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  1. Ordered to ground at gunpoint for open carrying by cleveland heights ohio police
  2. YOU need qik.com
  3. A new tactic to win the 2nd Amend war..
  4. My new "Plus One" tactic to support 2A rights.
  5. Thinking out of the box.
  6. Arkansas ccl holders!!!
  7. Open Carrying
  8. Southwest PA OC/CC/NC Meet-N-Greet, Super Panda Buffet: October 4th, 2009
  9. Gun Rights Policy Conference in St. Louis - Anybody going?
  10. I'm challenging everyone here...recruit a new shooter
  11. Question About NRA's Gun Owner's Survey
  12. Suggestions for changing company anti-gun policy.
  13. AB962 Passed in CA - Now what?
  14. Can we blame Mexico for gun violence since they sell Aguila ammo?
  15. Hostile Response to "No guns - no money" letters?
  16. Moving public opinion toward pro-gun
  17. Columbia University Libertarians would like to put on a Machine gun Shoot/BBQ
  18. Will Other Sates Follow?
  19. Possible reason some oppose legal guns in public places.
  20. Dragunov Tigr
  21. How to convert your liberal friends (to win next election)
  22. Canadian Long Gun Registry
  23. Congress+ (Application)
  24. Some Liberals Actually DO love the Second Amendment -- teach yours to love it, too
  25. CIFTA Treaty Could Ban Reloading And More
  26. Activism list of dos and don'ts
  27. Who want's a full auto .22? Lets help make a law.
  28. RESOURCE: ChangingMinds.org
  29. Are our Gun Fights hiding our broad agreements?
  30. Re-writing ca gun laws
  31. SCOTUS March 02,2010 - Anyone Going to DC?
  32. Bloomberg's Blueprint for Federal Action on Guns
  33. WA State: Proposed "assault weapon" ban legislation
  34. 2nd-Amendment Day
  35. FYI - Firearms Freedom Act site
  36. Demographics and RKBA
  37. The ACLU, an idea
  38. A few thoughts on violence.
  39. Debating an anti-gun zealot
  40. Brady Bunch Poll - To answer, or not to answer
  41. VCDL Open Carry event in Australian news.
  42. Seeking All Marine Corps Officers
  43. Please read my letter
  44. Remington Newsletter: Cybermonkey Newsletter Alert!
  45. Do Politicians Have Armed Guards?
  46. 1st of several casualties of California's new law
  47. I am a progressive liberal - I think Obama is as leftist
  48. eBay CEO in power when eBay banned guns and gun components for Republican Governor!
  49. Open carry is setting us back. IMO
  50. Prospective Pennsylvania governors address when, if they would ever disarm gun owners
  51. American Red Cross AND Gun Control
  52. "Open Carry Advocate Charged in Fatal Shooting"
