Accessories for the 1911 newbie


January 13, 2003, 08:14 AM
I just ordered a Kimber Custom, pick it up next weekend. Since I'm the kind that can't leave anything alone I've been looking at goodies to accessorize; grips mostly.
The gun is matte black, I'm thinking a pair of deluxe checkered Alumagrips with the silver fleur-de-lis design would look good.
If I add a magazine well, will standard grips work or will I have to order the ones for the mag well frame?
(Sounds like a stupid question I know.)
I'd like to see some pics of blued guns with aftermarket grips & stuff just to get an idea of what I can do here.
Also considering having the barrel jewelled but wonder if that would look too 'pimp'.

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January 13, 2003, 01:20 PM
Standard grips should work just fine on most, if not all, mag well funnels. Grips designed for funnels are not beveled on the bottom edge and extend all the way to the bottom edge of the frame so there is no large gap between the grips and the funnel.

January 13, 2003, 01:26 PM
Don't forget to pick up a nice leather holster for it.

January 13, 2003, 01:37 PM
Got one of these on the way;
Figure it ought to be good for general range use, if not I'm out less than $20

Kahr carrier
January 14, 2003, 06:50 AM
S&A makes a nice Magwell. Barrel Jeweling sounds good nothing wrong with being a pimp.:)

January 14, 2003, 08:46 AM
If I were you, I would treat myself to some new accessories and mags. First I would get a new carry rig. Probably a Sparks or Rosen belt and holster set (or a rig by any other high end leather worker). Then I would get about 10 high quality mags. The minimum quality I would go with is higher end Metalform or Wilson. Then I would get 2 cases of ball and find out what breaks on it and replace it. If nothing breaks, woo hoo! The cosmetic stuff is nice, but I would only get that done after I had all of the practical accessories first.

January 14, 2003, 09:48 AM
So Dan, you're saying I need another $250 - $300 worth of mags, and a couple hundred $$ for holster & belt to do some informal paper punching at the range? Probably should've mentioned in the first post that this isn't a carry gun.
Haven't bought ammo in years, prefer to roll my own.
I won't buy any cosmetic stuff until I've put a couple hundred rounds through the gun first, learned my lesson the hard way on that one already!

January 14, 2003, 03:33 PM
Sisco- Oops! ;) I didn't know that you were just going to use it as a range gun. In that case, just get whatever you think will make the gun look good. Jeweling the barrel might be nice, but it might get scuffed near the front of the barrel because of the bushing.

January 14, 2003, 04:42 PM
You should have at least half a dozen magazines.

The Chip McCormick Star magazines 8-rounders are really nice for the money.

My Kimber Classic Stainless feeds all bullets from those;)

January 14, 2003, 05:14 PM
Do the factory Kimber mags not work that good?
I wish it was for carry purposes. Kansas swore in a female Demorat as gov. yesterday, chances of CCW being passed are slim to none.
We can carry openly though...all the more reason to have a good lookin' gun! :D

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