorist Watchlist (Republicans, this time)
  200. Anyone have FL Reps emails availabale for the proposed AWB about to be presented
  201. End of year tax deductible donations
  202. Details in the EO.
  203. Pop Vox invitation to weigh in on Executive Action
  204. CNN poll on "background checks"
  205. Hit this Poll please
  206. Mom's Demand Action Meeting - Sat. 1 PM - 2PM . Jan 16 2016 Covington KY
  207. Arizona BLM Land Alert
  208. Hearing Protection Act
  209. Tomorrow last day before NRA pricing goes up
  210. Valuable graphics for countering gun control/safety arguments
  211. For Illinois members
  212. more CA anti-gun laws to be discussed 3/15
  213. Remember this before you vote
  214. Oppose Garland's Nomination
  215. Suppressor bill passes Iowa senate
  216. Advise on a good USA Flag setup
  217. NYC knife owner abuse
  218. Idaho: Call Gov. Otter at 208-334-2100 and urge him to sign SB 1389
  219. Attention Wisconsin 2A Supporters
  220. Oxford Ohio: Open Carry Walk April 30 @ 1pm Miami University (Southwest Ohio)
  221. OK ok for knives
  222. Proposed Illinois Gun Shop Legislation
  223. Useful video to share
  224. Time to push NY to move S6483A to a vote.
  225. SC/GA Reciprocity bill passes Senate, Heads to Gov. Haley's desk
  226. Europe, New Laws Looming (in French).
  227. Knife Rights NYC lawsuit and NY state legislative action
  228. Time to fire one off to your representatives
  229. Ban Extremist websites, too
  230. NRA asking people to contact Congress
  231. Why are we always on the defensive?
  232. Academy sports
  233. The Terrorists are Coming
  234. Good info on mass shootings discrepancies
  235. Waiting Period in Congress and Senate
  236. Massachusetts Gun Owners Rally at State House
  237. second amendment
  238. California Referendums
  239. Removing Gunsmithing from the ITAR petition
  240. PA residents, contact your representatives!
  241. Conditional veto staging NJ for shall-issue permits
  242. Bloomberg takes aim at Maine