The carry spouse


December 3, 2004, 01:47 AM
Ok - me man - she woman!! I am thinking here of the guy's wives. :)

My wife is not half bad at shooting, despite very little practice. Long ago after shooting a huge selection of stuff she ''claimed'' as her own the Taurus M66 .... the gun in fact she shot best with. It is and has been her house gun for a while now - loaded just with Corbon +P's.

Periodically I bring up subject of CCW - because I want her to able to carry when she should. She sometimes works a shift that means arriving for work at 11pm and leaving in morning at 7am ... not a nice shift and she usually manages to trade .. fortunately.

I really would tho like her to carry on these sorts of occasions - and essentially she is not against the idea - just that she never does anything about it!. She is due some range practice time and so if I get her to range perhaps that'll help ... but I wonder, what do you folks think might be a good ''carrot'' .... something to get her to go get the darned thing. I mean heck - here it's only 20 mins in sheriff's office and $25 ... no big deal really.

Once she has it then my old faithful M85 can pass muster - and I'll get her to practice with that too ... another plus would be when out together - she'd be legal if I handed her my piece etc.

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December 3, 2004, 02:07 AM
Mine's thought about it. I always thought she'd be one of those, "You're going to the range? That's cool. Maybe I'll go with you and shoot yours" types, but she surprised the heck out of me as I was heading out the door to a gunshow a few months ago with, "If you find a Makarov at a good price, could you pick it up for me? I like the one Rob's got." :eek: She's not quite ready for carry yet, though. I think she just doesn't feel familiar enough with the gun to be comfortable making it a piece of her daily attire. (This is her thinking, not mine.) Of course, we've got a lot of work to do, flinch-wise. Ex-husband started her out on a .45 Ruger. Didn't fit her hand, muzzle-blast made her jump, the works. :rolleyes:

December 3, 2004, 02:23 AM
Certainly Dave, familiarity and practice are real important. I know with my wife that extra practice will be good but even so - am confident enough in her abilities to feel at ease if she were to carry even now.

Main thing is - simply - having her CCW - the use of it comes later and be assured, if she gets it (eventually I hope) then she and I will be range-bound in a trice!! I will want to feel that she is at her best with a carry piece - not just ''adequate'' - but GOOD!! Might be my butt she is protecting one day! :D

Just gotta get her to that danged sheriff's office!

December 3, 2004, 02:42 AM
I really would tho like her to carry on these sorts of occasions - and essentially she is not against the idea - just that she never does anything about it!.

Yours sounds like mine. She started going to the range with me and bought her own gun, a Ruger MK II pistola. But I want her to get a CCW and...well you know the rest! I'm hoping that someone else we know will decide to get the license and she can go through the class with them since I have mine already.

December 3, 2004, 03:03 AM
Haha ... I can't get her to the range because my favorite one and her favorite yarn store You have a battle there Chip - your priority and hers! LOL. Mind you - your carry status is good for two! LOL.

I do agree when folks question an individuals ability to ''pull the trigger'' ... and let's face it, I am no more keen to take a life than the next guy.

Bottom line tho is, as I tell Bonnie - if things are that bad there are two choices ... he/she/them - - or me. Or even he/she/them - - or my nearest and dearest. Narrows the decision-making process IMO.

I think when that sinks in as to the lack of choice when push comes to shove - things get a whole lot easier. I had a suggestion from a noted and respected member here ... which was in a nutshell something like ... ''Hon - let's swing into town - and drop by sheriff's office while we are there'' ... I don't think this would take too much to implement now I think on it and heck - I'll front the $25!

If and when we get this thru - y'all will know!

December 3, 2004, 04:18 AM
Please understand, the familiarity/ability thing is her idea, not mine, although it is a good point. My take on it is when she's ready, then we go down to the County Sherriff's office and fill out the papers. When that is, is up to her. Personally, I think she'll eventually get there, but in the end she may just be more comfortable with having me there as her own "carry spouse." ;)

"Yarn stash enhancement." I'm going to have to remember that one.

