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  2. Idea: We need "Whips"
  3. Tactics
  4. Tips and Tricks for Effective Communication
  5. Read This Before Posting In Activism Discussion
  6. An idea for WI, coments welcome
  7. California
  8. NPR program to examine CCW at colleges
  9. What are YOU going to do about it? Brady Campaign
  10. A discussion that started in Activism
  11. Getting CCW Allowed at IUPUI
  12. Has anyone tried to derail a buy-back?
  13. Washpost chat 4/23 & 4/24: "Debating Gun Control Laws"
  14. An interesting resource for activisim...
  15. LEO support for National Reciprocity?
  16. how long has the Activism Board been on THR?
  17. Writing letters in response to a syndicated opinion piece
  18. TN Legislation Discussion(reincarnation)
  19. How to modify a "gunbusters" sign?
  20. Hey, it works for PETA...
  21. Interesting Opinion Piece
  22. Bombarding the right people with praise
  23. Bradys giving out free pamphlets and posters...
  24. college response to "Carry on Campus" essay
  25. IN - campus carry - legality
  26. Oregon campus concealed carry database...
  27. Declaration Of Non-disarmament
  28. Thoughts on countering this Anti Tactic?
  29. uhhh...
  30. WWW.2008HORSERACE.COM Fraud
  31. What have you done for 2A and RKBA lately?
  32. NRA-ILA letter... reprehensible!
  33. Subversive 4th of July Picnic idea: The return of the shooting gallery.
  34. Proaction instead of Reaction.
  35. a New Anti-Anti tactic? Thoughts please.
  36. A Call To Arms - Attention Californians
  37. CA Assembly passes SB362 Ammo ban
  38. california firing pin
  39. CA *NEWS*: DOJ may attempt last-minute regulatory change
  40. H.R. 2640-Rep. McCarthy D-NY
  41. Is it gone?
  42. Petitions
  43. Indiana: New Legislation
  44. Youtube/CNN debates forum for activism?
  45. Halloween Plans?
  46. Don't Put down the Gun Elmo
  47. Westfield Shoppingtowns, A National Call to Action!
  48. Dudley Brown -Opinions?
  49. NY'ers, please do not do business with CDNN
  50. NH: Vid of my latest open carry incident
  51. Re Real ID Act, see today's Cato Daily Dispatch Podcast(www.cato.org)
  52. Catch phrase
  53. USAF anti-2nd amendment?
  54. Updates to the DC gun ban challenge.
  55. "Framing" gun control debates in liberal terms shuts down leftists. Examples inside.
  56. Facebook Campus Carry Initiative (or really an idea for anywhere CC is prohibited)
  57. Houston, TX August 28th
  58. Dallas, TX August 28th
  59. Twin Cities/Duluth, MN August 28th
  60. Newark/Ewing NJ August 28th
  61. PA: 32 lie-in planned for Sen. Spector's house
  62. Chicago August 28th
  63. Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Inc.
