Fox Labs Oc


March 19, 2003, 09:48 PM
i just wanted to put this out there and see if you guys have any experience w/ this great product. i am a stocking dealer of the FOX LABS OC and i feel its the best OC on the market. i have sprayed and been sprayed w/ deftec, bodyguard, freeze+p and fox and i'll tell you this...
fox is the absolute worst sh*t you ever want to get hit w/.
its like "bobbing for frenchfries" hot.
2% pure OC at 5.3,000,000 SHU.
thats right, 5 point 3 million!
anyone who says that "some people arnt effected" should see this stuff work. i have seen the biggest and the baddest go down from it.
last year at the SE SWAT comp i sprayed a USMC MP SRT Cpl who was puerto rican. he said NOTHING had ever had an effect on him before. after the demo he said on a scale of 1-10 it was a 30. he went straight down.
anyone wanting to try some out can reach me at

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March 19, 2003, 10:45 PM

Have sent you an email about a possible overseas purchase. Thanks.


March 25, 2003, 05:56 PM
I have also heard good things about Fox OC from others. I only wish they made their pocket model with the same flip-up safety that Mace uses. It's impossible to mis-orient the device and it prevents the device from AD'ing in your pocket.

I also feel that the safety mechanism supplied with the Fox pocket unit may not work as well under stress. Sliding that little tab over under stress is not something I want to try. The Mace unit seems a lot simpler.

Alas, the only Mace units that I can find in my area are the combo OC/CS/dye units. My instructor recommended against the combo units so I'm stuck looking for the Mace pure OC units elsewhere.

My personal experience with OC/CS/CN is limited to being hit with a tear gas cartridge fired from a .22 blank gun.


Al Thompson
March 25, 2003, 06:33 PM
Where are you? Low county?

August 31, 2003, 05:14 PM
is this stuff as bad as the pepperball spray? i hear that it rough but that after a certain heat you cant tell the difference. i am looking for as hot and quick as i can get for those times when i cant tote a firearm. not many OC threads here so i was hoping someone could educate me.

September 3, 2003, 01:01 AM
I've been considering spraying myself with some Fox just to see how hot it really it is, but all of the posts from actual victims has swayed my opinion. I'll just place my trust in it.

G&R Tactical
September 7, 2003, 08:54 PM
I am a FOX labs dealer as well and it is GOOD stuff and is fairly priced...

September 8, 2003, 08:45 AM
my local guy sells the stuff. i bought a 3 oz fliptop stream for $16 and a few of the keychains for friends at $11 i think. i hope i never have to use it, but if i do, i think this stuff will work.

September 12, 2003, 06:25 PM
if you are referring to the tiny yellow spray can with the rotating red top, I found a cure for it being too easy to rotate into 'battery'.
Place a small piece of masking tape over the top half of the red button and take it down past the 'handle' and terminate it on the black plastic.
Hard to explain but, it keeps the red switch from rotating and if you use your thumb on the red knurled lever[handle], it easily overcomes the friction of the tape to engage into 'battery'.

There, is everyone thoroughly confused now?

Sidebar: I tested the spray direction pattern etc of this when I got it.
I then placed an amount equivalent to one-half the size of the end of a pencil eraser into my mouth via. end of finger. Within a few seconds, my eyes were watering, throat was on fire, nose was running and I was hating it.

Bad juju, bad juju

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