December 3, 2004, 04:57 AM
My wife is in the process of getting her's now. She has settled on getting a S&W 386PD ($750.00) and Crimson Trace grips (250.00). Ouch! I'll pay it without looking back. ;) Worth every penny.

December 3, 2004, 01:23 PM
I keep encouraging Mrs. B to get a permit, although things in Minnesota are a bit messed up these days.

One reason is selfishness on my part: I often keep my FN Hi-Power in the console of the Blazer as my "car" gun. If I run in to pay for gas, do some quick 'shopping' or such, she's breaking the law. She has "possession" of a loaded, uncased firearm against state law. If/when she gets a permit, it's just fine.

She also asks me if I'm carrying when we go out near dark for a walk. When she can tote her own, she can feel OK all the time. She's leaning toward a wheel gun, as she dislikes complicated operations - safetys, mag release, racking slides. For now, she's stuck with just a small FOX Labs spray.


December 3, 2004, 01:42 PM
Hahaha! - great vid that - LOL. Now that makes me imagine a carrying spouse hidden in the trunk! :D

December 3, 2004, 02:32 PM
When it became appropriate to do so, I told my GF about my CHL. I also stated that because of it she might accidentally and unintentionally be at risk of a misdemeanor or felony charge *unless* she had her CHL. (Insert possible scenarios how it could happen here).

She thought about that for a while and decided that she did not want to put her *very* expensive State Board of Licensing Professional License at risk.

She got the CHL just because of the legal risk issue, but has since decided she might as well use it occasionally - so she does. (And, she's gotten the professional training to responsibly do so.)


December 3, 2004, 03:04 PM
The title of this thread had me confused...

"Carry Spouse"???

"She ain't heavy - she's my lover!"


Gus Dddysgrl
December 3, 2004, 03:21 PM
I think since she's considered it ask her if she really wants it. If she does then set a "date" and go get it with the promise of something she likes (such as after she gets it go to her favorite restaurant and say it will be the first place she carried to) Do something that she REALLY wants to do and put them together. If she backs out you know she really doesn't want it, but it sounds like she really does. I've learned that if you can't get people to commit to things make it so they have to commit.(but only if they really want to) Get a date on the calender, it makes it more than just words. Hope it works.


December 3, 2004, 03:53 PM
"She ain't heavy - she's my lover!" Peter - nice one .... you are on form! :D

Gus -- good thinking .... in fact the more I ponder on this the more likely it'll be that we go in to town together and swing by sheriff's office .. main problem is picking a time when it is open for business. Over and above that, a meal to follow!! I think now after the useful input - for which thanks all - the most important aspect is actually the one regarding legality when she is maybe temporarily (and even involuntarily and briefly) ... technically in possession of one of my pieces. Beyond that I have hopes that once we do get the ''paperwork'' sorted out, she will then in fact carry at times herself and of her own volition.

We'll see.

December 3, 2004, 04:05 PM
My wife got hers because she wanted to be legal if I left the gun in the car by accident. By the way, that has never happened. She will probably never carry a gun on her person, but she knows how to use all my guns. And she even told her brother, who just got a new girlfriend, that since he has a gun in the house his GF should know how to use it just in case he was not there when she needed the gun.

I really feel bad for any idiot that breaks into our home when my wife is home by herself with our son. After she empties the first gun into the guy she would go get the other loaded gun and empty that into the badguy too for good measure.


December 3, 2004, 06:30 PM
As a "carry spouse" who would've beaten the significant other to punch had I not had to go through the University's police force too, I can't relate to her picture.

Short of creating an incident that puts her in fear for her life (which I'm not recommending), nothing is really going to light the fire. If she had wanted to do it, she would have done it. (People have this really weird thing about doing what they want to do and not doing what they don't want to do.) About the only advice I can give is to tell her to get in the car and take her to the sheriff's office. I imagine getting her there will probably be the biggest hurdle. Since it doesn't sound like she's against it on principle, I don't see why she'd refuse once she was there.

