"Impact Kerambit"???


February 28, 2003, 12:57 AM
I got a catalog today featuring an item called an "Impact Kerambit".

It says it looks like an odd-looking L-shaped piece of plastic, but it is really a "devastating" self-defense device.

It costs only 8 bucks, and you can buy a training video for $29.

Does anyone have this item?

If so, what do you think of it?

Your opinions are welcomed...:neener:

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February 28, 2003, 02:17 AM
They take a little getting used to. I had given mine up for awhile, but am back to carrying it some now... it suddenly seems to be working for me.
The trick is, when you punch to hit with both the prong and the outside of the index finger ring. Otherwise, punching with just the prong, will hurt your wrist some.
They are great for hammer fists and reverse hammer fists. This is primarily how I use one, but I do normal punching with it too.

For a carriable impact weapon I actually do prefer a Comtech Stinger (http://www.jamesakeating.com/Catalog2.html) or a palm stick with a finger loop called a Koppo Stick (http://www.bladerigger.com/koppo.html), but the DTL Impact Kerambit is also pretty decent.

The one I am wanting right now is the Laci Szabo Silat Hook/Crook Hook (http://www.szaboinc.com/index1.html) (AKA The Water-Lilly Massager). Its sold as a massage tool (and weapon), works as a massage tool... looks harmless to the untrained eye... and it would seem to pack a hell of a punch, an Impact Kerambit, Stinger, Koppo and Crook Top cane all rolled into one... looks like a fistful of mayhem making and meat mangling potential.

Enjoy your DTL, they are fun, and do work rather well once you get used to them. I think there are better options, the Stinger and Koppo, because they are more natural to use and dont require "getting used to", and they do more, for me at least... but the DTL Impact Keram is still something I carry often enough to say I depend on it.

February 28, 2003, 10:50 AM
Gray -- super post!!!:D

I will checkout all your links.


April 28, 2005, 05:18 PM
I bought the impact kerambit a couple of months ago, and i finally got to use it least week in a bar that i went to. To make a long story short, Some guy said that i touched some girls ass, i said i didn't (which i really didn't) he didn' believe me, got in my face, started swearing, then pushed me. At this point i quickly reached in my pocket (always wear jeans that have small pockets, it puts the finger grip of the kerambit right at the top, so you can have much quicker acess to it) put on the kerambit and punched him in the face. Now this guy was much bigger than me, in size and stature, which is probably why he didn't back down, but after the first time i hit him he was on the ground holding his face. What followed was me hitting him several times in the face until one of the bouncers broke it up, after which i slid the tool back in my pocket so no one would see it. Now this was a dark bar, and no one saw me use that tool, which was great, because i really kicked the sh^t out of this so called 'tough guy.' After the fight was over, the bouncers had to throw him out of the bar, because he was bleeding everywhere. I, on the other hand, got to stay and drink until last call, because i ended the fight with not a single bruise, except that my hand was a little sore, as was to be expected. If i were you, i would definatly buy one of these devices, as i was skeptical at first, but after seeing it in action, i've been recomending to everyone. Well, only people that i know i will never get in a fight with.

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