Night Vision Weapon Mounting Kits


August 21, 2013, 02:56 PM
You have your PVS-14 and have already spent several nights finding critters around the property, gazing at the stars and have done a little recon on the good looking neighbor next door... I mean surveillance of potential threats! For you home security has reached an all new level or if you are a first responder you may be wondering what is the next step for weapon mounting your PVS-14.

In our recent experience we have found the four options below are the most popular weapon accessories for your night vision.
Thanks to Google, MODArmory's website, The High Road and a host of other websites I know you can research the following items or may know more about them. Here is the quick and dirty.

Why the EOTECH EXPS3-0: First off it is compatible with night vision. Yes the Aimpoint's have night vision settings and our two best sellers are the Aimpoint PRO and T1. Why we prefer the EOTech over the Aimpoint is due to the reticle. The Aimpoint red dot is very fine while the EOTech reticle is crisp and you can't miss it. If you have eagle eyes than no big deal. If you feel that the extra second may mean the little bunny fufu hops away and you will miss your shot or you will miss that not so very nice guy than EOTech is great. Other great features of the EOTech EXPS3-0 is the brightness adjustment settings are located on the side. Fat or skinny fingers it is just annoying trying to push the buttons on the back of the EOTech when you have your PVS-14 weapon mounted or the G33 Magnifier. Since everyone and their brother markets "quick detach lever" and never "slow pain in the butt requires hardware lever" I guess we will also bring to note that there is a quick detach lever.

Why the Alamo Four Star DLoc: Designed to align with EOTech and Aimpoint. You may currently helmet mount your night vision or have been thinking about helmet mounting your night vision. The PVS-14 has the ability to be helmet mounted, weapon mounted or hand held. With the Alamo Four Star DLOC if you have the USGI J-Arm or the Wilcox J-Arm than you can leave the J-ARM on the PVS-14 and the DLOC on the PVS-14. Low and behold now you can go from your helmet, to your weapon and back. Now youíre fancy. Other option is to sit in tall grass and remove J-Arm, find weapon mount, attach weapon mount, pocket j-arm or set it down in the tall grass and never find again, attach PVS-14 to weapon, bam bam and then do the removal process, find j arm and reattach.

Now to the different IR Illuminators:

Surefire M952V or Surefire M720V: First off itís Surefire. I know some people balk at the price but with their warranty and Made in USA, I donít care. The ability to rotate from white light to IR is great. The Surefire weapon light series will allow you 200 yards of IR Illumination. Last year we began stocking the Surefire M720V. The ability to select, low, medium, high for IR. Gasp, we love! The IR beam is even and crisp. For the white light you have high, medium and strobe. Now you attract your neighbors to the party with a strobing light or blind the neighborhood peeping tom.

Luna Optics LED vs Laser IR Illuminator: First off small and compact. With the amount of gadgets one can attach to their weapon we do think the fact that it is small and compact is important. Unless you are a multi-tasker and want to work your biceps to the extreme or maybe you are the hulk; I donít judge. Both have adjustable settings so one can dial the illuminator down to a laser point or flood it out. Picatinny mount, check. Warranty issue mmm call us and we swap it out for you. Range 200 yards, real, not wannabe paper specifications and then if you want to become a part of the secret squirrel club I can see if you are worthy of a 900 yard range.

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In stock: EXPS3-0, DLOC, Surefire M952V (in tan) and Surefire M720V (in Tan) and Luna LED & Laser IR Illuminator

Surefire weapon light series in black would take about 2 weeks. Dependent on when you read this post.

EXPS3-0, DLOC, Surefire M952V: Normal: $1,224.50 THR: $1160.00
EXPS3-0, DLOC, Surefire 720V: Normal: $1368.00 THR: $1299.00
EXPS3-0, DLOC, Luna LED IR Illuminator: Normal: $1057.00 THR: $1004.15
EXPS3-0, DLOC, Luna Laser IR Illuminator: Normal: $1208.00 THR: $1147.60 ( ( ( (

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If you enjoyed reading about "Night Vision Weapon Mounting Kits" here in archive, you'll LOVE our community. Come join today for the full version!