Colt Gov't 380 FTF


RH Factor
March 3, 2003, 10:08 AM
Here's the problem. I have a Colt Gov't 380 stainless. I have polished the feed ramp, put a full length rod in it, and replaced every spring(including the magazine). I went to the range yesterday and had no problem with the first two magazines of PMC. Then every mag full after that I had a FTF from about the third or forth round on to the end.
Here's the it the ammo or should I get a new mag. or is it something else. I really like this gun, the slide is all high polished and is feels really good.....but I have to have a gun I can trust. I carry my guns for self defense in my store...I need to know it will go bang more than once in a row when I need it.
Can I fix it or do I trade it

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Badger Arms
March 3, 2003, 11:01 AM
Here's a good question, did you replace all that stuff BEFORE or AFTER you started having FTF's? By switching all the springs back (or at least the recoil spring and guide rod) would you clear up the problem. Troubleshooting guide says, "What did you change" first. If you changed something and the gun is malfunctioning, change it back. Simple.

What type of failure are we talking... Stovepipe, failure to chamber, double-feed, failure to extract, short stroke? Give us a little more info.

RH Factor
March 3, 2003, 11:06 AM
Good Question....I was having FTF and a few FTE before I changed all the springs. I thought for sure that changing the mag srring was going to cure the problem, especially when I saw the spring length difference. But, no go. The springs all came from a Wolffe Springs in a packet they sell.

Badger Arms
March 3, 2003, 12:31 PM
Okay, I'll try another question... since you have already shot the gun, how many rounds total do you have through it? My thought is that it might be a normal break-in thing. Burrs and rough spots often need to work-in some before a gun is reliable. It could be that your extractor and/or ejector are not tuned properly. This sounds like a job for a good gunsmith. Scott McDougal is the only one I know of who specializes in this gun.

RH Factor
March 3, 2003, 01:42 PM
Badger.....I bought it used...I personally have about 400 rounds through it....was having the same problem and had wolffe send the nes springs.
I know about Scott and MacD...but they're out of business right now because of Scott is very ill(cancer I believe) and are not taking any new work...I got my new full length rod from Mac just before he got overwelmed with work and requests with Scott being out. (My prayers are with them)

March 3, 2003, 05:41 PM
Try different ammo, Winchester, Sellier & Belliot, Fiocchi, etc. PMC is not the best and your gun may not like it. It is not real hot and with a new recoil spring, the slide may not be opening fully.

How does the gun work with carry ammo?

RH Factor
March 4, 2003, 10:10 AM
Ledbetter....I'm heading back to Knob Creek this weekend...I'll take your advice and try other ammo....let you know the results....Thanks

June 27, 2005, 06:31 PM
I have a crome 380 colt mustang....but i need an extractor...does anybody kno where i can get an extractor for this gun??? im having a hard time finding it because they dont make this gun anymore....i tried brownells, egunparts, and a few other gun parts stores an nobody has this extractor....where else can i check???

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