Tell me about the Baby Eagle


December 30, 2004, 02:16 PM
I was on my weekly pawn shop scavanger hunt today and ran across a Baby Eagle. Asked to look it over, just because I'd never seen one up close before and couldn't believe how well it fit my hand. Several things wrong with it. First, it's a 9mm. I've never liked the round, probably never will. Second it comes without a mag. Looks like I can get mags from Midway for around $15 each. And lastly, it's over priced at $299. It's in good condition at best, and like I said it comes without a mag. But still, it sure felt good.

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December 30, 2004, 02:31 PM
I'm not too familiar with them myself, but from what I have read the Baby Eagle is an Israeli made CZ-75 clone.

Here is the manufacturer's page on this particular pistol. (

December 30, 2004, 09:19 PM
It's made by both Tanfoglio of Italy, and finshed in Israel. Good peice, and any magazine made for Witness, TA90, TZ75 will fit. If you don't like 9mm, but really like that grip angle, czech out a CZ75 in 40. You will love it.....also the new CZ75 40 Compact hitting the market in Jan!!! :cool: :) ;)

December 30, 2004, 10:08 PM
I was handling a CZ75 awhile back and really liked it. I'd just as soon have a CZ in 40.

December 30, 2004, 10:43 PM
It's essentially a re-branded IMI Jericho, if I remember correctly.

December 31, 2004, 08:16 PM
I have a Baby Eagle in 9mm and in .45, both are black. I love them both. (It is also available in .40cal in the US.) They indeed are an amazing fit in my hand, come to aim-point naturally and rapidly, and the trigger will smooth out after about 750-1000 rounds (although it still breaks just a tad too deep/late for my personal preferences). It is a close-family-cousin to the CZ 75 and EAA Witness.

$299 for the condition you describe does not seem like a good deal, imo, when you can get a NIB for around $75 more ($375-$400 is the usual best-price range, and comes with 2 mags).

I rate the Baby Eagle as my 3rd all-time favorite 9mm pistol, behind my Sig P226ST and CZ75BD, and followed by the XD-9 in 4th place (and, yes, rated ahead of even the much vaunted Browning HP, H&K, Glock and even Beretta based on my personal shooting results).

The quickest way to describe the US-imported versions would be as a hybrid of the following:
1. All-steel, slide-in-frame, locked-breach/recoil operated design (as with CZ 75)
2. Hexagonal (polygonal) barreling (as with H&K)
3. Slide-mounted safety/decocker (as with Beretta)
4. Extended beavertail grip to help manage recoil (as with EAA Witness Steel Full-Size)
5. Full-length-frame to also help with recoil as well as to keep out dust/sand/grit

Some background...

In the mid 1980's, Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI) (, was contracted by the Israeli government to produce a primary sidearm for the military, special forces, and police departments. It had to be able to withstand brutal punishment, harsh desert and maritime conditions (e.g. sand, grit, dust, salt-water, etc.), extreme heat, etc. Thus, the IMI Jericho 941 was born. They are imported/distributed in the US by Magnum Research, Inc. ( as the Baby Eagle. It's branded in the US as the "Baby Eagle" because IMI also makes its more famous "daddy" Desert Eagle (but, ironically, the two pistols are not at all mechanically related). It is a close sibling/cousin of the EAA Witness and clearly shares many of the same design features; both are patterned after the CZ 75.

Some interesting websites and excerpts:

1. :
The Jericho 941 was developed by IMI, Israel (Israeli Military Industries). The index "941" comes from initial chambering of this gun, it was shipped with two interchangeable barrels and magazine sets one for 9mm Luger, and another for more powerful .41AE (10mm) cartridge. But .41AE didn't catch the market, so this version was discontinued, but lately IMI introduced Jericho in .40SW and in .45ACP.

3. :
Technically, Jericho is a locked-breech, recoil operated firearm, patterned after famous CZ-75. Jericho manufactured with steel or polymer frames, with some different models available: 941 - basic model double action, with slide mounted safety and decocker; 941F - double action, with frame mounted safety and no decocker; 941FS - double action, short model with frame mounted safety; 941FB - double action, "baby" model with frame mounted safety; 941FBL - "baby" model with frame mounted safety and polymer frame; and 941PS - Police special - with frame mounted safety, single action trigger and built-in compensator.
All Jerichos reported as very reliable and accurate handguns, and very comfortable to fire.
IMI widely exports these handguns. In the USA, they are marketed under the names of "Baby eagle", "Uzi Eagle" or even "Baby Desert Eagle". They also used in Israeli Defence Forces and by Israeli Police.
...and, for the record, no, I am not Israeli...I am just a huge fan of the CZ-IMI-EAA family of pistols. Just can't beat that price-to-performance value ratio of $400. Nothing else comes close.

Hope you someday add one to your collection, along with a CZ 75 (BD), and a Sig P226ST. :)

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