Do you always get slings for your milsurps?


October 7, 2004, 06:23 PM
So here is my dilemma: I relish restoring the old milsurps back into "fighting trim" - that usually means cleaning it up completely and obtaining a correct bayonet and sling.

Yet I find I hate some of the sling systems on the old beauties - especially the ones that attach on the side of the rifle as opposed to underneath the barrel. The side ones catch my eye when I throw the rifle to my shoulder, throwing off the aim, they tangle my hands when I lift the weapon, etc, etc.

For the record I only have 4 milsurps: the under the barrel sling on the Mosin is fine, I HATE the side ones on the K31 and Yugo M48, the "back part under the stock, front on the side of the barrel" of the Yugo SKS still tangles and distracts me.

But I am wondering if anyone else who loves restoring the mil-surps exactly as they were carried also does not like some of the sling setups.

Obviously, I can do what I want with the weapons to enjoy them - but I really am torn between not liking the slings on one hand and liking having them 100% period correct!

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October 7, 2004, 06:26 PM
I kind of like the Yugo sling. How is it set up on your rifle? It shouldn't interfere with the average person (these were military weapons, after all).

October 7, 2004, 07:41 PM
The only ones of mine that do not have slings at this point are the Turk Mauser and the Arisaka T99.

Most of my Milsurps came with slings.

Interestingly, now that I think of it... None of my US service rifles came with a sling. I had to buy them separately for the Garand, Carbine, and 03A3. :mad:

October 7, 2004, 07:44 PM
It shouldn't interfere with the average person (these were military weapons, after all).

You're right - its probably just me. I just don't like those that have the sling on the left side of the stock. Its psychological - once I notice it once I notice it every time.

Form vs. function - I love the way a rifle is restored, yet I hate shooting them that way,

Maybe I can just take the dang sling off when I go to the range, though that smacks of a cop out.:D

Lord Bodak
October 7, 2004, 08:01 PM
As a leftie, I'm not a big fan of the sling on my Yugo SKS, but I'm definitely leaving it on there.

October 7, 2004, 08:03 PM
Wimp...shoot it with the sling! Put on the bayonet too...and a helmet...and lie prone while yer buds toss M80s at yer head to simulate artillery fire...when the mag runs dry jump up and bayonet the target!

Now me of course I cant lie prone since I got a beach ball under my shirt!]


October 7, 2004, 08:09 PM
Always! Every rifle needs a sling. What if the Commies\aliens\bears\zombies\JBTs\communist alien zombie bears invade and all your other rifle are in the shop?

Seriously, sometimes I hunt with my mil-surps so I have a sling on everything I can.

October 7, 2004, 09:04 PM
Most of the time, I buy two milsurps (well, at least two). The better condition one is kept in or restored to as close to issued condition as economically feasable. That one would get the sling, bayo and whatever issued accessories I could find affordable. The second one is a "shooter" and mostly kept in original condition, but may not have an awkward sling or may have sights and such changed if it's a big improvement and won't do permanent harm (like a Mojo sight for example).

October 7, 2004, 10:14 PM
I like them on my rifles. As money permits, I am adding slings. I still need an original M48 sling, or repro, but when I find it, I'll get it.

cracked butt
October 8, 2004, 12:58 AM
If I can buy the sling for less than $10, i'll get one. K98's and M48s get a $5 M48 sling- there's no way I'm paying $100 for a gen-u-wine reproduction K98 sling, everything else except Mosins get a $4 M1 web sling. Whatever I happen to be shooting alot of gets a 1907 sling. If the rifle comes with a sling, its a bonus.

October 8, 2004, 01:19 AM
Gotta return all milsurps to original as-issued configuration with slings, bayonets and any other attachments (like the flash hider for the M1 carbine). I prefer the original sling over a reproduction. I managed to track down two WWII dated slings to match my WWII dated 03A3 and M1.

If the sling gets in your way while shooting, take it off while at the range.

October 8, 2004, 05:53 PM
Yes, I make ever effort to buy the correct sling for them all.
I have a retired friend who gets into this sort of thing. He spends a lot of time researching the correct sling for a given rifle. When I buy a new milsurp, I consult with him on what and where to buy.
I even get into the correct sling hardware. For example on my 1903 I have a 1907 sling with brass hardware. On my 1903A3 I have a 1907 sling with black steel hardware. However, when I am actually shooting them, I use an extra long, synthetic 1907 sling from Turner (AWS).

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