Got first handgun (PT 92) have questions


September 17, 2004, 03:22 PM
I bought my first sidearm today :D Picked up a brand new Taurus PT 92 for $329, came with 3 -10 round magazines and a coupon to send in for a free high cap as well as info for them to buy me a 1 year membership to the NRA.
I really like this gun so far, haven't shot one before but it feels really good in my hand and all the controls are easy to reach and comfortable. Seemed like a good deal too.
Now I've got a few questions.
1st and foremost, something I didn't notice at the store and wish I would have. When the slide is locked back the barrel rattles. Its not moving very far but it moves easily. When the slide is forward, the barrel locks up pretty tight. Can be moved ever so slightly,probably less than a hundreth of an inch. Is this a problem? I'm sure its not going to be as accurate as a better made gun, but this isn't an indication of a problem I need to get taken care of is it?

2nd, if you have one, what kind of ammo do you shoot in it? A guy at the store (employee) recommended I not shoot any range type ammo in it until its well broken in as it might not cycle very well. Sold me American Eagle 124 grain FMJ's. Do you think this is that big of a deal? He also told me that 9mm is "pretty anemic" (while smiling) and said for defensive loads I should only use 147 or 124 grain loads and pointed out a few by Hornady, Speer, Winchester etc.

3rd, how the heck does anyone conceal one of these(I'm not planning on trying right now)!? I know skunk carries its beretta counterpart and a few others of you do too and all I can say is I'm 6'3" and 200lbs and would still need a winter coat to hide it :D

Thanks for any other advice as well.

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September 17, 2004, 03:38 PM
not shoot any range type ammo

"Range type ammo"? Not quite sure what he meant, but I'd imagine any standard pressure 9mm will do fine, and it could probably shoot a good deal of +Ps, too.

for defensive loads I should only use 147 or 124 grain loads

I'm skeptical of anyone telling you that a 115 gr. Speer GD is somehow significantly worse than a 124 gr. Speer GD. That said, I know many people prefer 124/modern 147 grainers for defense.

how the heck does anyone conceal one of these

92s are big, but they aren't gigantic or anything. I believe Mad Ogre's site has some good advice on concealed carry.

September 17, 2004, 03:41 PM
1. A little barrel rattle when the slide is locked back is common on many firearms and is nothing to worry about. You just want it to lock up tight when slide is forward.

2. I always run a box or two of FMJ(ball) ammo through my firearms as a rule for the first outing. Then I test my defensive ammo in it with about 50-100 rounds. For that barrel length I would go for a 124 grain +P defensive round in any of the popular WUNDERBULLET designs. Gold Dot, Corbon, Hydrashok, Silver Tip, yadda yadda yadda. The ammo he sold you will be just fine for range fodder.

3. It's all about the holster, Belt and the dress. A good belt is more necessary then a good holster but both will make a world of difference. A loose fitting button down worn open over a t-shirt will cover a howitzer. Combine that with the fact that you could be wearing a white shirt with red letters that said "HI My name is Redneck and I am carrying a locked and loaded hi capacity baby killing assault handgun on my right hip." and 90% of the people would never take notice. Me personally though, I stick to my tiny little J Frame most of the time but have been known to carry a SIG P220ST from time to time and that is most definitely not a small carry piece.

Always clean a new gun before your first trip to the range. This is to clean any packing crap out of it, give it a good lubrications and give you a short familiarization session with the weapon.

Good luck, Stay safe and have fun.


Big Mike
September 17, 2004, 03:49 PM
I have owned both the PT92 and a Beretta Brig 92.

1. Rattle is normal.

2. It should be able to shoot any 9mm ammo designed for handguns. Lead RN will gunk up any firearm faster. I say use jacketed bullets exclusively. For carry ammo, pick what reliable cycles in your pistol and is generally considered good self-defense ammo.

3. I carried mine Beretta in a Blade-Tech IWB. It is possible to conceal this comfortably, but for how long is ?????????????

