Camillus Cuda EDC knife test


April 8, 2003, 08:16 AM
Just an invite to visit and check out my latest report on the Camillus Cuda EDC. It's up for review as of this morning.

Comments about the testing and thoughts on the knife itself are welcomed.


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April 8, 2003, 05:17 PM
Brownie, great test. I am looking at doing a trade for one and was interested in this knifes ability as I had never heard of it before...what do you do with the knives when you are through "testing" them! Use them for pretzle molds? :D

April 8, 2003, 09:12 PM
I looked over some of the testing done at that site you put up... looks kinda like what I eventually put just about all of my medium to large knives through... LoL
minus the cutting test... but the edge testing... DEFINATLY...
If you have, or decide to put a buck odessy through YOUR paces... I'd like to see the end results....
I've stabbed mine into trees, and then twisted it out, hell, I've THROWN mine into trees and then pulled it out at angles... And so far, the only problem I've had with the blade, is when I accidentally dropped it onto concreat a few years back.. but after a little work with an average sharpening stone.... it still takes the hair off my arm without any real difficulty...
I'd REALLY like to see what YOU think of one..


April 11, 2003, 02:12 AM
Great website!

As a point of reference, we collect and work with medium fixed blade knives like RMK's, original AMK SERE's, A/F dagger's, and other various sundry blades like SOG's, MDK's, Cold Steel, and the like...but, our EDC's are for the most part low cost folder variant's like the Camillus knife you reviewed here.

As such, I'd like to toss in a nickel's worth of personal insight as it pertains to the smaller framelock's on the market today; knives such as the Camillus EDC, and the Kershaw brand Vapor & Leek models...

A rolling 'brush back', index and lift method, much like Bill Jordan's 'Point and shoot' presentation for a revolver; followed by 'popping the thumbstud forward...almost like a 360' rotation, followed by a thumb you're snapping your fingers, will get the blade into play very quickly.

The knive is indexed and lifted by the palm, with the fingers gently wrapping around but not closing...almost as if you were cupping a small and delicate lizard or similar...

For a right handed draw, this method brings the blade into play angled up and left...not the most desirable presentation angle for sure, but...

If the rotation is followed through with a smaller partial revolution after the blade is 'popped', 90' of a smaller circle with the blade point still pointed forward....then the knife will index in a full grip, blade forward and edge down, near the right hip...strong side 'point and shoot' hip presentation if you will...

This is a very, very fast presentation method when practiced repeatedly, the knife is controlled and indexed properly for most applications, and allows for a (albeit somewhat limited) defensive use.

The upside of these small knives are that they come wicked sharp from the manufacturer, have a relatively solid lock up, and from the low hip position offer the informed user a multitude of defensive and controlled options.

That's my read with all things sharp and pointy, YMMV ;)

I'd say the keys here are 'smooth is fast', and a natural rotation negates the need to over extend...close and safe, cocked and ready to fire, controlled application utilizing natural motions...

Nice writeup on a very cool little working knife Brownie, and yes, you're right, it's not a fighter by any stretch. But, it will safely open up a few boxes in short order if handled properly...

Love your work, looking forward to talking with you some day soon.


April 11, 2003, 08:03 AM

I appreciate your comments on the testing performed on the EDC and in particular your narrative on techniques that you have found work with that particular knife.

Glad you enjoyed the website. Our goal is to provide the folder enthusiast with information which we feel is pertinent to an educated consumer where this type of defensive tool is concerned. We endeavor to test 1 knife every few months as long as the makers will keep sending them in to us for that purpose.

Two of the knives tested to date have been provately purchased by myself and were not send by their makers. I was reinbursed by CRKT and they sent another to test after looking at my review of their product.

The other CRKT an another MOD CQB limited LE edition are in the mix for the next couple of tests. I have also secured a new knife from Microtech which they are sending me next week so we have a few we can eval over the summer this year.

Thanks again


April 11, 2003, 10:45 AM
Great test Brownie! Keep them coming!

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