PA residents/voters take note, #2 includes Pittsburgers. Pass this on.


January 2, 2003, 12:27 AM
Anti-Gun Bills Introduced in General Assembly

A bevy of gun bills have been introduce in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Following is a list of those gun bills, and their intent.

HB-16 By L. I. Cohen, Bishop, M. Cohen, Curry, Frankel, Josephs, Michlovic, Thomas, C. Williams And Youngblood—Legalizes the State Police (Registration) Record of Sale Database, Provides for a definition of "collector"; for the sale or transfer of firearms (One Gun a Month; and imposes a duty to report lost or stolen firearms.

HB-346 By Bishop, Youngblood, C. Williams, Washington, Thomas, Rooney, Michlovic, Horsey, Laughlin, Freeman, Frankel, Corrigan, L.I. Cohen, Water, J. William and D. Evans.

Requiring Firearms training before applying for a license to carry a firearm. Certification required by State Police for anyone to hold training classes.

HB-662 By C. Williams, Corrigan, Kenney, Sturla, Bebko-Jones, bishop, Caltagirone, M. Cohen, curry, Frankel, Hennessey, Josephs, Michlovic, Preston, Rubley, Stetler, Thomas and Youngblood.

Mandating the tracing of all firearms recovered by the state police from anyone under 21 years of age to determine how a person under 21 years of age acquired the firearm. Bill also requires the state police to maintain a registry of all information reported in accordance with this section. Requires that all traces be done through the National Tracing Center.

HB-735 By Frankel, Bishop, L.I.Cohen, Costa, Curry, Michlovic, Robinson, Rooney, Thomas, Washington and C. Williams, Increasing the penalty for failure to transfer a firearm at a gun show through a licensed gun dealer.

HB-736 By Frankel, Bishop, Costa, Curry, D. Evans, Josephs, Michlovic, Pistella, Robinson, Roebuck, Rooney, Solobay, Thomas, Washington, C. William and Youngblood.

Mandate the reporting of stolen firearms within 72 hours.

HB-736 By Frankel, Bishop, Costa, Curry, Michlovic, Pistells, Robinson, Roebuck, Rooney, Thomas and C. Williams.

Providing that no limit shall apply to the liability of a parent who fails to prevent access to a firearm and that that firearm was used to threaten an act of bodily injury.

HB-739 By Frankel, Bishop, Browne, Curry, Josephs, Michlovic, Robinson, Roebuck, Thomas, Washington, C. Williams, Youngeblood and Rooney.

That the preemption against local gun regulation not apply to cities of the first, second, second class A or third class.

HB-741 By Frankel, Bishop, L.I. Cohen, Corrigan, Costa, Josephs, Kenney, Kirkland, Manderino, Michlovic, Pistella, Robinson, Rooney, Solobay, Thomas, C. Williams, Youngblood, Curry and Roebuck.

Prohibition on the straw purchases of firearms.

HB-746 By Frankel, Cawley, L.I. Cohen, Corrigan, Costa, Cruz, Daley, Mann, Michlovic, Pistella, Preston, Robinson, roebuck, Rooney, Thomas, Tigue, Trello, C. Williams, Youngblood and Curry.

Prohibit anyone who has voluntarily enrolled in or who has voluntarily committed to a mental institution for inpatient care and treatment.

HB-347 By Bishop, Washington, Youngblood, C. Williams, Rooney, Preston, Thomas, Frankel, Horsey, Laughlin, M. Cohen, Waters and J. Williams

Provides for registration of ammunitions purchasers. Mandating State Police establish a registry of ammunition purchasers.

PA Instant Check Costs Threaten Gun Ownership
As reported last month the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee, a joint committee of the House and Senate established to examine whether the fee charged to gun purchasers for a Pennsylvania Instant Check should be increased.
In our letter to the General Assembly we objected to the LBFC recommendations to increase the cost of the PICS. We also suggested that the only real solution was to eliminate the PICS.

Our letter drew the attention of a number of law makers. As a result a letter was sent by Rep. Daryl Metcalf and signed by over 20 other law makers supporting our position on the PICS.

County Councilman solicits for Anti-gun Group

Allegheny County Councilman Mike Crossey has apparently been using is County Council seat and mailing privileges to solicit membership in the Anti-Gun Million Moms March organization.

In February Crossey sent letters to State Representatives Tom Stevenson and Jane Orie asking them to “join me as a member”.

In his mailing Crossey included a membership application and literature for the Million Moms.

Crossey explained to Stevenson and Orie that on “Sunday, February 4, 2001, I assumed another role to discuss issues with you. I am going to chair the lobbying committee of the Million Mom March Allegheny County Chapter.”

The return address on the envelope is M. Crossey, 119 Court House, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, the address of the County Council.

The ACSL has sent a letter to Council President John Defazio requesting that he investigating Mr. Crossey’s use of County Council letterhead and mailing privileges to solicit membership in another organization.

We told Defazio that the ACSL believes it to be inappropriate for any Council person to use County resources to sell membership in private organization, and that it should be stopped.

Crossey supported Stevenson’s opponent in last year’s General Elections, anti-gun school teacher Mike Finnerty

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January 2, 2003, 12:34 AM
Pa. folks should toss them anti-gun folks because if you give an inch they take your guns away. Look at England and Australia as well as whay is taking place in Canada!

January 2, 2003, 01:01 AM

When last I looked, New York, where I lived for many years, had problems of it's own. Pitaki is no friend of gun owners/ownership and the state legislature is more than a little questionable.

Retaining rights and liberty anywhere, requires a lot of work and constant attention.

January 2, 2003, 01:46 AM
It is a horror show downstate here. All the leftist twits are moving up from the city. They are pushing deeper into the formerly rural areas.

Pataki started out conservative but has gone to the left of Karl Marx. We have Shumer and the Hildebeast. My county is divided into pieces for congressional representation. The northern part has Sue Kelly who is fairly pro RKBA. The rest of the county is represented by Eliot Engel and Nita(take all the guns) Lowey.

RKBA people like myself are greatly outnumbered but we are still fighting. Pennsylvania has the largest NRA membership in the nation. Politicians in that state should be read the riot act before anything is allowed to become law. That is all I was trying to say!

January 2, 2003, 10:42 AM
With a Democrat taking over the Governer's mansion I'm sure the anti's will have a receptive ear - but the House & Senate under Republican control, it shouldn't be an easy road to pass restrictive gun legislation.

However, that doesn't mean we can lay down.

Keep those letters & emails going to your local officials!

January 2, 2003, 12:05 PM
These bills horrify me! Time to draft some letters...

January 2, 2003, 12:49 PM
Beren et al::

Letters are fine, e-mails might help also, but don't forget the following, at least with respect to your own "elected thing". Polite telephone calls to their local or district office, and ven paying a personal visit can make a large impression. Make that impression a good one though.

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