Irving, Texas -- Clean-up-able range?


September 26, 2004, 01:57 PM
Hey, y'all.

I live in Irving Texas (whoda' thunk it?) and was wondering if there are any not-privately-owned ranges somewheres around here where I could organize a cleanup. My environmental Science class requires that each student do some kind of environmental activity, and my "brainstorm activity" (which will give me enough "points" for the first quarter) was a range cleanup. Only problem being that I don't know if there are any ranges around here to clean up, y'know?

That said, if anyone can point me at a range of the proper variety, and anyone is interested, please repspond.


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September 26, 2004, 04:49 PM
A few come to mind:

DFW Gun Range on Mockingbird
Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine ( I know the General Manager there )
The Shooting Gallery in Fort Worth (Loop 820 and Lancaster)

Car Knocker
September 26, 2004, 05:15 PM
It's a shame you're way off there in Texas. One of the gun stores here has an indoor range that could probably qualify as an EPA Superfund site.

September 26, 2004, 06:08 PM
Have you tried the Dallas Pistol Club? Think the place is actually in Carrollton. They have a bullseye range with a lot of lead in the berm.

Double Naught Spy
September 26, 2004, 06:34 PM
Slam-Fire, are you at UNT?

Dallas Pistol Club would be an excellent choice. Plus, they are undergoing rennovations right now and so there may be some unique things to look at beyond just simple range contamination. The 'combat bays' are being remodeling, improved, and divided up into additional bays. The bullseye range is remaining mostly intact. The 100 yard range is also getting rennovated.

PM me if you have more questions or need a tour of Dallas Pistol Club. I can get you in touch with the president or directors group if you want to consult with them.

September 27, 2004, 06:42 PM
Tried to reply this morning, but THR wasnae letting me connect.

No, I'm not at UNT, I remain, to this day, a Senior in High School [dangit!]. However, by clean-upable ranges, I really meant the kind sorta "out there", where people take their favorite broken, crappy appliances to destroy them in the most fun way possible; eventually, those places get sorta nasty, and someone organizes a cleanup. That said, I would like to know more about doing a cleanup at the other ranges suggested, if anyone's forthcoming.


September 29, 2004, 12:06 AM

September 29, 2004, 01:04 AM
A lady who lives just up the road stopped by just before a hunter ed. class last week to tell me about an informal "clean up" pending on some Corps of Engineer land on west feeder creek to Lake Lewisville.

Public hunting area near "Old Alton Bridge" just off Copper Canyon Road. Unfornately, sign shot up and the place chock full of beer cans from slob hunters since dove season opened. :barf: The area just to the east of this is also Corps land and got removed from public hunting access maps several years ago due to actions by some hunters. :fire:

PM me if interest in checking it out.

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