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  1. Online Poll: Should the Assault Weapons Ban Be Reinstated?
  2. Facebook moves on the offensive
  3. Answer from MO Senator McCaskill
  4. Drafting a good argument for no mag limits & AWB for senators & reps
  5. Please donate whatever you can to NRA-ILA now!
  6. Like your Rifles?
  7. Answer from Senator Scott Brown
  8. Help me contact reps in WA
  9. Most Effective Way to Contact Senate or House Rep?
  10. Fire Mission: "We the People:To recognize the second amendment"
  11. Illinois members-Call your state reps NOW!
  12. Theater Shooting in San Antonio
  13. A link to contact ALL of your Reps. & the White House in one...
  14. Let's all hammer Dick's Sporting Goods!
  15. Way to go Mark LaRue
  16. UTube mocking actors anti-gun stand
  17. Massive Rally February 8th
  18. Call For Murder, Confiscation, and Banning the NRA go Mainstream
  19. Repeating firearms before the U.S. Revolution
  20. Feinstein is a hypocrite... listen to this!
  21. What they know
  22. Bank Cutting off loan for business associated with firearms
  23. Countering "Guns make it easier to kill"
  24. New York State Ban - We need your help as well as other states
  25. National Coalition to stop gun ban formed
  26. Remember the Kellerman study?
  27. Another Petition
  28. Feinstein Admits Carrying Concealed
  29. Poll and contact combined
  30. Nuclear option?
  31. Another Thoughtful Gun Ban Rebuttal (Mike LeMieux)
  32. What supporters of the 2nd Amendment must do over the next 7 days.
  33. Action People Can Take
  34. Forget whitehouse.gov and use congress.org
  35. Ten Anti-Gun Bills introduced in House Yesterday
  36. My letter to the NRA
  37. Email your friends that are not on forums
  38. New attempt at gun controll in Illinois SB2899
  39. Another great vid
  40. If you're considering buying hi-cap magazines...
  41. Repeal the 22nd amendment, removing Presidential term limits
  42. http://beta.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-joint-resolution/15/text
  43. AZ:Former Senator Offers Better Alternative to Gun Turn In
  44. Illinois Gun Lobby reports No Vote on SB2899 this session
  45. A Tactic When Writing Representatives.
  46. Great commentary on crime stats
  47. How true!!!
  48. bitcoins?
