'02 Darwin Nominees


March 2, 2003, 03:31 AM
got this in the email.... Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing
themselves from it in really stupid ways. This honor is usually awarded posthumously.

In a few weeks, the 2002 Darwin Award Winners will be decided. This contains synopses of twelve top contenders

FIR KILLS TREE TRIMMER England | A tree trimmer decided to save time, and throw the pruned branches directly into a fire he built near the base of the
Predictably, the tree caught fire, putting an end to further timesaving

Kansas | A man whose vehicle broke down on I-35 was struck and killed
by a
train while calling for help. The train engineer spotted him standing
on the
tracks, holding a cell phone to one ear and cupping his hand to the
ear to block the noise of the train.

WOUNDED WIRE BITES BACK Pennsylvania | Daniel was practicing his
marksmanship by shooting at electrical insulators, whose function is to
electrical wires aloft.
Eventually the shattered targets were no longer able to do their job,
and a
high-voltage wire fell to the ground, sending Daniel to his shocking

WRONG AND WRONGER Ukraine | A man was walking his dog, when a Police
cadet pointed out that dogs on a public street must be leashed and
The men began to argue, until the dog owner pulled out a military hand
grenade and threw it to the cadet's feet. His well-trained dog
fetched it back, and man and dog met the same messy fate.

BEES 1, HUMANS 0 Brazil | A farmer decided to burn a beehive out of his
orange tree. He protected his head from bee stings by sealing a plastic
tightly around his neck. His worried wife found him dead a few hours
He had forgotten to put breathing holes in the bag.

CABLE CAR STAR Italy | A 53-year-old Glasgow tourist used a mountain
climber's snap hook to attach himself to an unused cable car cable, and
attempted to slide down a mountain. Unable to defeat the force of
the man accelerated out of control and proceeded to bash his way 200
down the cable before impacting a pylon.

ELECTRIFIED WORMS Norway | If you need worms for fishing, just put a
electric current through ground, and up they come. A 23-year-old man
withdrew his genes from the pool when he tried to speed up the process
using 220V household current. Alas, he did so squatting on a steel
holding an electrode in one hand while pushing the other in the

GUN OWNER SHOOTS BACK 72% New Mexico | 18-year-old Carlos tried to rob
a man
who had placed a newspaper ad to sell a gun. Surprise! The gun seller
also a gun owner.
He fired it in self-defense, and the robber died before rescue crews arrived.

SLICK **** SLIP Arizona | Had he been eating too many banana peels? A 49-year-old Mohave County Jail inmate defecated on his cell floor,
slipped in his own feces, struck his head on the ground, and died.

FOOLISH COURAGE Brazil | On New Year's Eve, some friends were befogged by Pinga, a traditional Brazilian liquor, when they began competing to see who could hold a lit firework in his mouth the longest. Antonio was the
winner,biting a firework a bit too long, and thereby earning praise for his"courage" at his funeral.

BOOBY TRAPS TRAP BOOB The Netherlands | A retired engineer
booby-trapped his home with twenty deadly devices, with the intention of killing his estranged family. Anyone with common sense could predict the inevitable outcome.
He inadvertently triggered one of his own hidden traps, and removed himself from the planet.

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