Model 25 in Long Colt or Model 625 in .45 ACP?


November 6, 2004, 04:36 PM
I Thought I'd narrowed down my search for a revolver (Smith Model 625 in .45 ACP). Then I went to my gun shop and noticed a Smith model 25 Mountain Gun in .45 Long Colt. Blue with cocobolo grips. Beautiful gun. Does anyone have any comments on .45 L.C. vs. .45 ACP?

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November 6, 2004, 04:53 PM
Do you reload? If you do it is a pretty even race. If you don't get the ACP gun as 45 Colt ammo is hard to find and expensive when you do find it. I have both and like them very much, but without reloading the 45 Colt would not get shot much if any.

Brian Williams
November 6, 2004, 05:28 PM
I have been running thru the same thing but the Mod 25 Mt guns that I have seen have been sloppy, with a poor bluing job. I ended up getting a 625(and I hate Stainless revolvers) but I looked for a 25-2 of -5 but found my 625 for under $500, I will be getting it later this week or early next. I was originally limiting my self to 4" barrels but I found a 5" that was in great shape and I will probably get the full lug cut off and make it a half lug. Mine will be in 45 ACP and I will probably get a bow of 45 supers and see what they would be like for 255 gr LSWC thumper loads and just use it regular ACP cases with 230 gr LRN for plinking, and get some 200 gr LSWC for for target loads.

The 45 colt can be loaded up much hotter than 45 acp and super with less pressure, but the 460 Roland will push the envelope of the ACP world, but it requires having the chambers lengthened, something I was also thinking about.

If someone happens to have a 625 or 625 MT gun in both ACP and Colt would you check the following dimensions
Cylinder langth from the front of the cylinder to the recoil shield.
Cylinder length.
Gap in the front of the cylinder to the frame.

I am wondering about a switch cylinder 625, fitted with both ACP and Colt cylinders

November 7, 2004, 11:53 AM
S&W states that you cannot swap cylinders between 45 Colt and ACP. Something to do with length. I have read posts by others who claimed they have swap cylinders.

I ended up with the ACP because I had many thousands of rounds collected over the years from ranges. Never once saw a 45 Colt case lying on the ground.

Re the Rowland, you can load most ACP brass to near Rowland levels. You do not need to ream the cylinders. If you search thru this forum and TFL for "Rowland," read thru Clark's posts. I tried many of his loadings and found that I could load AR cases to mild 44 mag levels. However, at that point I decided that I was walking too close to the bleeding edge so I bought a model 83 Freedom Arms 44 mag to shoot nuclear and resumed shooting more appropriate loads in the 625.

November 7, 2004, 01:20 PM
If you do not reload and if you plan to shoot a lot, then get the one that uses the cheapest ammo. I'm pretty sure that will be .45 ACP. Reloads are cheaper than factory ammo, and .45 ACP reloads are easy to find. Only thing is, you probably will use moon clips with the .45 ACP. I have a friend who says that is no problem because he just loads up a bunch of clips before he heads to the range.

November 7, 2004, 01:59 PM
If you do intend to reload you may want to try buying 45 Auto Rim cases from Starline. They resolve the whole problem of moon clips.

November 7, 2004, 09:49 PM
I bought the .45 Colt Mountain Gun and am happy I did.

First of all, I hate moon clips. Second, you can shoot anywhere from Magnum Cor Bon's to low recoil cowboy loads and anywhere in between. Third, I really like the gun itself! Fourth, the .45 Colt is all about revolvers and has a history to go with them. Fifth, I love being able to use the same load in my handgun as I do in my lever gun! Sixth, you can use the Mountain Gun as a carry gun, a nightstand gun, a bear defense gun, a dear or wild bore hunting gun and a plinking/target gun.

As for the gun itself, mine is a fine specimen! It sounds like some may be lacking in the finish department? But, just look at the gun, if it has a finish that isn't up to par, get a different one. I would swear the gun comes with an action job from the factory, I don't know if it does but, the trigger on mine was great right out of the box and has only become better. The sights are great as are the Ahrends cocobolo grips! The Mountain Gun is very well balanced gun, it feels good when you point it and does so naturally.

I know a lot of people like the .45ACP, as do I but, IMO they're better for semi-auto's, that's what they were designed for after all.

November 7, 2004, 11:33 PM
If you have a 1911 then I would recommend the 625 45ACP. Then you will shoot the same brass and possible loads. I have both and shoot them with reloads. My 625 perfers a 200 grain round nose. My 1911 prefers 230 Grains RN. I compete in IDPA with both. If you plan to compete, then the Moon Clips on the 625 are the fastest to reload. If you plan to do cowboy then get 45 colt so you can use the same rounds in your single action irons...

November 9, 2004, 02:42 AM
I own 2 45 Long Colt revolvers; a 625-5 and a Redhawk. For a reloader this cartridge is ideal for a wide variety of loads. I tend to treat this round as a overgrown .38. For those that don't reload the 45 acp is the way to go. Brass can be a hit or miss problem at first, I tend to find only a few cases at the range but sometimes a box or 2 get left. After about ten years I've scrounged over 4000 pieces and while shooting 2,000-3,000 a year I've only lost a dozen or so. This case is every bit as strong as the .44 mag. with a long reloading life. Favorite load is a 255 swc going 850-900fps.

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