And you thought gun buy backs were fun...


September 17, 2004, 10:43 AM
A good buy back program (

Publisher Sponsoring 'DVD Buy-Back' Program to Keep American Homes Safe From Michael Moore's Dangerous Propaganda
Friday September 17, 8:01 am ET
Similar to Gun Buy-Backs, World Ahead Publishing Exchanges 'Fahrenheit 9/11' for Copies of THANK YOU, PRESIDENT BUSH

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- In an effort to ensure the safety of American homes, World Ahead Publishing, publisher of THANK YOU, PRESIDENT BUSH, announces its Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD Buy-Back program for U.S. purchasers of Michael Moore's documentary. In urban areas, city leaders periodically sponsor gun "buy-back" programs to help reduce gun violence. Similarly, the Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD Buy-Back program is designed to protect Americans from harm, especially young children who might accidentally slip this dangerous propaganda into the living room DVD player.
Beginning October 5th, the day Moore's documentary goes on sale, World Ahead Publishing will offer citizens the opportunity to exchange their copies of Fahrenheit 9/11 for THANK YOU PRESIDENT BUSH: REFLECTIONS ON THE WAR ON TERROR, DEFENSE OF THE FAMILY, AND THE REVIVAL OF THE ECONOMY, with no questions asked.

Unlike Moore's film, which deceptively splices film footage to score its points, Thank You, President Bush discusses the facts. This book's all-star list of contributors includes Art Laffer, the father of supply-side economics; George Shultz, former Secretary of State; James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family; and Bill Bennett, former Secretary of Education. Vice President Dick Cheney also contributes a chapter on foreign policy, and the President's brother, Gov. Jeb Bush, pens a moving and personal introduction. All 29 writers are experts in their topics, addressing such important issues as national security, the economy, and social policy in straightforward language.

"Moore's work isn't a documentary. It's a dangerous weapon that shouldn't be left lying around the house," says Aman Verjee, co-editor of the anthology. "Send us Moore's lies and we'll give you the truth on President Bush's record and policies. We want to give people who unsuspectingly buy Moore's propaganda a chance to trade it in for a book that's positive and insightful," added Verjee. "This book sets the record straight: George W. Bush deserves more than another term in office; he deserves our gratitude."

For the mailing address and the terms and conditions of the buy-back program, go to .


World Ahead Publishing is a privately-held, California-based corporation with a growing coterie of authors who advocate individual liberty and free markets. World Ahead believes that freedom is the inalienable right of all human beings but the spread of liberty is by no means a foregone conclusion- individual freedom and the institutions that make it possible, including capitalism itself, face risks from reactionary and powerful interests. To that end, World Ahead Publishing seeks to publish thought-provoking nonfiction books exploring the significant economic, political, and security issues facing the nation and the world. Two other titles will debut in the second half of 2004, and seven new books are planned for 2005-2006.

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September 17, 2004, 10:54 AM
I downloaded that movie (700 MB and no money to MM) and thought it was the dumbest thing in a long time. Moore's attempts to manipulate the spectator are so blatant, and quite frankly tiresome after a while. The Democratic party should be ashamed to be associated with this traitor.

September 17, 2004, 09:37 PM
there is no shame in finding a piece of work reflecting so many documented truths to help prove and justify the position they hold.

September 19, 2004, 10:25 AM
I have a few VERY democrat friends at work, and they said F 9/11 was a deceitfull movie. I havn'e downloaded it yet to watch it. I'll never pay to see LIES!!

September 19, 2004, 11:37 AM
Let me be honest to the level of Moore. I payed to see this fine piece of cinema. I was glad to be giving my money and support to the local theatre as well as Michael moore himself.translation- I downloaded it, hated it

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