Have fun. I actually preferred the operation of the Taurus to the Beretta. Good Luck! Mike

September 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Thanks alot guys :D
I'm going to clean it here in a little bit and then maybe go out to the pasture and run a mag or two through if it quits raining.

I figured the rattling was a side effect of its design, but wanted to make sure.

The only holster I have is a cheap nylon uncle mike's size 5 hip holster. I won't be thinking of CCW until I've gotten quite a bit more experience with this, and then I would probably get something a little more compact. Picked this holster as a cheap way to carry it for now around the farm or whatever I might want to do. (this might be my new gun for taking to check the coon trap out by my garden :evil: ) I can see where a better holster would make concealing it more easy. I did trying putting it on and then putting on a light (unlined) Carhartt jacket I wear all the time and you wouldn't know it was there if the holster didn't stick out an inch below the bottom of the jacket. So I suppose it is possible after all.

Oh yeah, Cslinger....I'm off to get some T-shirts printed :neener:

2 more questions.
Is this gun safe to dry fire? They were doing it with everything in sight at the store.
And would a .22LR kit for a berreta 92 fit on this gun? The salesman said it would, but I got to thinking about the safeties being in different places and thought he might be mistaken.

September 17, 2004, 04:12 PM
The rattle is perfectly normal. My $600 Beretta 92 does this as well as my $300 Taurus 92. No difference there.

Most people would consider American Eagle ammo to be range ammo.

Concealibility? Don't know never tried to conceal it. My method of choice is IWB. I would suggest a good hip or paddle holster with an appropriate cover garment. I don't like Kydex or other plastic, but it's your gun. Superior holsters would be the Galco FED Paddle (keep an eye on e-bay, there's usually one or two new ones for about $40 less than retail). makes a pretty nice paddle. For belt holsters, I bought a nice lined El Paso Saddlery lined pancake a number of years back - it's very nice and a good value too.

September 17, 2004, 07:40 PM
I've put more rounds through my PT99 (same as 92 but with adjustable sights) than any other centerfire handgun I've ever owned. I rarely shoot cheap range ammo, but it never had a problem with any 'real' ammo I ever tried though I mostly stuck to Winchester White Box and S&B ammo.

For defensive ammo, I bought a large lot of CorBon 115 +P ammo that I had a lot of faith in at the time. Now days, I feel that there are better choices out there esp considering how often the jacket seems to seperate from the core. The 124 Gr Speer Gold Dot +Ps are pretty much universally accepted as among the best of the lot for 9mm defensive loads. Not saying they are the very best, but they are probably within 5% of the very best and are widely available and reliable in most guns. Winchester Ranger Ts in 127 and 147 gr varieties are possibly the best available though many folks don't have easy or affordable access to them. And if you're looking for something cheaper than the Gold Dots, the Personal Defense stuff from Winchester gets pretty good reviews.

As for concealability... I don't know. In Indiana, a gun doesn't have to be truly concealed as it does in many states so I didn't really stress it a lot, but with how I dress, I think concealing it would be a bit of a challenge. As others have said, a good holster and a good belt go a long way but for guns quite this large, changing the way you dress might be a requirement.

Some folks will knock Taurus, but in my opinion, vverall, this is one of the best values around in a full size 9mm... Along with the CZ75 and the EAA Witness and the Steyrs.

September 17, 2004, 08:07 PM
I put right about 8000 rounds of assorted ammo (some of it real garage, I'm ashamed to say - anybody remember Hanson ammo?) through my PT99. Never once did it jam. With the very nastiest of ammo, I think I had a few misfires (even multiple strikes didn't set these off). I sold the gun a long time ago and missed it so much I bought a PT92. Haven't shot this one much, but it's very accurate and it's been 100% in the 500 or so rounds I've put through it. I don't shoot garbage ammo through my guns anymore. Usually, it's something like Winchester USA, UMC, S&B, and the occasionally American Eagle (NOT the American brand ammo, which is pretty vile stuff). My Beretta is noticeably smoother and a little better finished, but not really a deal for double the money. The Beretta based Taurus guns are the exceptional guns in the Taurus line.