  53. Help get legislation started so GIs can legally concealed carry on post
  54. Charlotte Marriott Exposes NRA Conventioneers to Criminal Prosecution - action plan!
  55. Online Gun Dealer in Arizona, Oppose the Boycott!
  56. Upcoming anti-gun legislation in Congress.
  57. Chapter 8, Restoring the Constitution’s Second Amendment available
  58. Support Illinois Gun Owners by Participating in My Blog
  59. Ohio Senate passes CCW reform bills! On to the House!
  60. Nationwide ability to purchase firearms
  61. Det. Gordon Martines Running for Clark County Sheriff Answers Gun Related Questions.
  62. Florida Open Carry Event - July 3rd.
  63. 2A Walkout, Catalyst Idea
  64. Empty holster walking in Chicago?
  65. Open Carry Ban Defeated in Topeka, KS
  66. NRA Board Members Told Not to Testify Against Kagan
  67. Are there any candidates running where you live that you're happy to vote for?
  68. thearmedcitizen.com under attack ... please help
  69. Latest Happenings in Switzerland
  70. Florida Open Carry & Fishing Event - Aug 7th, Daytona
  71. Obama Healthcare Reg a Danger to Gunowners???
  72. If you value your rights, say something to those who discredit us
  73. NRA - what should be its role?
  74. NYPD looking for public comments
  75. Moorhead considers replica gun ban
  76. Attention NJ Gun Owners
  77. Provo company joins suit against Chicago gun limits
  78. You are an Ambassador
  79. EPA Declares It Cannot Regulate Traditional Ammo
  80. Flash! Daley will not run for reelection!
  81. California ban on open carry of unloaded firearms defeated.
  82. Grassroots Letter Writing vs. Political Action
  83. "the tightest rectums are in the Activism moderators of THR" hurts activism
  84. no gun sign at value city furniture
  85. Uk citizens for self defence...
  86. S.A.F.E meeting in ny oct3
  87. Wisconsin Carry, Inc fast-tracking lawsuit against Madison Police Department
  88. Open Carry in Texas
  89. win the battle lose the war? choosing progun candidate or not..
  90. Emergency preparedness, a new take
  91. Another open carry story about Starbucks
  92. Email news station
  93. California and Concealed Carry
  94. Nullification and the Firearms Freedom Act
  95. Heads Up on Dreamworld of Australia
  96. The Secret World of Extreme Militias
  97. No To M1 Garands.....Again.
  98. The Trees and the Axe
  99. Cam and Company--Tamu Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
  100. Rick Scott Promises to Sign Open Carry Bill for Florida
  101. CalGuns Foundation is heating things up!!
  102. Maryland Constitutional Convention
  103. City of Phoenix bans gun safety billboards
  104. IL CCW activism/educational site
  105. Senators who have voted to ban .30-30 ammo
  106. Advocacy Group Wants 'Guns For All' Bodega Owners
  107. 2A window opens in Wisconsin
  108. Body scanners becoming more common/accepted?
  109. Any chance of some sense coming to Colorado?
  110. Obama names anti-gun extremist as next BATFE head
  111. In the last year how many people have you taken to the range?
  112. ArmIllinois.com - Advocating Right to Carry in IL
  113. Stop complaining about the right to bear arms
  114. TX open carry question
  115. ny shall issue
  116. examiner.com - Iowa AG picks gun fight he can't win
  117. If one wanted unbiased death by firearms stats...
  118. training as a constitutional requirement
  119. National Constitutional Carry...
  120. Richard Cohen - Washington Post
  121. Hypocrisy; where as Gun Owners do we draw the line.
  122. Telling the Whole Story
  123. Spread the word.
  124. Article in the Economist needs some intelligent feedback
  125. Ted Nugent Article
  126. Ron Paul chides AZ shooting opportunists
  127. Rate of Police Shootings in '11, Legislation?
  128. Bloomberg - Urges more gun control
  129. MSNBC/NBC News hurting cause
  130. Gun control fight to begin in 2 weeks
  131. MY Fellow New Yorkers Fight FOr Your Rights
  132. Help with proactive letters?
  133. Letters to Outdoor Magazines re: Nat Park Carry
  134. Sen. Claire McCaskill's response
  135. Resources
  136. Mag ban to be hidden in FAA Bill
  137. Changing definition of antique firearm?
  138. Kudos CCDL
  139. The 2nd Amendment: An individual right
  140. NH Constitutional Carry Bill
  141. Creating standing for perfect plaintiff to take down anti-gun laws
  142. Travelers Insurance Boycott
  143. Now the time for introducing the CCW bill in Wisconsin?
  144. National Reciprocity part Deux
  145. Let the ATF know how you feel!!
  146. SC introduced bill to allow all gun owners to carry
  147. reciprocity
  148. This is Awesome. Austin Buyback meets opposition
  149. Ct high cap mag ban?
  150. Springfield Illinois
  151. Texas Parking Lot Bill Goes to Floor
  152. Gun Buyback in Buffalo, NY May 14
  153. examiner.com - While DC fiddles, Oklahoma burns for open carry
  154. Gun Statistic Websites
  155. Brady Campaign Prepares to Move on Gun Rights
  156. Florida Carry Alert! Military Concealed Carry Rights Held Up
  157. fire mission!
  158. putting flyers over "gun free zone" signs at school?
