Do I need a Semi-Auto .223???


September 15, 2004, 11:12 AM
If I already have a Ruger PC9 (9mm carbine) and Marlin Model 60 (.22LR), is there any reason why I should go ahead and get a .223? I don't compete in 3 gun or anything like that, but someday I may. I already have my HD needs taken care of with shotguns. Being in the LA/Orange area, there aren't any convenient ranges for me to shoot at.

The immediate concern is that ********** will expand their ban to cover the Mini-14 and that I wouldn't even have the option of getting one if I should decide later that I do really want one.

Everyone's telling me to "Just buy it now if it's semi-auto", but that wouldn't apply to everything- the .50 cal for example. So is there any reason why should I just go ahead and get a Mini-14 even though I don't really see too much need for it now?

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Southern Raider
September 15, 2004, 11:22 AM
You need one simply because there are those that don't what you to have it.:cool:

George S.
September 15, 2004, 11:30 AM
If CA "bans" the Mini-14 specifically by name, what effect does that have on people who already own them? Are they grandfathered in as a rifle you can legally possess after a ban and what would you do with it after a ban on them if you wanted to sell it? Not having a place to shoot it is also a factor. You might wind up having to join a gun club or range just to fire it or face a fairly long drive up into the hills to find a place to shoot.

Some will say you should buy a AR-15 or one of the other clones but everything I have seen is much more costly than a basic blued and wood stock Mini-14. The Ranch version is a better deal as it comes with a set of scope rings.

FWIW, I have a Mini-14 Ranch and it is a whole lot of fun to shoot. Its' relatively accurate although some people think that they are not an accurate rifle at all. I have about $75 in mods (trigger work, muzzle brake, smaller gas port bushing and a recoil buffer) and I can consistently get 3" groups at 100 yards with the iron sights using UMC 55gr FMJ ammo. I have yet to bed the action so once I do that I hope to tighten the groups up some more.

You can find .223 ammo (or surplus 5.56 NATO) at fairly cheap prices. I have seen Wolf .223 for just over $2.00 a box and my UMC stuff is $32 for 200 rounds. I get a lot of ammo from internet sources so the prices are a bit cheaper than going to Wal-Mart or local gunshops. .223 is easily reloadable and can further drop the cost. You could also reload the 9mm for your Carbine and dave a bit more.

September 15, 2004, 11:45 AM
If you can afford to buy a mini-14 I'd say go for it. The 223 reaches out a lot farther than the 9mm. I too like the ranch model as mounting a scope is very easy. Mostly it depends on what your future shooting plans might be.

September 15, 2004, 06:16 PM
I would definitely go for it. Consider that they're likely to be next on CA's ban list plus it's a longer reaching round than the 9mm or .22. You may still be able to get normal-cap mags for it and it would make a decent defensive rifle while still looking like "just another sporting rifle."

September 15, 2004, 07:27 PM
You should also consider the SU-16 as an alternative if you don't mind plastic.

September 15, 2004, 07:30 PM
You like rifles better than handguns anyway. The Mini-14 is simple and user-friendly and may work better as Jasmin's piece for repelling boarders since she may not like the ooomph of your shotguns.

Yeah easy for me to spend your money ain't it? :p

September 15, 2004, 08:42 PM
While neither are in the AR class for accuracy, I'd be seriously considering the SU-16. The major factor in its favor is the fact that it uses USGI AR-15/M-16 20 and 30rd mags. Never know when that might come in handy. ;)


September 15, 2004, 08:59 PM
Pros/ Cons or SU-16/ Mini-14

Pros- Accepts AR mags, mag storage in buttstock
Cons-It may not be a flimsy piece of crap- but it sure feels like one. The folding plastic bipod adds to this, and the overall feel of both holding the gun and shooting it is not satisfactory, IMO. Does not have many accessories or aftermarket parts available

Pros- Solid, well-built gun. Wide range of accessories and parts readily available.
Cons- Does not accept AR mags (more commonly available), not that accurate (but not horrible), and overheating issues.

I personally like the Mini-14.

September 15, 2004, 10:36 PM
The Mini-14 is a fine rifle if you understand it's accuracy limitations. If you are going AR-15 I would choose a Bushmaster.

Black Snowman
September 16, 2004, 11:24 AM
You don't NEED a semi-auto .223 just like you don't NEED arms or legs. ;)

George S.
September 16, 2004, 11:34 AM
It's sort of funny that both the Mini and the AR's shoot the same round and both can even use hi-cap mags in upwards of 30-round capacity but when you put the two side by side, everyone looks at the AR and says Ohhh, terrible black rifle and evil assualt weapon. The Mini only gets a sideways glance.

September 16, 2004, 06:09 PM

September 16, 2004, 06:16 PM
I don't have one, but I often hear that having a good 'smith chop the Mini-14 barrel down to 16" can do wonders for the rifle's accuracy.

September 16, 2004, 07:17 PM
While neither are in the AR class for accuracy, I'd be seriously considering the SU-16.

not that accurate (but not horrible), and overheating issues.

I would contradict both of these statements...:D

Mini 14....

Need some stealth???:)


September 16, 2004, 07:35 PM
depends on if you have money or not. If you got the money:
I saw someone at a 3gun match with a DECKED OUT mini-14 with a US optics SN-4 on top. I could barely contain my drool it was so awsome.
Accurate, reliable, not as ugly as a stock mini-14, what more do you want?


September 16, 2004, 07:46 PM


September 16, 2004, 07:48 PM
depends on if you have money or not

True, BUT, AR's aint cheap....

M4 = $900
ACOG = $800-1050!!!

Check out these prices...

I have always believed that you get what you pay for!


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