Georgia Hunting clubs....I need some help


October 26, 2004, 10:25 PM
I currently living in Alabama and I will be not moving back up north after I graduate school, instead I will be moving to Atlanta.

Are there hunting clubs in Georgia much like those in Atlanta ?

what is the typical price for a club?

Any other info would be appricated. thanks everyone

the southern Yankee

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October 30, 2004, 12:12 PM

You certainly have picked up the local lingo in a hurry!

Welcome down south!


You'll have to get to know people! Hunting clubs can range from simply getting permission to hunt someones private property, to paying Thousands of dollars for intensive managed land.

However, one advantage Ga. has over Al. is that we have much more WMA land, a longer deer season (especially in southern zone), and a better managed deer herd. (I ought to know, I have a degree in Wildlife Mgt from Auburn Univ., grew up in Al., and 23years work experience in Ga. DNR). Principle to this is our 2 antlered deer a year limit, and one has to be a quality buck (4 or more points on one side at least 1" or longer), and a total of 12 deer limit of which 10 MUST be antlerless. Some counties require both deer to be quality bucks. Many counties now have antlerless season running the entire length of season- in So. zone this is from mid Sept. to mid Jan.

You will find the WMA's on the east and south side of the state to be hunted less than the Northern, or Western (the further from Atlanta, the less, except around Columbus/Macon/Augusta/Savannah). Highest deer populations are in the roughly 50mile North of Atlanta, to 75mi south of Macon-- what we call the Piedmont Plateau region. Deer are larger in the west to central, to southern half of the state. Most WMA land is in the Chattahoochee National Forest in North GA, but it is also the hardest to hunt, and deer populations are relatively low.

The further you get from Atlanta, the cheaper the lease's run, and easier it is to join a club. Just be careful you don't fall into a club with a bunch of "cut throats" and poachers. They draw gamewardens (officially termed Rangers) like a dead carcass draws flys and likewise for clubs that use deer feeders to bait deer (hunting over/near bait is still illegal in Georgia). I know because I'm a retired Ranger.

An excellent way to get additional info on hunting in Ga. is to subscribe to GON (Georgia Outdoor News- It is an independant publication and is excellent in quality, though DNR has had some conflicting views on certain issues through the years- as such I don't subscribe (personal reasons!). They have an excellent classified section that has openings in hunting clubs, land for lease, and land for sale!

Just don't be too sensitive to people calling you a "Yankee", or a "HEMORIOD"! (ie: once you get here, we can't run you off, and you're just a PITA with your "northern LIBERAL ideas"). Not a suggestion you have any as you obviously are a shooter/hunter. I was born, raised, and educated in Alabama (north east/central Al.) For the first 6mos I worked in SE. GA, my nickname was "Yankee"!!!

You'll soon find out why the unemployment/economy is so bad in Ohio/Mich./Wisc./Penn. Every employer who hasn't outsourced/moved offshore, has moved down here!!!

Actually, thats our biggest problem,,,,,,,,,,, folks moving down here and trying to Californicate Georgia with their liberalisim!!!

Loss of licnesed hunters has been our biggest concern, with a dramatic population growth in the Atlanta Metro area.

Deer season is in full swing! Rut peaked two weeks ago in South and East part of state. Peaks from now till mid Nov. in West to North.

Also don't forget small game! Squirrel season starts August 15 and goes through Febuary. Turkey season runs late March till May 15. Bears are possible in certain Northern and South eastern counties (one per year). Not to mention the "other white meat", PIGs are legal year-round on private property. I forbid any newcomers to hunt waterfowl! (my favorite!). I refuse to tell you where the duck hunting is good! But, help yourself to the Canada geese, we call them "Air Carp"!

Good luck with your hunting, and welcome to the "Peach State".

October 30, 2004, 12:43 PM
My favorite WMA for deer, hogs and turkey was Horse Creek.

Check it out.

November 1, 2004, 01:20 PM
thanks for all that info!!!

November 1, 2004, 01:33 PM
I am a native of Georgia. The area between Ellijay and past Blue Ridge has enourmous acrege of National Forest Wilderness. Go up 75 to 575. It becomes Hwy 515 and into the area. Contact the game officer Sgt, first name Carrol. He knows the area like the back of his hand. I have hunted that area extensively. Let me know if I can help. Byron

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