  49. Here's your chance to band together and do something.....
  50. BofA blocks American Spirit Arms funds
  51. Ret. General McChrystal says ‘serious action’ needed on gun control
  52. Talk to other gun owners
  53. Fact based Youtube argument against AWB
  54. North Carolina State Poll
  55. Gun Restrictions Via Financial Attack, Boycott Walmart
  56. Wal mart feeback link
  57. Texas Capitol 1-19-13
  58. White House petition
  59. Dont you wish all your congressmen were like this?
  60. March on State Capitols, January 19th 2013! With Nutnfancy
  61. Send the "Daily News" a message
  62. Let's Take Over This Poll
  63. Urgent
  64. Conference Call Today (1-11) With Bruce Reed
  65. Calling All New Jersey Residents - Rally Feb 8th and a new video
  66. MSNBC Poll On Whether You Would Send Your Kids To School With Armed Teachers
  67. Grand Firearms Industry Contact Your Politicians Thread
  68. Have a look at my petition
  69. Ruger has a petition
  70. PHONE your senators and representative
  71. March on State Capitols: Alabama reminders
  72. Ruger Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens
  73. Emails of Congress and Senators
  74. Thinking .... Yikes!!!!
  75. Anti-Gun News Anchor Gets Butt Handed to him...REPEATEDLY
  76. Gun appreciation Day Rockland County, NY
  77. Illinois bill by Reis introduced for CCW
  78. $300 NRA Life Membership
  79. Today's presidential conference?
  80. Sandy Hook Fully Exposed
  81. MSNBC reporting rifle NOT used at Sandy hook
  82. Online Poll: Should MD approve gun owner licensing system?
  83. Poll: Should teachers. administrators, staff be armed in schools?
  84. Texas Proposal to Jail Feds enforcing new gun laws
  85. New Video Game Allows Players to Murder NRA President
  86. Eastern Outdoors Show -- PA Folks Let Them Hear You!
  87. AZ - I'm the first to call?
  88. Vote in this urgent Newsmax Second Amendment Rights Poll....
  89. I wish the NRA would team up with the video game makers
  90. NYS Gun Ban Petitions
  91. Response from Rep Kroeker
  92. Letter to My Local Sheriff, Suggestions before I put it in the mail.
  93. Response from Rep Mica (Florida)
  94. Are 10 round mags grandfathered in?
  95. Voting with our Money
  96. 5 easy steps to defend your Second Amendment rights:
  97. Pro-Active Approach to EO's....
  98. The King has spoken
  99. When 2014 comes around - Remember This Day
  100. Another poll to hit
  101. Poll: Should President Obama Start Federal Gun Control?
  102. Poll on Yahoo! front page 1/16/2013
  103. Response from Congressman Steven Palazzo re Gun Ban
  104. Poll on Yahoo
  105. Response from my Representative
  106. Montgomery county Alabama voters....
  107. Missouri HB 170
  108. What I've been writing the politicians
  109. Arkansas House Resolution 1003
  110. Canned response from CO Senator Bennet (D)
  111. Ok, My petition
  112. The truth about assault weapons
  113. Fire Mission Daily Pravda
  114. We need every gunowner involved in march 5 2013 election!
  115. Where each state stands on gun-control legislation
  116. Hawaii StarAdvertiser poll Please help
  117. NC District 2 (US House) - Support Rep. Renee Ellmers!
  118. Illinois IGOLD rally 2013 March 6
  119. Dangers of “Common sense legislation to end gun violence”
  120. Send This Rep A Message
  121. Arkansas: Pro-gun Campus (staff) & Church Carry Bills Introduced
  122. Keeping up with your elected officials in Congress
  123. Southern Illinois:Carbonale Mayor joins Bloomberg Group.
  124. Oppose HR 226 - Support Assault Firearms Elimination and Reduction Act
  125. great news for 2a
  126. NRA-ILA & NRA-PVF Support
  127. Don't forget the power of the pen
  128. Imagine a world without guns
  129. Help arrest Del. joe Morrissey
  130. Bait and switch poll on Christie?
  131. Winston-Salem,NC, needs your help....
  132. Multiply Your Voice
  133. The Real Problems: Civil Commitment & Judges
  134. Edit your post signature to spread information.
  135. 2nd Right Events: @ every capital Nationwide on Feb. 8th
  136. "Transforming the country is much more exciting than governing it."
