How gun friendly is Reno, NV?


October 2, 2004, 11:44 AM
How gun friendly is Reno, NV?

Vegas seems to get more and more draconian as time wears on, how about Reno?

And while you're at it, someone tell me more about the cost of living?

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El Tejon
October 2, 2004, 02:49 PM
Taxes are being raised in Reno. Lt. Dangle keeps losing his police mobile anti-crime unit, aka his bicycle, and the taxpayers have to buy replacements.:D

Baba Louie
October 2, 2004, 11:02 PM
Very Gun friendly... so far. They still think they're in the western United States (but not yet California west) and you see the occasional cowboy hat that actually looks like it belongs on the guy or gals head.
Should be able to find something that whets yer appetite or at least answers some questions while asking new ones.

Reno-Carson City are growing like mad. While LV has 5000 new drivers license issued each month Reno is quite a bit less (The person I talked to at one of the local DMV's in LV didn't have the exact or even ballpark number... just said its a lot less).

City Gov't homepage...

Probably around 340,000 in Washoe County, 50,000 in Carson City.
I was up there a couple of months ago and saw a fire in the hills outside of Carson City... hot(ish) in the Summer, Cold(ish) in the winter.

A beautiful place to live and visit.

October 3, 2004, 12:14 AM
I used to fly up to reno to do business in Minden all the time. Beautiful area, seemed very gun friendly. From what I hear, population exploding, enough Cali refugees coming over to really raise the cost of housing. I used to love visiting; nice folks and beautiful countryside.

October 3, 2004, 01:22 AM
Ah, Reno. Got married in Reno once.

A little too close to Tahoe for my tastes, I'd head out into the desert a little more. Nevada is truly one of the great places on this earth, and I've spent many a day backpacking through her ranges, and many a night under those beautiful stars.

Highly recommended, and from what I know, very gun-friendly once you clear the big cities. Pahrump, is just about the right size. And they got the right kind of "ranches", if you know what I mean. :D

October 17, 2004, 11:33 AM
I am moving there pretty soon,might even spend Christmas there.
I've heard it takes 2 or 3 weeks for your CCW to arrive and it's not to expensive. I have a few friends in rural NV and they have guns all over their houses,not sure about Reno but they're friendlier to me when I wearing my NRA hat then the SF people are. Rents are dirt cheap compared to SF. The Reno Gazzette reports what you have heard here,it's growing by leaps and bounds.
It's close enough to SF so you can go remind yourself why CA seems like a hopeless mess and remote enough to go hunting, camping,fishing & still get to work on time monday morning.
High desert,so you will have some snow in the winter,and it will be cold at night.
I called the DMV there and got to talk to a human,thats a big improvement.
It's a class three state so if you got some bucks you can have real fun.
Overall it looks like a good town and I'm moving there soon,my only real concern is wages,I hear they're pretty dismal. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

October 17, 2004, 11:52 AM

You got a pair if you wear your NRA hat in SF!! A tip of the hat to you.

San Francisco, ahhh... the only place I know of where you can get the city government to pay for a sex change operation, if you're a municipal employee.

I'm gettin' too old.

October 17, 2004, 02:54 PM
Bet Reno NV is going about the same way AZ here is. So far gun friendly. The trouble is at times seems like more CA plates on are highway then AZ plates. Most that move in are pulling the rest of the Western State down the tubes. Were CA people move to liberalism follows. Like a cancer they take their state under the tubes then they move into your state and try and make it like CA. If you go to NV enjoy it while you can because like AZ with all the people from CA moving in it won't last

October 17, 2004, 09:17 PM
NV state laws are very relaxed as far as gun ownership and carry goes. Open carry is legal in the entire state (save for govt. buildings, schools, etc) CCW is allowed. You must qualify with your weapon(s) and carry your permit anytime you carry your gun(s)
I don't know about Reno/Carson City, but Las Vegas (Clark county) is the only place where you have to register handguns. Long guns don't have to be registered. PLENTY of room to go shooting as Nevada is one of the least populated states in the country.

I really like it here and I'm in Vegas. Reno is kinda small for my tastes, but is getting bigger. Unfortunatley, California is bleeding into NV all over the place. Our senators (Harry Reid and John Ensign) are semi-friendly and VERY friendly respectively. I really like the work Ensign and Reid do and will vote for them again when each turn comes up. Reid isn't the most pro-gun, but his stances on other things are solid in my eyes.

At any rate, come on out, enjoy yourself and if you want to call it home I have no problem welcoming a new, pro-gun neighbor.

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