  159. WA- save the self defense reimbursement!
  160. Florida SB 234 Live Video 4/12/11 1:00pm
  161. Ban Assault Clips (New Brady Campaign Vid) comment alternative
  162. Crime Up or Down Since CC Passed in AK and AR???
  163. Florida Open Carry Bill No More
  164. Where is the Wisconsin CC bill ?
  165. Texas ‘Open carry' proposal advances
  166. SB402 bill in Florida passed.. Now what?
  167. Citi-bank ?
  168. FL Open Carry Bill - House Version
  169. Will Illinois Beat Wisconsin in CCW?
  170. NRA Threatens Constitutional Carry in New Hampshire
  171. Obama on gun rights.
  172. Texans! Prepare for 2013
  173. political gun fighter in Canada
  174. Legaslative Proposals
  175. March for gun rights in California?
  176. Well, THIS was unexpected . . .
  177. To My Fellow Hoosiers
  178. Maine: Gov LePage signs Right-to-Carry bills
  179. Illinois is trying..again
  180. Chicago anti-gun politics
  181. Guns at Political rallies
  182. Contact your Senators!
  183. NRA petition to fire AG Holder
  184. Florida CCW/F Licenseholder confidentiality: is the sun setting?
  185. Is CCW a useless hope in IL?
  186. Opinion Piece From Today
  187. FYI: Italian firearm manufacturers support ban on assault weapon
  188. Keepandbeararms.com?
  189. gun buy backs?
  190. Walgreens
  191. Minority Rules: Scientific study says just 10% can
  192. How do you guys feel about Michele Bachmann in relation to the Second Amendment?
  193. Gun Rights Win in Florida
  194. Fast & Furious Activism
  195. H.R. 308: Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act
  196. H.R. 822: National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011
  197. Would you wear this?
  198. Nationwide shall issue concealed carry.
  199. Citizens Bank Park
  200. We the people @ whitehouse.gov
  201. Herman Cain on gun control and the 2a. Anyone know?
  202. Christy on RKBA
  203. Help get SBR/SBS legal in Michigan...
  204. Seriously America what's the big deal with guns?
  205. NAGR
  206. Petition to repeal the hughes amendment
  207. Sit idly by, do nothing, and this is what happens:
  208. Romney and guns?
  209. Ron Paul and guns?
  210. Petition to remove restrictions on short barrel rifles and shotguns.
  211. Support H.R. 822, the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011.
  212. Ron Paul and where he is on 2A Issues
  213. The Never-ending Saga of Firearms Ownership in New Jersey.
  214. Short barreled rifle ban
  215. Best way to change workplace policy?
  216. Article for opinion piece - please critique
  217. Looking for feedback on a charity rifle build idea
  218. Great speech on being prepared and self defense to watch
  219. the misuse of scripture in threads, Luke 22:36
  220. Newt on Guns.
  221. Jon Huntsman on guns
  222. print news media activism
  223. Political realities
  224. Santorum on guns
  225. Which Candidate to Support?
  226. GOP candidates position on 2nd Amendment?
  227. GOA rates presidential candidates!
  228. Activism In Support or Against Private Business
  229. Mayors Against Illegal Guns Superbowl Ad
  230. Romney and the 2nd Amendment
  231. MSNBC anti-gun "report"
  232. "Disarming the Myths Promoted By the Gun Control Lobby" - Forbes Magazine
  233. Gun battle on the Starbucks FB Page!
  234. Alabama HB132
  235. CapitalOne is Anti-Military and Anti-2nd-Amendment
  236. Well, wasn't THAT an interesting phone call!
  237. 1st public speech. We all need to show up. NY +
  238. Letter to Senators, open to ideas/critique before i send it
  239. National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act of 2012
  240. NRA contact for legislative proposal
  241. A Though on Presentation
  242. Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
  243. Buffalo Wild Wings
  244. Breakdown of Gun Statistics (Just Facts)
  245. can a gun owner support Obama?
  246. Firemission - Google
  247. Reversing a town ordinance?
  248. Calling all New Jersey Residents
  249. Closure of public lands in az
  250. UN Small Arms Treaty - Contact your legislators ASAP!!!