NC Call to action


May 21, 2007, 10:13 AM
NORTH CAROLINA (1): Anti-Gun Bill Moving Through North Carolina Legislature! House Bill 1287, seeks to create a new statewide database to which sheriffs would report all individuals who have been denied a permit to purchase a pistol. It has passed the House and now moves to the Senate. Please contact your State Senator today and respectfully urge him or her to oppose HB1287.

NORTH CAROLINA (2): North Carolina "Gun Owner Victimization Act" Heads to House Floor! The North Carolina House Judiciary I Committee passed House Bill 1847, a bill that would require law-abiding gun owners to report the loss or theft of a firearm to police or face criminal prosecution. This bill would treat anyone who has had a firearm stolen as a common criminal if he or she fails to report the theft within 48 hours of when the crime victim "knew or reasonably should have known of the theft or loss." The bill now heads to the floor of the House. HB 1847 is a main legislative objective of the anti-gun North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (NCGV), and must be defeated. While the NRA was not permitted to speak against the bill while it was in committee, our case can still be heard and it can still be defeated if you contact your State Representatives at (919) 733-4111 and urge them to oppose it.

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May 23, 2007, 10:30 AM
1847 failed in the reading yesterday 44 to 77(i think)...but it failed by a good margin.

May 24, 2007, 11:02 AM
The stolen guns bill is DEAD.

The sheriff denial bill is NOT.

May 26, 2007, 10:20 PM
The stolen guns bill is DEAD.

Excellent news. Let's all take a moment to find out who the sponsors, co-sponsors and "aye" voters were and make sure they do not get any of our votes come election time.

Primary: Hall; Jones; Luebke;
Co: Adams; Alexander; Brown; Carney; Farmer-Butterfield; Harrison; Holliman; Kiser; Martin; Mobley; Weiss; Womble;

First reading:

Ayes: Representative(s): Adams; Alexander; Allen; Allred; Avila; Barnhart; Bell; Blackwood; Blue; Blust; Bordsen; Boylan; Braxton; Brown; Brubaker; Bryant; Carney; Church; Clary; Cleveland; Coates; Cole; Coleman; Cotham; Crawford; Cunningham; Current; Daughtridge; Daughtry; Dickson; Dockham; Dollar; Earle; England; Faison; Farmer-Butterfield; Fisher; Folwell; Frye; Gillespie; Glazier; Goforth; Goodwin; Grady; Gulley; Haire; Hall; Harrell, T.; Harrison; Hill; Hilton; Holliman; Holloway; Holmes; Howard; Hurley; Insko; Jeffus; Johnson; Jones; Justice; Justus; Killian; Kiser; Langdon; Lewis; Love; Lucas; Luebke; Martin; McAllister; McComas; McElraft; McGee; McLawhorn; Michaux; Mobley; Moore; Neumann; Owens; Parmon; Pate; Pierce; Rapp; Ray; Ross; Samuelson; Saunders; Setzer; Spear; Stam; Starnes; Steen; Stiller; Sutton; Tarleton; Thomas; Tillis; Tolson; Tucker; Wainwright; Walend; Walker; Warren, E.; Warren, R.; Weiss; West; Wiley; Wilkins; Williams; Womble; Wray; Wright; Yongue

Second reading:

Ayes: Representative(s): Adams; Alexander; Allen; Bell; Blue; Bordsen; Bryant; Carney; Cotham; Cunningham; Dickson; Earle; England; Farmer-Butterfield; Fisher; Goodwin; Haire; Hall; Harrell, T.; Harrison; Holliman; Insko; Jeffus; Kiser; Luebke; Martin; McAllister; Michaux; Mobley; Parmon; Pierce; Rapp; Ross; Saunders; Underhill; Wainwright; Walend; Weiss; Womble; Wright; Yongue

June 9, 2007, 01:13 PM
Don't forget to contact your state senator on the sheriff denial bill.

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