Ultimate Budget Model 700


November 19, 2004, 03:48 PM
Hey guys, I'm new here. I've already read the ultimate shotgun thread, that was alot of fun. :p I'm not new to guns, just trying to build my collection up a bit.

Well, here's my #1 rifle. Hunting, plinking, and admiring it are it's primary uses. Like my car, I couldn't just leave it stock, it's not quite as much of a money pit though, yet. :uhoh: I can't see anything else on it that needs upgrading, so it must be done.


Let Me Break It Down:

Remington Model 700 Synthetic --- 30-06 sprgfld
Leupold Mark I 4-12 x 40 Scope w/ unknown rings
Uncle Mike's Sling Swivels
Remington Sling
Butler Creek Flip-Open Blizzard Scope Caps
Harris Ultralight Bi-Pod w/ Swivel Feature

It's not a fancy gun, but beautiful (IMO) just the same. One day when I'm older and more careful I'll have a M700 CDL, but for how rough I am I couldn't justify a wood stock. I would've screwed it up severely already, while the synthetic stock is near perfect.

I also have a Remington 870, among several other guns. For my next firearm purchase I'm planning on a Glock 21 .45ACP.

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November 19, 2004, 09:03 PM
nice looking rig! but... :uhoh: you're not done yet! ;)

call mcmillan, and get a good stock on it. then go ahead and bed it.

then get ahold of a rifle basix, jewell, or shilen trigger...

then go ahead and put a titanium firing pin in, just because you can.

might as well put a lightweight shroud on it while you are at it...

your rings and bases appear to be leupold - they should serve you well... but as long as you are upgrading, go ahead and replace 'em w/ leupold dual dovetail rings and bases.

once you are done w/ all that, ya might as well have a custom barrel on it in an exotic, erotic cartridge. might as well make it a wicked wildcat so you'll have an excuse to start reloading (25-284 is a good start).

and, as long as it is being rebarrelled, might as well go ahead and true the action up, lap the lugs in, and hey, for only a few dollars more, you can have the action milled for a truly one-of-a-kind look - and it lightens it up, too...

there... that should take care of ya...

oh yeah... once all that's done, you'll realize how much fun you had building your rifle, so as long as you are on your buying spree, go ahead and pick up the first 700/721/722 that you come across for cheap so that you can start all over again as soon as you are done w/ the first one. :what:

then, repeat! :evil:

seriously... nice looking gun ya got there! :D

November 20, 2004, 03:19 AM
And here I thought nobody cared!

I thought I was done, I thought I was out of mods. The stock seems to fit me fine, I'm sure there's room for improvement though. I also think the trigger is just right, but it could be better I suppose. I may put a Timney or other tricked out trigger on it though.

You sound like you know how to make a money pit out of a rifle anyway!

I have been seriously considering a DIY glass bedding job, but I'm not so sure it would even improve anything. From my readings it seems that they're bedded pretty good from the factory. I know the M700 has the reputation and potential to be a serious tack driver. It wasn't "the most accurate rifle out of the box" for nothin'!

Now, about those Leupold Dual Dove Tail Rings, that I don't understand. I've been thinking about Leupold quick detach scope mounts and putting the rear sight on. Probably have that done by next deer season actually.

And, a lightweight shroud? What is this?

Thanks alot

November 21, 2004, 10:34 AM
Has the trigger been adjusted? You might try that before spending any more money on a new trigger. Since you picked 30-06, I'd have to assume that you're not going to be doing any varmint shooting, so you probably don't need to spend any more money than you already have.

November 21, 2004, 02:35 PM
The trigger is stock. I may have it adjusted... I'm sure my definition of a nice trigger and other's are NOT the same, but it seems pretty decent. There's always room for improvement.

As far as varmints, I don't plan on using it regularly for that, but I wouldn't hesitate to drop a coyote at decent ranges, the quill pigs that eat my deer stand, etc. I think I'll pick up a box of 125gr ammo for that.

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