  64. PA Gun Sales Shutdown: attain standing for future suits?
  65. VT Review Panel pushes anti-gun agenda - tell them they got it WRONG!
  66. Indiana Silliness
  67. In Memory of Al Capone
  68. Does anyone know if Bi-Lo supermarket is STILL very much anti-gun?
  69. Starting A Militia
  70. Tell the gun-makers - sell to Cali, or sell to the OTHER 49! (Microstamping)
  71. Dallas Reporter Ambushes Crime Victim and Accuses Him Of Being Trigger Happy
  72. Ad Hoc Committee at IUPUI for V. Tech Recommendations
  73. Need help with a LTE, subject - no guns for felons...
  74. Knoxville Paper Publishes Map of CCW!
  75. Medford Oregon Newpaper Sues To Get Names Of Gun Owners
  76. Moscow Idaho Mayor still at banning firearms
  77. Civil War a Reality in the Future of America?
  78. Contacting a "posted" mall & urging them to change policy in wake of latest shooting?
  79. Social Networking and Activism
  80. Gun Free Zone liability acts
  81. North Dakotans - Initiative measure petition to remove public gathering restriction
  82. Want to crush Hillary?
  83. Fox News Keeps Ron Paul Out Of Debate.
  84. Who should we email to tell about our opinions on the D.C. ban?
  85. Discussion on fighting Ammo Serialization bills
  86. WASHINGTON STATE: Fire Missions! HB3359
  87. The Virginia Restaurant Ban Repeal Bill Clears House Committee!!!
  88. New Gov, time for new laws
  89. Guns WILL be banned, and banned soon. MY REPLY TO 1ST THREAD
  90. Open Discussion on Strategy for Fighting Anti-rights Bills
  91. Wyoming, Illinios, and Louisiana primaries today
  92. We need to put this myth to rest for good....
  93. Guns and Gays: Similar core issue on different sides of the aisle?
  94. Protesteasyvictims.com
  95. So How Do We Get The Truth Out?
  96. Letter writing campaign to deny the BATFE funding?
  97. Elections Have Consequences
  98. AO9543 All help is needed to defeat this tyrannical bill.
  99. How many people at THR work for a mainstream media outlet?
  100. Where and Who to Send Letters?
  101. A pro-2A Executive Order?
  102. Trying to cut presumed "No CCW @ Sam's Club" off at the pass?
  103. Pushing the boundaries in D.C.
  104. Pretty new here
  105. Anyone who knows legalese? On suggesting bills to congressmen.
  106. WA AFL awareness day
  107. The Next Battle
  108. California RKBA
  109. Right to Carry in National Parks
  110. Keeping SCOTUS proRKBA-Must read for Ohio, FL PA VA MI CO MT IN NH NC
  111. How to break the ice: Q&A suggestions please.
  112. Maybe I oughta run for congress....
  113. Can I have 60 seconds of photoshop help?
  114. How to reach more minority gunnies?
  115. Greenpeace, PETA, and the NRA?
  116. Critique my sign for gun events
  117. Is it possible to get a "gun buy-back" sticky?
  118. Summary of All Anti-Gun Arguments: What to do?
  119. It's time!
  120. County Commission Meeting - To Ban Carry in County Buildings
  121. The aclu is coming!
  122. Allies in NJ?
  123. Indianapolis parks: no carry currently permitted
  124. Which Ohio gun show should I pass pamphlets out at?
  125. The Ultimate Democrat & Liberal Thread
  126. Effects of Various Activities
  127. NRA Golden Eagles
  128. Citizens against violence...
  129. Entertaining an idea... would need assistance
  130. Want to be able to buy new full autos again? Read this.
  131. Making phone calls
  132. Door to Door Philosophy
  133. NRA Democrats
  134. Urgent proposal :
  135. Heller and the ACLU?
  136. write in
  137. Strategies to help preserve rights.
  138. "Political correctness" could help us.