  137. Support MI SB 63, the Firearms Freedom Act
  138. Fire Mission: Time Magazine
  139. Outreach to the Spanish-speaking community
  140. Writing my Representative is a waste of time, but...
  141. Fire Mission - Hit this VA poll
  142. Join The Fight
  143. Groupon suspends gun deals
  144. Lone Star College Shooting - Media Coverage
  145. General Mills Anti 2nd Amendment
  146. NWTF withdraws from Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show
  147. Cedar Rapids, IA Gazette biased news article;course of action
  148. Senate Bill Coming Soon
  149. Geico
  150. Petition to keep local sheriff in office
  151. Attention Arkansans contact your senator. Senate Bill 71 ending gun free churches
  152. Obama wants military leaders who will fire on U.S. citizens
  153. Boycotts, courtesy of THR
  154. Senate Judiciary Committee composition
  155. Spreading the word on the Eastern Outdoor Sporting Show boycott success
  156. I called my Senators' offices today - now shut up and follow my lead.
  157. Moneybomb for NRA-ILA
  158. How often are you guys sending letters.
  159. Quick way to contact your reps
  160. Sign this online petition against the Feinstein gun ban!!
  161. WalMart, Ammo Sales & Public Opinion
  162. Im fed up with the price gouging
  163. Replies back from Congressmen
  164. Fire Mission: Fox News Poll: Is it time to make constitutional changes to gun rights
  165. Useful talking/letter writing point
  166. Grand Rapids, MI, Mayor George Heartwell pushing for legislation to limit carry
  167. Facebook: Texans Against Gun Free Schools
  168. Speak up on S150 - The so-called Fienstien assault weapons ban
  169. Trying to make it easier for your voice to be heard. Info/inks
  170. Ask your representatives why THEIR name wasn't on Rep. Rokita's letter to Obama!
  171. Reply from State Senator Michael J. Rodrigues MA
  172. Response to AWB '13 announcements
  173. No AR15 used in Newtown?
  174. Warn your neighbors.
  175. PSA: Contacting Your Representatives
  176. PopVox - Gun laws
  177. "Democrats may stand in Obama's way on gun measures"
  178. not feelin the love!
  179. White House petition
  180. A petition on We The People
  181. Nys petion
  182. Write CS
  183. America's fight for the 2nd Amendment- What one person can d
  184. If the Germans have no problem with ARs then why do our Antis
  185. Need some PopVox HELP on Bloomberg's "Common Sense" gun ban!
  186. Physical letters to Congress delayed up to 2 weeks
  187. Constitution for liberals
  188. Sometimes a company listens
  189. Curtis Bostic for Congress
  190. CT residents give your input to Rep. Smith
  191. Reply from Harry Reid
  192. "Obama asks police to help pass gun legislation"
  193. Pundit Petition
  194. Long Island, NY Join us in Protest and Make a Difference!
  195. Please help us in NJ!!!
  196. Contact Senator Reid
  197. White House petition to protect 2nd Amendment
  198. CNN iReport Debate: Right to bear arms!
  199. Southern Maine - Join the Fight...
  200. Kudos to E. RICHARD (DICKIE) DRAKE
  201. Long winded and convoluted reply from "Dick" Durbin.
  202. Support Ted Cruz - Senator from TX
  203. Guns and the President
  204. Rally in Raleigh!
  205. Action! More cover ups!? Yup.
  206. H.R. 437: To regulate assault weapons: Just introduced in the House
  207. Massachusetts Lesser of two evils
  208. The real driving force behind gun control: CPUSA
  209. Feb. 8 march richmond Va
  210. Congressional Reports and Investigations
  211. Mayors Against Gun Violence- Let's Use This
  212. DHS has solved the gun victimization problem
  213. Boycott...
  214. WA State House Bill 1588 - Universal Background Checks
  215. 28 FEB Pro-gun rally Albany, NY
  216. Ogdensburg,NY 10 FEB Pancake Breakfast
  217. Please attend Maryland Rally February 6
  218. what would gandhi do in ny?
  219. clever video supporting RKBA
  220. Texas legislative session - 2013
  221. Conference Call with Senator Collins...
  222. Ranking of Senators to vote against us.
  223. Colorado gun control
  224. Ask your IL rep & senator to co-sponsor for Illinois HB0997 & SB1284
  225. For the next generation
  226. reply from Susan Collins- one of the "good guys"?
  227. Arkasas SB131 (CHCL privacy bill)
  228. Sign this petition and enter to win a free Glock!
  229. Alabama: NRA-Supported Firearms Bill (SB129)
  230. HR538: Ban FN FiveSeven and PS90 and 5.7x28mm Ammo?
  231. House of Representatives Antis
  232. Occupy Sacramento
  233. Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance
  234. I just spoke to Sen. Coburn's office, and he's selling us out
  235. Congressmen Nolan's response
  236. Proposed gun control bill in KY
  237. Pro2A film in final stages, needs donors
  238. Free Pro 2nd Amendment Rally Banners
  239. Iowa 2nd District Meeting
  240. Great letter to the judiciary subcommittee
  241. South Carolina - ACTION needed!
  242. Indiana: HB1563 (suppressors for hunting), possible vote 2/12/13
  243. Question for obama
  244. Thank you, I now e-mail often
  245. Politically active?
  246. IL - oppose ban - support CCW
  247. Missouri gun ban introduced
  248. Count McCain out?
  249. Obama Allies Rally Against Pro-Gun Democrat
  250. Letter to My School Board!