My 3" k-frame story....


November 16, 2004, 09:40 AM
So since S&W is killing the K-frame line, and any chance of me ever buying a new revolver from them again, I thought I would make a post about my experience with my 3" K-frames.

The story starts when I was 21, and I finally got my concealed carry permit. At the time I had a KelTec P11 9mm. Wow....what a piece of crap. Sold it shortly after I got it and bought a Glock 31. I wanted a glock 17 but I got a good deal. After a few weeks of constant practice I started carrying it. The full size glock carried wonderfully but I was never confidant in it. I hated having to worry if my magazine was not seated or if a round was in the chamber. Just too many things to go wrong. Then I saw a good condition S&W model 65 3" at the gunstore, used for $350. After weeks of drooling over it I went in to buy it but it was sold. So I went on with my glock for a while.

Then when at my other favorite gun shop I asked to see a 4" model 65. They said someone had just traded one in that day and to my delight it was a 3"! I traded my glock for it (you can always get another glock, S&W 3" K-frames are hard to come by) and sold my hi-caps for $60 a piece right before the ban ended. The first day at the range after some practice I was regularly making 100yard hits on a milk jug with .38+P. Fast shooting at close range was a piece of cake- all rounds into a paper plate at 10 yards as fast as I can squeeze the trigger. This was the most accurate handgun I had ever fired. Unlike my glock I can shoot this revolver any time and hit anything. I am extremely confidant in this weapon. I have been carrying it since in a bladetech IWB or a Galco underwraps bellyband. This is the perfect shootable carry gun IMHO.

Then a few months later I saw that Smith had made a special run of model 66's, with a 3.25" barrel, and hivis sights. I picked one up right away (actually my wife got it for me :neener: ). This one shoots just as well, and carries the same. Now I have two versions of the best carry revolver ever. It is a shame that S&W wont make a 3" model 65 and 66 part of their product line, at least one that does not say "ladysmith" on the side.

Now I am trying to scrape enough cash together to get a new 4" model 65 before they are all gone.....

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November 16, 2004, 09:43 AM
Here are some pictures...the worst one is mine and shows my model 65 and 66. The second one is the model 66, I dont remember where from.

November 16, 2004, 05:32 PM
Amen brother. If I ever find a 3" 65 I'll buy it so fast the cylinder will spin.


Pau Ferro


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