  139. How Human Rights Could Help
  140. NRA Lifer
  141. go to dc to show obama our numbers
  142. Appealing to the videogame crowd? We need to expand our ranks.
  143. GOA: Conditions Ripe for another permanant AWB
  144. How about a "Million Gunowners March"?
  145. Restoring The Constitution!!
  146. Change.gov = Obama AWB 2
  147. Heading Off Gun Control - Take Action!
  148. No Gun Gift, No March
  149. 2nd Amendment and Media/Public opinion
  150. Jan. 20, 2009 -- "National RKBA Day"
  151. www.Change.gov
  152. 2nd Amendment Form a Militia
  153. California State Controller, John Chiang
  154. documentary to fight michael moore and msnbc
  155. A comprehensive guide to writing an effective letter to an elected representative.
  156. Holder for U.S.A.G.
  157. Getting SCOTUS To Rule On AWB ???
  158. Getting standing to change gun purchase laws
  159. How about a Million Gun March?
  160. Putting the 800# Gorilla on a Weight Gain Program
  161. Letter and a Tea Bag (sim to but not same: Pencil and a Teabag)
  162. A debate angle I just now thought of
  163. AZ: Gov. Napolitano joins Obama admin, Conservative to take her place
  164. opinions wanted for my letter to the editor plz
  165. CALL TO ARMS: Ammo Ban And Registration Proposal Coming to a State Near YOU.
  166. Should we do something special for Bill Of Rights Day?
  167. the arguments of the anti
  168. New Kind of Representation
  169. Toys for Tots
  170. Attention washington non-citizens!!
  171. Writing the figureheads
  172. Nys::pharmaceuticals, guns, & government = people bans
  173. Icanhazcheezburger as an activism tool.
  174. The truth about assault weapons
  175. What fixes/pro gun reforms are most important to you? Buckeye Firearms input request
  176. Let's make a pro-gun video
  177. Idea that just popped into my head.
  178. Urban areas.
  179. AHSA - Change 50 BMG Policy?
  180. A Different Way to Fight
  181. NY alert: support Rep. Gillibrand for the Senate seat
  182. E-activism
  183. You knew it was coming....
  184. NJ pistol purchase permit woes.
  185. My suggestion to the NRA and their response
  186. Will We Keep Our Guns?
  187. Why don't we have a campaign like this?
  188. Flooding the Washington mail rooms
  189. Sheriff's officials' texts show combative view toward gun activists
  190. Virginia Gun Show Bill Still Alive!
  191. Gun safety in schools
  192. On Taking Back the Media
  193. Update - open carry in texas
  194. Action Needed!! Stimulus Bill Threatens Gun Ownership
  195. States Confirm and Declare Sovereignty
  196. Fight the release of personal information of CHP holders in TN!
  197. Write Congress to stop any further anti-2A laws
  198. Why do so many Liberals Love Firearms
  199. Letter to Obama
  200. NRA: Fight for that $$$
  201. Montana Home Guard
  202. Bass Pro Shops against open carry?
  203. contacing representatives- 2a
  204. some good press
  205. Why Write A Letter?
  206. FCC Complaint
  207. patriot or a traitor
  208. SECOND AMENDMENT TASK FORCE: So how do we help this Congressional group?
  209. How To Clean Up Washington DC
  210. Land Bill
  211. CALGUNS fighting the good fight!
  212. Hope for NY
  213. Negative amendment added to Iowa bill
  214. Reps we should support
  215. What the 2nd is all about
  216. Ccrkba
  217. Is there a chart showing crimes commited by cops vs. concealed permit holders?
  218. Money Talks: Gun Owners Ban the Ntnl Parks
  219. NY: AB 6294--Even Worse state AWB
  220. New website for firearm related issues.
  221. Activism plan
  222. Townhall meetings
  223. Teaching a class about firearms ethics.
  224. Pink Slips - Send grabbers a post dated pink slip
  225. Boycott Michael Savage!
  226. Plan of action regarding 20/20 'If I only had a gun'
  227. Contact ABC
  228. Family of Virginia Tech massacre victims to unveil gun law ad
  229. How we must frame the debate about gun control
  230. Chain Email as an Awareness Tool
  231. Need help on this editorial response
  232. SB 776: Registering semi-auto magazines
  233. Are YOU a Right Wing Extremist?
  234. Is there anybody out there?
  235. 2nd Annual Patriots' Day Walk
  236. Las Vegas open carry trash pick up day
  237. An idea to promote gun rights
  238. Paper: Why Gun Control is wrong! Critique please!
  239. CBS has joined ABC's war on us
  240. Second Amendment Foundation
  241. Advice Please
  242. Sen Gillibrand reversing course ?
  243. NC castle doctrine
  244. Get a bratwurst, bring a gun...open carry activism
  245. Utah crisis or not?
  246. Any advice/documents on organizing our county?
  247. Danger in The Supreme Court
  248. Regarding Blacks, the NRA, and guns
  249. 2A questions for Sotomayor confirmation hearing
  250. Ordered to ground at gunpoint for open carrying by cleveland heights ohio police