Anyway, good luck.

December 4, 2004, 03:23 AM
Well, my spouse was an anti when we started dating, but she has gotten over the guns in the house and my CCW daily EVERYWHERE/TIME we leave the homestead. It was one of the non-negotiables that was put right out on the table.

She has agreed to learn the mechanics and basics -- but has shown no impetus. Left her the Pax Quigley book and it sat on the nightstand for months, then vanished. Found in garage stuff recently.

She's never shot a gun at all. She's also a public health nurse. When there have been "scares" -- bumps in the night or stalker-type activity, she has been quick to look to me for protection.

I'm not pushing the issue and I figure when she finds that I'm spending time at the range or reloading in the garage, maybe she'll gradually phase in a bit more.

December 4, 2004, 08:04 AM
My wife took my enjoyment of shooting to be just a part of me. She did not really care to do any shooting herself. Then one day I asked her if she wanted to go to the range with me and she said, “yes”. I gave her some instruction of firearm safety and off we went. At the range she fired off a box of 38 special through my S&W 586. I wanted to start her of with something easy and my 6" .357 wheel gun is a baby with standard 38 special loads. At the time I was shooting some .40 S&W and some .357 Sig. out of my Sig 229. After she finished of the box of 38 special I asked her if she wanted to fire my 229. She was game and after I showed her the manual of arms for the Sig she gamely fired off a couple mags of each. On the way home she said she had a good time.

Several months later she and her boss was heading into Detroit for a meeting when his car started to do the, “I think it’s gonna die” jerk. Luckily it made it to the meeting. It was a rainy afternoon and I bet he has a bad plug wire. The area the car started to misfire at is called the Cass Corridor and anyone who knows the Detroit area will tell you it’s not the place to have a break down. That incident was the catalyst for my wife to agree to get herself a weapon and apply for a CCW.

We bounced around to several shops and rented various weapons for her to try and she settled on a two-tone Sig p239 in 9mm. I was informed that it was “cute” and with the Hogue grips I put on it she really likes the feel of the weapon. Armed with her new Sig and 200 rounds of 9mm we went to my dad’s place, he has a pistol range set up in the back yard, where she showed me she is lethal with this weapon. From a cross eye dominant weaver stance this newbie put her first 3 mags, 24 shots, into a group I could cover with the palm of my hand from 8 yards. Later as we drove away from my dad’s place she told me she found out something about herself today she never knew. When I asked what that was she told me that she really like to shoot her gun. I had a grin on my face all the way home. :D

2 weeks ago she had her CCW training class. In her class of 15 she was top shooter. My mom, who also took the class that day, said my wife finished out the day by placing 6/6 on a post-it note at 7 yards. I am thinking to myself “whoa! 6 outa 6 on a 3"x 3" post-it note from a woman who has not fire 500 rounds in her life!!” I have a bad feeling that I will soon be the #2 shooter in our house.

Earlier this week she turned in the paper work for her CCW. On the way home she told me we needed to buy some bulk 9mm ammo so “we” could go practicing. As she had not fired her gun since her class she was wanting to shoot. I told her I had 500 rounds of .22 if she wanted to go plinking. After burning up my ammo with my Walther p-22 she said, “ That was fun, I want a .22 pistol". I think I am in trouble.

There is more to this story my friends but as it is getting over long I shall end it by saying that less than a year ago my wife had never fired a pistol and did not feel the need to. Today she has her CCW in the works. She has 1 pistol, wants another, and looks accusingly at me when ever she sees a weapon I own that she has not fired yet. Now she is eyeballing my long guns. Yup, I am definitely in trouble. :uhoh:

My advice friend is to bring her to the sport slowly. Make it fun and if the spark is there it will burn. The CCW is just part of the journey.

Be well . . .

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