First post AWB gun show report...


September 18, 2004, 04:07 PM

Okay, now that I got that out of the way... no wait...


And the worse thing was he had to have at least 50 of them in the cabinet thing.

Not very eventful to tell the truth, the normal stuffed toys, beef (or emu or something) jerkey, had some good mini donuts, etc. A few tables still said, pre-ban mags, and had the matching high prices. $45 (that was the lowered price) USP 40 mags, $75-$70-$39 Glock mags. But then a few with more down to earth prices, but no really good deals, $25 Glock mags, $18 used rusty Beretta factory mags for 9mm and 40. Funny one was the $1200 pre-ban FAL with bayonet lug and no flash hider. :rolleyes:

Most mags were still overpriced. Most ex pre ban accesories a bit high now. Though one thing I almost bought on sight were new 90 round AR-15 magazines for $129, but I didn't know anything about them.

No tables had a 10 round mag blow out deal, still the normal $19.95 price from what I saw for the old fashioned 10 round mags.

I did see two Colt National Match Target AR-15s for $675 each, that seemed low since I am used to seeing higher prices for Colt stuff.

Isn't a company going to make drum mags for the SAR rifles now? I saw two drums, I think one was $800 and the other was $650. :scrutiny:

So many people I just wanted to check if the light was on upstairs, 'cause they just weren't very responsive to the "You know the ban is dead?" question...

Though I did get out of there with a Japanese Nambu pistol. I have to go research it some.

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September 18, 2004, 04:13 PM
I suspect - probably before too long ...... the prices will/should find their own levels. It is the buyers market which drives the price levels .... or should and hopefully demand will help settle the ''slow mover's'' prices, like std 10 rounders etc.

I am not gonna go looking and buying for another month or two I think .... let things settle and stabilize .. then see what's on offer.

September 18, 2004, 04:13 PM
will help settle the ''slow mover's'' prices, like std 10 rounders etc.

I sure hope so. Since I did see people still buying them... :barf:

I'm just happy my order is shipped, I feel even more happy about the price of the mags I ordered, $20 USP40 and $13 Glock 17.

September 18, 2004, 04:39 PM
$22 for a 13 round Mag for the G23 sounds high.:mad:

September 18, 2004, 05:00 PM
check out the prices at fourfourmag's for the 10-22...$69??

They gotta be joking :barf:

Ken (WildAlaska) was selling them for like $25

I am with P95Carry...I am gonna wait for a few weeks to see how much they come down in price...THEN I am gonna buy me a few..

September 18, 2004, 05:13 PM
We know the ban is dead and they know it as well but I will bet you there are plenty of people that will still buy preban mags to this day at an inflated price. That's busines baby!

September 18, 2004, 05:26 PM
Shopping at a gunshow is a lot like shopping for a new car. If you don't know exactly what you want and are willing to pay for it, you will get gouged.

September 18, 2004, 05:31 PM
$22 for a 13 round Mag for the G23 sounds high

I paid $26 for a 13 roudn LE Only G23 mag on Monday night. Same price they were getting for 10 rounders here in VA during the ban.

I could do it cheaper online, but then i'd have to pay shipping, etc. I bought them at the gun shop cause it comes out the same, and I like to support local businesses.

September 18, 2004, 05:34 PM
check out the prices at fourfourmag's for the 10-22...$69??

Yeah, that was an odd one among all the other more normal prices.

September 18, 2004, 06:33 PM
I noticed the prices were pretty darn high too.

I picked up some ammo, brass and shotgun wads and that was about it.

I did on the other hand get to fondle a .40 cal CZ Raami:D

Dunno, the jury is still out on that purchase.

September 18, 2004, 07:01 PM
I did on the other hand get to fondle a .40 cal CZ Raami

That thing was a lot smaller than I thought it was! Looked tiny, and it was slim.

September 18, 2004, 08:04 PM
The Coeur d'Alene gun show was about the same. $50 for well worn M14 magazines. Some fellow was selling KA headstamp Korean .30-06 ammo, the corrosive kind, for almost $100 for 376 Garand clipped rounds. There was no mention anywhere on the display sign warning that it was corrosive.


September 19, 2004, 01:16 AM
Ditto the Monroe, WA show. $29.99 Ar mags and $1200.00 pre-ban AR's.
Oly Arms had a neat M-4 folder for $789.99.

