gonna celebrate on Tuesday...


September 10, 2004, 05:16 PM
and buy me an evil "aysolt wepan"

Got my eye on a SAR-1, any good? What are decent prices?

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September 10, 2004, 09:28 PM
You could buy one now. :)

SAR-1s are the entry-level AK - not very accurate, but tough as a dump truck and AK reliable. Be sure to check for a canted front sight (not too much of a problem if it's only slight) and a canted gas tube (a much bigger problem). A search on the forums with "SAR-1" will give you more than you ever needed to know.

Decent price is around $300. Maybe more, nowadays.

Also check this site:


September 10, 2004, 11:46 PM
Yes, SAR-1's have been legal all along. Come the 13th, it will be legal to put U.S.-made muzzle accessories on them, though.

I own a 2002 SAR-1 and it has quickly become my favorite rifle. I paid $379 at a gun shop for mine in 2003, but have seen them for $350-ish at gun shows. Examine them to make sure the front sight and gas block are on straight; most are great, but some have these parts put on crooked.

The SAR has a built-in optics rail on the left side of the receiver, and Russian-type POSP scopes, Kobra red-dot sights, and so on can be obtained at reasonable prices. (I have a 4x24 POSP that I use sometimes.)

Best accuracy from a cold barrel and sandbag is about 2.5 MOA with my rifle with Wolf 122-grain JHP; these things are a little tough to benchrest because the heavy reciprocating components make the rifle want to jump off the bag and string groups vertically; I've had best results placing the bag either just forward of the magazine, as far back as possible, or even under the trigger guard. I also used a narrow file to open up the rear sight notch a bit, as it's somewhat narrow.

Reliability is 100%, as you'd expect, and the trigger is better than my mini-14 Ranch rifle (don't know if that's saying much, though).

September 11, 2004, 07:55 AM
Thanks for the info guys, ya, I know they are leagal, but I want one just to annoy di-fi :D and I figure it would be the perfect celebration to let the AKs "ring loud in the hills" LOL

Besides, the price might drop a bit, who knows.

The sight alignment seems perfectly straight, even so, I had them test fire a few, worked every time.

As for accesories, I plan to use it as a bullet hose/SHTF/milk jug wasting/$$ to noise converter and so I will probably not add any optics. May change the furniture to some light wieght synthetics and change out the rear apeture (sp) to somthing more pointable but that is about it. I saw a nuetered AK on the rack next to it that had a peep and windage/elevation in graduated increments on the rear sight at the store. Almost ARish. Sights like that looked more "friendly" to me.

September 11, 2004, 10:30 AM
I would plan on seeing any dropping prices. These items are selling now at current prices so when rush to buy these "evil" items (guns, mag, etc)will just be the demand that hits the supply which will keep prices steady. I'd actually expect to see prices on hi-caps be a bit higher than MRSP just because everyone has waited to get them cheap for so long. If they were $80 before and now become $50 they're cheap even if MRSP was lower still. Eventually it'll all stabilize and be back down to median levels.
I also see guns being stable on prices. the $800 AR is still an $800 AR. Maybe the $1200 pre-ban AR is now less in value but now they can market current "stripped" versions as well as "pre-ban" models that'll command a premium.

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