Steyr AUG/USR - Need advice. also, Price?


The Grand Inquisitor
November 21, 2004, 09:52 PM
I''ve been lusting for the Steyr AUG design ever since I have become an active shooter, and now after I have spent quite a bit of money on various rifles I have decided that I am going to buy an AUG or a USR Aug clone. I'm currently still saving up to buy it, but I am searching around to see what kind of price I am going to be able to get.

I am fairly well versed on the foolishness that has gone into the AUG being named as one of the rifles that would immediately bring down western civilization if not banned in the AWB and after the AUG was banned, the VERY different (*snicker...) USR was imported to satisfy the bluenoses, but again failed to be accepted as legal in this country. I know full well that AUG's and USR's are not cheap, but I want to see what kind of room I have to work with to get the price down the lowest reasonable level.

First of all - any's THR'ers out there have an AUG/USR or have ever fired one? For as much as I know about the damned things I have never had the chance to fire one and I'd like to hear some feedback from those of you who have experiance with the rifle.

Secondly - those of you who DO have an AUG/USR, how much did you pay for yours? The reason I ask is that I have see prices that range from around $2300-$2500 for the USR, to $3,500-$4000, for the USR, and as low as $2,800-$3,200 for an AUG, to $4,500-$6000 for an AUG. With this much difference in price I am wary to just accept the price I am quoted by a seller. I understand that there is not a stockpile of them in the country, but that doesn't excuse the price gouging that I seem to find. Also, I do realize that the price can very depending on the color of the plastic and the barrel style, but I am really just look for the most economical model I can find.

Lastly - Any good advice to whether it is better to go with the USR that is a little bit cheaper, or is it better to spend a grand or so more on the AUG to get the most out of the rifle?

Any advice is much appreciated.

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November 21, 2004, 10:59 PM
I have a Steyr AUG, and it's a great gun.

I won't tell you what I paid for it because your heart might stop, but I bought it directly from a distributor in 1985 (so it was much less than any of the numbers you mentioned).

There is one great danger to the AUG, which almost befell a frind of mine who is left handed. While out at the range one day, I offered to let him put a few rounds through the gun. (I am right handed and the gun is set up for a right-hander).

While he was getting ready to shoot the gun from the bench, I was fiddling around getting some other stuff ready to shoot. Luckily, I happened to look over at him just as he was getting ready to squeeze the first round off. Of course, the ejection port was right against his left cheek. I immediately yelled at him, which scared the crap out of him. But, he didn't fire. The rifle would probably have ejected the case right through his cheek. The hair on the back of my neck still stands up every time I think about it.

So, be careful if you let someone (or yourself) fire the rifle if it is set up for the opposite handedness.

That aside, it's a great rifle, except for the cost of parts.

The only change that I would make is that I wish that I had purchased the scope with the donut and the dot, instead of the standard military donut only that I have... While it's a great sight and you can shoot quite accurately with it, I would still prefer to have the center dot too.

Also, the trigger takes a little getting used to...

Jim Watson
November 21, 2004, 11:19 PM
Balance is awful, plastic-on-plastic trigger pull is tough, but you lay that black "doughnut" on target and squeeeze and all is forgiven.

I don't know why they make other military scopes like ACOG and Elcan with oddball unintuitive reticles. All you need is an aiming point for any reasonable range.

November 22, 2004, 03:35 AM
Balance is awful, plastic-on-plastic trigger pull is tough

Actually I find the balance of an Aug very useful. Especially when conducting military training. As for the trigger, I'll agree with you that the Aug trigger is far from desirable.

50 Shooter
November 22, 2004, 10:20 AM
A friend has one for sale, I think he's asking 3K. It's the Kali legal/post ban USR I think version. He's got a couple mags, left and right bolts (righthanded but left eye dominate) hardcase... He might take less, you know the saying "money talks, BS walks". Knowing him, if the price is right he'll probably do it.

I've shot it before, they are nice and if you gotta have one then go for it.

The Grand Inquisitor
April 8, 2005, 08:30 PM

April 8, 2005, 08:34 PM
50 shooter:

Please explain more about how your friend has a Kali legal AUG/USR, isn't it banned by features? Are you saying I can purchase this as a CA resident, or is he selling it out of the state?

April 8, 2005, 10:03 PM
I've heard the only real gripe with the AUG are the price and the trigger sucks. They made a new device called the Trigger Tamer, that supposedly lightens it to acceptable levels. The price is still outrageous however. The USRs go for about $2300-2500 and you can never remove the extra piece of plastic on the stock, or move the action into a real AUG stock or it becomes contraband. Pre-importation ban AUGs go for $3000-7000 depending on configuration. That's a huge chunk of change for a semi-auto rifle with a questionable trigger. For that much cash I would rather get a FN F2000 when they come out and a full-auto Uzi.

April 8, 2005, 10:12 PM
Don't companies like Steyr realize how much money they could make if they started producing rifles like the AUG for domestic sale in the US? Or they could just subcontract/license it out to a domestic company, kind of like how SA was making HK91 clones for a while. Anything produced here in the US is exempt from all the import ban stupidity.

30 cal slob
April 8, 2005, 10:25 PM
I never like the triggers on my AUG's and the one grey USR that I've owned.

I didn't like the built-in scopes either.

The prices took a spike, so I hocked 'em. Handsome, but not terribly accurate.

Probably more fun and useful as a full-auto gun than a semi.

I get more mileage out of my Stoner M-4.

April 9, 2005, 12:34 AM
I’m going to guess that what 50 Shooter meant was that his friend has the ‘previously Cali legal’ USR…which is what we could buy post-89 until 2000. Still legal outside the state but illegal for transfer to another residence of the state.

The Grand Inquisitor
April 9, 2005, 05:48 PM
Blackrazor - I totally agree with you. The possibility of a company making a legal, domestic AUG is exciting for shooters, and would be a cash cow for whatever company made it. About a year ago there was a rumor that DSA was going to start producing an AUG clone, but even for my pleading with DSA, they totally denied it.

Steyr was been pretty good would dealing with their American customers and I imagine they would try to get more AUG's into the country, but the AUG was one of the firearms mentioned by name in the Crime Bill and the other gun control bans in the early 90's. Steyr even tried to play nice with the gun-banners and released the USR to comply with their foolish guidelines and they went out and banned the damned USR too.

I really do love the AUG's, but they really are expensive, $3000 is a hell of a lot for a rifle, but more than likely, I will end up dropping it on one. The one thing I worry about is that the longer I wait, the more prices will eventually go up, and they may even turn out to be like the US legal FAMAS' which not only do you never see for sale, but are so expensive you may as well not care.

If the F2000's does come out in '06 like we are all hoping for, I think that will do a good job as a stand-in for the AUG for a while...

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