September 19, 2004, 01:31 AM
I've been to the WAC Monroe show three times, and all three times walked away with nothing. Waste of $5, if you ask me.

4v50 Gary
September 19, 2004, 01:56 PM
I was shocked to learn that the M-14 mags NIW are going for as high as $150 apeice. I paid $30 each for them years ago.

September 19, 2004, 02:17 PM
I was also @ an Evil Loophole Gun Show this weekend, and the report is mixed.


About 1/2 the dealers were carrying on as if the ban were still on, and the other half "got it".


Overall, prices of preban configs dropped to the price of postban configs, and there were few postban configs to be found anywhere. Just about every upper had a flash hider on it, just about every lower had a collapsing stock.


300-350 for WASR 10's


Some dealers had rifles ostensibly labeled as "pre ban" for exorbitant fees, which were discounted to merely ludicrous. For example, No one in their right mind would pay $1200 (formerly $1800) for a "pre ban" AK. (No, it wasn't chrome, and it didn't have "da switch")


It seems that ammo is down, compared to its peak a few months ago.

Loose Folding Stocks and Collapsing Stocks:

There were a few, but not as many as one might think. Clearly, the production pipeline is still spinning up, and they're currently offloading the "leo only" stockpiles.

Previously Banned Handgun Types:

Few and far between, still at premium prices.


A fair amount was available, the least expensive I could find was a beat up Vietnam era M-16, for about $7500. Maybe it was Kerry's favorite gun that he doesn't have anymore. If so, I think he should buy it. :neener:

September 19, 2004, 05:00 PM
Just got back from a gun show in Dayton, OH. No real deals on mags, plenty of old hi-caps (glock/HK/Sig) for $60 - $70. Lot's of things still labled as pre-ban. Horrible prices on most handguns. First time at this particular one (Hara arena), not sure if I'll go back as the....urban banger......crowd was well represented, fondling every AR/AK/Storm/Mac they could get there hands on.

September 19, 2004, 07:07 PM
urban banger......crowd was well represented, Unfortunately - it is all too often the worst examples of those guys who the anti's choose as their ''model'' for your average 'gun nut' ... forgetting that many, many .. run of mill folks go also. I have to admit the occasional cringe when I come across them at a show.

Gun prices have for me been way too high at most shows this year .... I only bought one from a show this year ... my M27-2 with 8 3/8 bbl .... hardly a steal but I was content with it - anyways it was a ''had to have''!!!!.

Otherwise .. almost every time it's ammo and sundry items.... oh and sometimes some OK deals on cast bullets too .. always good to save on shipping with the heavy stuff.

September 19, 2004, 07:44 PM
This had to be the worst I've seen. I mean these guys were in full hip-hop attire, glazed over eyes and attracting a lot of attention. One lady was on the phone to someone at a booth asking if she could just refuse to sell to them. I wouldn't. This was really the anti's prototypical model. :uhoh:

September 19, 2004, 08:00 PM
The one here in GR Michigan was pi55 poor as well, glock mags $150.00
very few real good deals....better shopping on line

September 19, 2004, 11:10 PM
hmmmm i got a poor report on the lakeland florida gunshow too. I may skip the next one here in fort myers.

Billy Sparks
September 20, 2004, 06:37 AM
But did you see a AK with "da switch" ??? :neener:

September 20, 2004, 07:26 AM
Just heard from a friend about the NE Georgia show.
Same deal: high priced mags, post-ban guns, ect.

How long till dealers get a clue?

September 20, 2004, 07:57 AM
took my nephew to the dayton show too.he wanted an ar but just couldnt get one at the prices they were asking sooooo,I helped him pick out a nice ak clone for 325 out the door...and a case of ammo along with a bunch of new 20 and 30 rnders and still had lotsa extra cash.
I took along my old 39A and though I saw a few other guns that I liked but thought the price a bit steep...425 for a used ruger p89 or p90...2 SWD cobrays with fake cans attached...650 bucks?they werent even original cept the frames and had the newer style bolts in them.
my nephew left happy which was the reason I went anyways.

September 20, 2004, 09:11 AM
But did you see a AK with "da switch" ???

Nope, but I did see a AK with a pre-installed folding stock (import date?) for almost as little $$$ as the price climbing SARs and such...

