Century's ".308 Shooter's Dream" and the mystery bullet!


March 4, 2003, 01:49 PM
Well I just recieved my case of .308 Port...

As expected it looks like ****. So I decided to inspect them one by one...

Out of 1007 rounds I got:

379 rounds with LOOSE bullets, some more than others ( How dangerous is this? )

627 rounds that are fine.

1 Mystery Round... The headstamp reads: "K58" at 12o'clock and reads: "7mm" at 6o'clock.
Overall Length: approx. 78mm
Bullet Dia: 7mm

My main concern is the loose bullets, they aren't falling out, I can best compare it to a loose tooth. I can force a little wobble in it. What are some problems that will arise except for accuracy as I know its probably terrible with this stuff. Its just gonna be cheap blasting ammo for me... just so long as it doesn't blow up my CETME or mess me up somehow. Thanks


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Navy joe
March 4, 2003, 03:50 PM
Dude, What's the headstamp? That sounds more like chilean or something. FWIW, the FNM headstamp port that comes in the 200 rd battlepacks has been great. Good looking, accurate and 120 per 1000. Sounds like you got ripped.

March 4, 2003, 06:01 PM
Where did you get it from?

Every time I've gotten NATO 7.62X51 Portuguese it has always been in good shape. 20 round sealed boxes, 10 boxes in a sealed battle pack, 5 battle packs in a sealed wooden case.

March 4, 2003, 06:39 PM
Its that **** that Century is selling, it came in 10/100 round boxes. It was loose-packed... they claim it is only "tarnished"

this **** looks like they found it in a shipwreck! I called them and they are replacing 4 boxes for me, they're even paying shipping back. Its okay, I didnt expect much from it... Still dont know the story on it though,

the headstamp on the actual 308 rounds are "FNM 80-24" mostly but it is all FNM stamped... the odd one is 7mm Mauser I think... not sure. Really odd that its in there?

Navy Joe, where are you getting 1k Port for $120????? That cant be including shipping... I paid 119 shipped for this... AIM surplus had 1k Port in BPs for $140 shipped, shoulda got that... live and learn...

I am cleaning up the ones I have and sending the really bad ones back... tehy clean up okay... besides I have a CETME, and 1k rounds wont last me but a few months.


Mark D
March 4, 2003, 06:55 PM
Doesn't sound like you got Portugese.

March 4, 2003, 07:06 PM
...1k rounds wont last me but a few months.

How do you make it last that long?;)

Navy joe
March 4, 2003, 09:47 PM
Well if it is FNM he did get Port, I guess this is some reject unsealed lot somebody got. 120/1K is std gunshow price, If I'm really in need I can grab a battle pack from the local shop for 40 bucks. If it comes in the sealed packs. Selling junk ammo for what good can be had for is poor business.

March 5, 2003, 12:00 AM
Im surprised some of you guys haven't head of the stuff yet. Its almost nutorious over at gunboards.com do a search for "Shooter's Dream" there, you'll find a bunch of posts on it. I wish I'd seen those posts before I bought the stuff.

It is the same "FNM" Port you get in the BPs, for some reason its loose packed and in crappy condition? I still am trying to find out the story on why its in such bad shape. Maybe it was once linked for a belt-fed, then de-linked stored loose and forgotten about someplace... then sold to Century.

Anyhow, I am sending back the 379 rounds that are bad, and will be getting some replacements. So its not to bad of a situation.


March 5, 2003, 03:05 PM
and run the loose ones thru it. Should be no problem....chris3

March 6, 2003, 02:40 AM
Pick up a Lee collet crimp die...

I'm gonna do that!

All I was able to find was teh Following:

Taper Crimp Die
Factory Crimp Die

which would be the better choice for this?



Steve Smith
March 6, 2003, 08:16 AM
The correct answer is to demand that they replace the ammo. They should pay for shipping both ways.

March 6, 2003, 02:48 PM
I agree....send it back for replacement. Trying to fix improperly loaded ammo isn't a good idea. If the bullets were loose then there is no telling what else is wrong.

Loose bullets mean either undersized bullets, improper resizing of the case or a bad crimp.

Get it replaced and order some good stuff later. All of the Port Surplus that I've purchased has been in really good condition. It's also steel jacketed.

Good Shooting

David Park
March 6, 2003, 03:18 PM
The "shooter's dream" stuff has been discussed over at the FAL Files, but nobody is sure where it comes from. Basically it's the luck of the draw, and it doesn't matter which type you choose (Port, Hirt, Greek, etc.). If you're very lucky, you'll get sealed packs, otherwise you get the loose 100-rd boxes. One guy got battle packs in a crate with termite damage! Caveat emptor.

There are a lot of good deals on .308 surplus out there now. I just got a tub of SA from Dan's, and it's nice stuff.

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