taurus 817


November 2, 2004, 02:54 AM
I've been wanting a carry gun for a while and finally got a little bit of a surplus in funds. This weekend I picked up a taurus 2" snubnose .38. I don't know a whole lot about revolvers still but it has a comfortable grip I can actually hold and seems pretty accurate for a snubnose. Plus it has 7 shots, that was a real selling point for me. I paid a total of $190 and I traded my old astra 960 for it.

So now a couple questions. I know there have been bad experiences with tauruses on this site, I've been reading up on them. However as I understand their quality has been steadily improving. According to the taurus website my revolver was made in 2001, is there anything I should keep an eye out for?

second, I am going to be getting my ccw for this gun so I would like to get a holster for it and a couple speedloaders. For holsters what is recomended, belt or shoulder? What about speedloaders, what brands should I look for or stay away from.

Thanks for the help

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November 2, 2004, 09:15 AM
Congrats on the new piece. I have three Tauri revolvers, two of which are snubs. I had one of mine break down and had to send it for repairs. However, service was good and it was fixed in six weeks like they told me it would be. I just got pissed because I would call every week, and they would tell me the deadline date. Sure enough my gun arrived on my doorstep on the deadline date.

As far as holsters are concerned you may have a problem finding a leather holster that is molded to this model as the 7-shots haven't seemed to really catch on yet. I would reccommmend a paddle holster if you intend to carry concealed as it allows you to remove and replace the holster with greater ease than most other methods. Uncle Mikes is a decent way to go when it comes to trying different holster styles because they are relatively cheap.

As far as speedloaders go, I use HKS. I would advise you to avoid Maxfire like the plague. You will probably not find a single positive comment about these if you do a search on this board. I don't like them because they place too much stress on the crane assembly. You may also consider the super cheap and effective method od SKS stripper clips. These will hold 10 rnds of .38 spcl or .357 magnum, and are relatively quick to use.

Best of luck, and welcome to The High Road.


November 2, 2004, 01:09 PM
I actually almost did get a maxfire but I did a check here and managed to save my money. If you got any advice on the best ways to shoot a snub accurately i'd be interested, it's a lot different from my old 4".

November 2, 2004, 01:47 PM
I am going to be getting my ccw for this gun so I would like to get a holster for it and a couple speedloaders. For holsters what is recomended, belt or shoulder?

Congratulations on your new Taurus. As for what kind of holster, I don't care for shoulder holsters, but you need to find out what works for you.

I have a 627, and when I looked for a holster, I had to get one made for it. I got mine from FIST (http://www.fist-inc.com/holsters/holster/), and I like it a lot. If you go through Gunner's Alley (http://www.gunnersalley.com/category/holstersbymanufacturer.fistholsters/), you can usually save a little on the cost of the holster and get cheaper shipping.

I also use the HKS Speed Loaders.

November 2, 2004, 02:26 PM
My carry piece is a Taurus 651. I carry handlaoded .357 140gr JHP in it. A look at the Taurus site will show that this piece has only a two finger grip, while the 817 has a three finger grip. The three finger grip is much easier to control (I also have a 606) and therefore should be easier for you to become accurate with.

I can not stress enough the positive benefits of practice and dry firing. I do about 200 dry fires a night per hand while watching TV. (I got a blister on my trigger fingers during the Democratic National Convention:D ) I would also reccommend ussing light load .38s for most range work with some full house .38+Ps mixed in. You may wish to mix up standard .38s and +Ps in the cylinder. This way you will be less inclined to get a bad flinch. Another good technique that helped me was to load all but one cylinder with empty brass and place one live load in the cylinder. Give it a spin and shut it without looking. Now you will be dry firing and can catch any flinching that may be accurring.

It is also important to try many different loads to find the one your gun prefers. You can't go off of what some else's gun prefers, even if it is the same model. Hell, my 651 shoots to POA with 140 grainers for me, but when my buddy shoots it 125 grainers hit POA for him. Every gun and every man is different.

Best of luck.


November 2, 2004, 04:37 PM
mine came with what I guess are the older grips, the ribbed rubber ones. Is it worth upgrading to the newer style? I'm just starting to handload, right now i'm carrying 158 grain semi wad-cutters with 4 grains of bulls-eye. Not sure how powerful they are but they felt about the same as my 130 grain +p's.

I appreciate the advice, i've got a lot to learn about defensive shooting as opposed to plinking

edit: I did some dry-firing with that orange plastic sleeve and managed to break that. Is it okay to dry fire without it or should I throw some empty cartridges?

also, i have been searching the archives but i'm not sure I know what to look for. If anyone has any keywords or links I could look up those would help a lot

November 4, 2004, 10:22 AM
Concerning the orange disk. Don't worry about it breaking. You won't damage the gun by dry firing without it.

The 158 gr SWC sounds like a fine load. Is it a hollow point by chance?

November 4, 2004, 07:15 PM
The wife and I both carry Taurus 650's and I've abused mine something horrible. We also both carry in Don Hume IWB's.

November 4, 2004, 08:30 PM
Hiwayman, no they aren't. They are my first foray into reloading though, I think i'm hooked.

The only other thing i'm wondering about is while I primarily want it as a carry gun I still want to shoot a lot at the range. How will this hold up in the long term? So far I only have 150 rounds through it

November 5, 2004, 07:50 AM
My 651 has about 3500 full house magnum loads through it and it is still as tight as the day I got it. They are hard to wear out or shoot lose from what I've found.

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