September 20, 2004, 09:24 AM
Rotty said , The one here in GR Michigan was pi55 poor as well, glock mags $150.00
very few real good deals....better shopping on line

Ya it was kind of small and prices were high, but i did find some standard glock mags from $20 to $25 ( Hi-Caps for thouse that havent adjusted yet ), and they went quick. I got a few before they were gone. There were almost NO deals on weapons everything seemed to be overpriced or just about right. So i ended up spending most of my money on accessories and ammo insted of picking up the rifle i wanted.

September 20, 2004, 09:35 AM
The gun show at the Atlanta Farmers Market yesterday was a joke as usual. There were several "Pre Ban" Ar's listed anywhere from $1200 on up. The highest priced AR I saw was in the $1600 range. What a joke!

I feel sorry for anyone who would pay 1K+ for an Essential Arms (E.A.) AR15A1 clone.

Overall the more I go to gun shows the more frustrated I get at the rip off prices and deals offered. There are some good deals still to be had but they are few and far between.

BTW - I did get a good deal on a small leather Made in China fanny pack. ($6 out the door)


September 20, 2004, 09:58 AM
At the Coeur d'Alene gun show a vendor had a folding stock AK from Vector Arms AK ( that was not a screaming deal at $689. Of course, Vector sells the same thing for $489 + $18 for shipping - making me think that maybe I need to be in the gun bidness. I saw quite a few people looking at it - a friend was trying to make a deal on a Marlin 45/70 at a nearby table and I got to watch the action for awhile.

September 20, 2004, 10:36 AM
i would recommend just ordering online....because it will be months before you see any real good prices at gunshows if then....see they have lots of money tied up in the mags and they are just sitting on them....waiting for the next ban(i pray there wont be one)..bottom line these dealers dont want to lose their butts on these mags

September 20, 2004, 12:24 PM
The one here in GR Michigan was pi55 poor as well, glock mags $150.00

Come to the Midland one, I've been told that it is the best in the state. I can waste two whole days in there if I want to :D

The only thing I ever go to gun shows to do is browse. The Midland show had a guy with a table of Class III C&R guns, that made me drool! Every once in a while, I'll find a deal. I ended up driving to a gun shop an hour and a half away to get a gun I saw a good deal on at their booth.

Other than that, just looking

Sam Adams
September 20, 2004, 05:51 PM
Anyone who wants a deal on 30-round AR mags, with LEO markings, coated in Teflon with the green followers for $11.99 should order from Tapco.

Do it FAST, as they won't be taking orders past today, 9/20.

September 20, 2004, 07:45 PM
They are not going to abandon the prices they set for "pre ban" mags quickly. Remember, they also paid some sort of an inflated price for them as well. They are going to do their level best to recoup their costs.
Caveat Emptor is always the watch phrase at gun shows. Now, more than ever. Good shooting;)

September 20, 2004, 11:13 PM
One thing I will add .. while I can see that gun show dealers do indeed wish to recoup their outlay on mag's etc ... the bottom line to me is ... the internet is a serious source of competition to those guys ... IMO. Therefore, if they do not accept the possible need to take a loss, they will I am sure find that over time their business at shows is eroded to the point where folks will not be buying .. period!!

I know these days at shows .. apart from ammo purchases, I am always thinking .. ''geez, saw that at .. well cheaper". I know shipping costs need to be taken into account too but well .. all too often now the Natchez' and CDNN's etc of the web just have the choice and .. the prices.

If the anti's don't screw up the gun shows .. the internet will!

September 21, 2004, 10:26 AM
I used to go to gun shows every time they came to the San Jose CA fairgrounds, and up in San Francisco. I really don't get the logic behind them. I've never seen any good deals on guns compared to what I can get in a gun store, and the rest of the stuff, except for some ammo that I buy, is just junk. dumb ass t-shirts, bumper stickers, used books, beef jerky, and a bunch of old stuff that looks like someone just cleaned out their garage. It's a waste of gas to get there, and money to get in to the show. I just don't go to them anymore.

September 21, 2004, 12:14 PM
I've never seen any good deals on guns compared to what I can get in a gun store

I tend to only go to the ones I know Miwall Ammo is going to be at 'cause I always pick up something from them. I picked up 1000 primers or each type (small/large handgun/rifle) so I don't need to buy any locally for a lot more. Last time there was a guy selling Win231 powder really inexpensive too.

I see a deal or two most of the time. I would have picked up the Eclipse Pro for $899 if that was what I had gone to get. I am still waiting to get that one later, or wait for a used deal.

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