Old Dog
September 17, 2004, 08:18 PM
No problem dry-firing. I have a 14 year old PT-92 that is exceptionally accurate and outshoots one of my Berettas. I like the frame-mounted safety set-up on the Taurus and wish Beretta would go back to it. They are NOT cheap guns; as stated by a few other posters, they're a great 9mm.
I have never, ever had any feeding/ejection problems with my PT-92. It shoots every conceivable type of 9mm cartridges manufactured. (Just don't shoot lead)
A Galco Concealable (OWB) does the trick for me as far as CCW for the PT-92 or a Beretta 92.

September 17, 2004, 09:00 PM
With the Beretta open slide design, something has to be very wrong with the gun for ejection problems. They're well know for reliability. Beretta, I think, does or did make a special edition with a frame mounted safety/hammer drop. These are very expensive guns. I think the example I saw was well over the $1200 mark. Also the frame was stainless (not aluminum). They make their .380 pistols with the frame mounted safety. I had an 85F that was really nice, I regret getting rid of it. I think they're not going to tinker with something that is so widespread, with so many military contracts, so I believe the safety will stay where it is.

September 17, 2004, 10:44 PM
I learned to shoot cenerfire pistols with a Taurus PT-92. I shot a couple of pistol corses with one and after 1000's of rounds he gun functioned 100%. It was very accurate and very great to shoot. I much prefer the controls of the taurus over the Beretta's. All in all I think they are great guns. I think you will love this gun. As to you ?'s, The guys seem to have covered everything rather well. Enjoy :)

September 17, 2004, 10:59 PM
The PT 92 is a good choice for a full size 9mm in my humble opinion. I liked mine a lot but traded it in on a Beretta 92FS recently. The Beretta does have a nicer level of fit and finish (and for some reason I fell for the new OD color version of the Beretta). But I actually shot the Taurus PT 92 more accurately more consistently than I currently can shoot with the Beretta. Don't know why. Just the way it goes sometimes.

September 17, 2004, 11:07 PM
Thanks for all the replies, I'm feeling really good about choosing this gun now :D I'd read a lot of reviews and gotten a lot of help here so I didn't feel too uninformed when I went into the store, but its nice to hear some more positive feedback :)

I didn't get to shoot it today, dang power went out and had a bunch of other stuff come up. Will definitely at least run a mag through tommorrow. Sitting here loading one right now.....what a pain. I need to get one of those depressor things to speed things up.
I did get it cleaned, there was a little gunk in there but for the most part it was in good shape. Very easy to take apart, I love it!

I'd still like to know if anyone has tried putting a berreta 92 .22 conversion kit on a Taurus gun? Guy at the shop assured me it would work, but I'm still thinking the difference in safeties would be a problem :confused:

Thanks again.

September 18, 2004, 09:03 AM
As far as the Beretta conversion kit goes, I really don't know, never much liked conversion kits in any way shape or form. They just never work as well as dedicated guns. There are a number of kits specifically for Taurus PT92 series guns. Ceiner (spelling?) comes to mind. I tend to agree with you though, I would think there is enough difference due to the different safeties and other internal differences to prevent a Beretta kit from working on a Taurus receiver.

You might try your question over at . Lots of people over there who tinker around and I'm sure it's been tried or at least looked at.

September 18, 2004, 10:34 PM
Thanks, I didn't know that there was a kit available for the PT92. Guess its a non issue then about the berreta kits :D

I'd rather have a dedicated gun also, but so far I haven't found any .22's that I like as well as this gun. I'm broke for now anyhow, so it doesn't really matter. Someday down the road though it will probably just come down to what I can find cheaper, a conversion kit or a .22 pistol.

I shot the gun today, just a couple shots to get rid of a racoon I trapped. Its not too anemic for that ;) Everything cycled fine and its quite pleasant to shoot. Carrying it on my belt was a heck of a lot more convenient than tring to lug a rifle around while handling the trap too.
Just can't find time to get it out and really give it a workout this weekend. Hopefully sometime this week.

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