When will AR prices drop?


ballistic gelatin
September 12, 2004, 11:06 PM
I just browsed impact guns (http://www.impactguns.com) Bushmaster section which shows several models of "Ban Free" firearms stamped LEO but available to the public on 9/13/04. All of them are sold out but orders are being accepted. For a mere $999.00 you can have one too.

Can we expect the prices to drop at least a little?

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September 12, 2004, 11:09 PM
The only ones that will drop in price are the neutered 'post-ban' guns. The new guns will probably still cost the exact same amount, except the previously banned features will now become standard again.

I'm probably gonna try to find a post-ban SAR-1s to buy. I just want a shooter and don't care for a flash hider or bayonet on an AK.

September 13, 2004, 12:17 AM
Impact is a little high in their prices to begin with.....

My guess is that prices are not going to drop much(if any) from the previously "post ban" prices (700-1000 depending on dealer and model).

In fact, increased demand may actually drive prices up for a while...

September 13, 2004, 01:01 AM
I was just considering the price thing too.

The marketplace will work the prices. If the former privately-owned pre-bans are sold - I'd think they'd now be lower priced. If it happens in any kind of volume MFRS (I don't think) couldn't maintain high prices. This is an opinion, of course.

The world just isn't going to rush out to buy high-priced gear just because "they can". Money is still the name of the game - most folks' recreational(?) disposable income is probably the same today as it was yesterday.

I'd say it'll be a while to settle down, but (unless artificially kept high), prices on many models will ease off.

But opinions are just that. Sophisticated Wild-A$$ed Guesses (SWAGs), too.


September 13, 2004, 03:55 PM
If AWB was a cosmetic joke there is no reason for prices to drop. Flash hiders don't cost any less than the fake ones. Bayo lugs are trivial. Expect them to stay right where they are.

Master Blaster
September 13, 2004, 04:01 PM
I doubt anyone will be paying $125 for a glock 17 round 9mm "highcap" :rolleyes: perban NIB magazine anymore.

More like 19.95.

September 13, 2004, 09:56 PM
On Saturday I ordered a DPMS M-4gery with all the previously forbidden features for $ 729.00 and was told by a company rep that it would ship by the end of this week. I don't think prices are going to down any time soon.

September 13, 2004, 10:23 PM
When I was at the shop today they were taking $100 off the price all of the "post ban" configuration guns :D I tried to get them to mark down the last LEO marked AR they had but he wouldn't fall for it lol

Bartholomew Roberts
September 13, 2004, 10:31 PM
Prices on Colt 6400s seem to be going up instead of down... I think some dealers are price-gouging because they anticipate a buying frenzy. I think it will be several months before prices come down.

September 13, 2004, 10:35 PM
My "Post ban" AR was $515. If I had ordered the "pre-ban" defined kit, it would have only been $50 more (though I wouldn't have been able to assemble it until now) how much cheaper do you want these things to be?

September 13, 2004, 10:48 PM
It is so funny that you were browsing Impact Guns' website -- a friend and I were there today! He was buying an EBR to commemorate the occasion, and you're right -- ALL of their ARs (except for the Les Baers) were sold out. We did get to fondle one of the "spoken for" ones, though.

So, since they were out, we bought an upper, a lower, a carry handle, a bolt, a charging handle, and a magazine to get him his beautiful AR. :D

We're going to season the barrel tomorrow. ;)

Ding, dong, the ban is dead!


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