Springfield XD questions


Tony Mig
March 6, 2005, 08:36 AM
You guys probably haven't seen my name on this forum before since I'm a "died in the wool" wheel gun man. But it could be that I'm about to fall off the revolver wagon, and get me one of those new fangled plastic bottom feeder type guns...... :eek:
I've owned two different semi-auto handguns in the past, and didn't like either one, couldn't shoot or control either one, and traded them away for revolvers.

A friend of mine recently got a 4" Springfield XD in .40S&W, and I spent some quality time with that gun yesturday. It's the first "out of the box" production semi-auto that I have ever held and/or fired from 50 feet, and planted the entire magazine load into the black on an NRA B-2 target. It was comfortable to hold, pointed naturally, with no failure to feed or eject problems.

Needless to say, this wheel gun junkie is impressed, but before I run out and buy one of these new fangled plastic bottom feeders, I'd like to get some feedback from you guys on the bottom feeder side of the tracks.

Is this gun reliable, or does it have a bad rep for break downs, and failures...?

If I were to get one of these XD's, it would be strictly a range gun, for that reason I would probably get it in 9mm as the cost savings in ammunition over .40S&W, .357SIG, or .45GAP would allow me to shoot a lot more rounds at those steel plates. Unless someone here has sound reason why 9mm wouldn't be a good choice in this particular pistol......{keeping in mind, this is not going to be a primary home defense weapon, or a CCW gun, just for the range }......

One last question.....what is the average street price of these guns "new".....?

I've always sworn by "it's gotta be made of steel, and have a wheel" to be a real gun, now in my old age I'm falling off the wagon. Can you fella's help an old revolver guy find his way........ :D

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March 6, 2005, 08:44 AM
I own a 9mm XD and it truly is a great pistol. I have seen them new from $375-$500 depending on configuration, night sights, finish, etc.
Here is where you can get details on all the XD models:
As far as quality goes, I have not had a single problem with mine. Other's have had problems with poor finish quality and some barrell fitment issues but Springfield's customer service is top notch.
Check out this forum: http://www.hs2000talk.com/ A lot of XD talk there.

Ala Dan
March 6, 2005, 08:51 AM
Greeting's Tony My Friend-

I shot my first ever Springfield XD-9 on Saturday 03-05-05. This 9m/m
belonged to a co-worker at the gun shop, and I was test driving it for
him. Like you said, the XD-9 proved to be extremely accurate, reliable,
and fun to shoot. Later on, I might have too pick one up for myself?
Feeding and ejecting on this Springer was flawless, and it shot very
consistent 1-1/2" groups from the 15 yard line.

BTW, prices at our shop look kind'a like this:

NIB black gun, 2 mags other accessories $409.88

NIB black gun, stainless slide, 2 mags other accessories $439.88

NIB package gun, 3 mags, holster, other accessories $419.88

* Sub-compact, Compact, or Tactical model ($429.88) available
in 9m/m and .40 S&W calibers.

March 6, 2005, 09:30 AM
I am currently searching for my third XD. I can only comment on the .40 models though.

I have a 4" that I've put about 3000-3500 rounds through. The only problem was due to a mag that I dropped on the floor. My 5" has not had that many rounds through it and was particular about the type of ammo. I had to change from a 165gr FP to a 165gr RNFP to satisfy it. After that no feed problems of any kind.

I am now looking for a .40 subcompact, and would have purchased one yesterday at the PRO gun show in Middletown, but I did not like the attitude of the person behind the counter.

I consider the XD to be very reliable, easy to maintain, and it fits my hand better than the similar Glock models. Accuracy is acceptable as well.

I also used to be a wheel gun only guy. This one will change your mind.

March 6, 2005, 10:17 AM
I've had the XD9 subcompact for about 2 years now, and with 10k rounds through it, the only failure of any kind was when I picked up a couple of 40 cal subcompact mags for extra capacity. The feed lips were just a little too wide and would cause some misfeeds. A quick adjustment cured that and they now work like a charm.
For strictly range use, you might want to check out the 5" tactical. Little better sight radius, little more heft to the barrel to keep the muzzle from flipping too far off target.
Good choice. You could do far worse.

Tony Mig
March 6, 2005, 02:16 PM
Thanks for the comments so far guys, and by all means please keep them coming.
I got a good chance to do some comparitive shooting today with this 4" XD40, a 5" Glock (40S&W), and a 4" Glock (9mm).
The Glock trigger seems to pinch my finger, more so on the 5" .40S&W than the 4" 9mm, and the trigger pull felt harder on the Glock's than on the XD.
I like the 4" size more than the 5", and I deffinitely like the XD more than the Glock.
Prices tend to run higher here in The Democratic People's Republic of New Jersey because of the higher cost of being in the gun business in this very gun unfriendly state. The best price I've been quoted so far on a basic black 4" XD is $475.00.
Now I know you all are going to tell me to buy one on the internet, but after paying for overnight shipping, then paying a gun deal who is willing to do the transfer, I won't save a dime.....(it's the cost of living in "Gun Owner's Hell")

Anyway, you guys are doing a good job of talking this old wheel gun junkie into jumping off the wagon for one of these ugly plastic bottom feeders.... :D

1911 TERRY
March 6, 2005, 03:04 PM
I have an XD9 that has been a great gun. I have just 3000 rounds through it with no feed or ejection problems. If your interested send me a PM. I'm wanting to get a Sig and my wife say's one gun will have to go.

XD Niner
March 6, 2005, 04:03 PM
I have an XD-9 Bi-Tone Service with over 4000 rounds through it in two months. In all that time, I've only had one FTE (about round 650) and that was clearly a bad cartridge. It is an excellent firearm! :)

One of the guys at the range who is a die-hard Glock fan used it today. He now wants to buy and XD-9 since he managed to hit 8" plates at 15 yards 15 of 15 shots the first time he touched it. Try it and you'll be sold! :D

I paid $525 out the door for mine in Nortcentral Florida. That included the pistol, case, 3 15-rd magazines and a holster that I use for IPSC.

If you want to know more about them, try this site http://www.hs2000talk.com/

March 6, 2005, 05:21 PM
XD9 SC here.

No failures of any kind regardless of attempt to induce by limpwristing, turning gun sideways, etc.

The gun is remarkably accurate for me. Points naturally.

I am very impressed.

There have been some complaints about the finish, but since yours will be a range gun, that will be a non-issue. Mine is carried all the time, and I have had no finish issues.

Tony Mig
March 6, 2005, 08:58 PM
1911Terry...thanks for the offer, but I'll be financing about half the cost with trade-in's, so I doubt we'd be able to strike a deal.....

XD Niner....I found the HS2000.com forum, and have registered to post there already. There is a lot of info there.

What brand, and type of 9mm ammo do you prefer to shoot with your XD9.....?

walking arsenal
March 6, 2005, 09:13 PM
Heres one more for a great weapon, mines an XD-40 tactical.

no jams, no problems, great trigger pull. if you like the 1911 and sigs your gonna love this.

Stephen A. Camp
March 6, 2005, 10:57 PM
Hello. Here are some experiences with the XD9:



PS: Since this was written I've shot other XD's and the "first round flyer" syndrome did not show up with them.

Gary G23
March 6, 2005, 11:31 PM
I love my XD-9's. I have experienced failures to extract with Winchester white box and S&B ammo but it is reliable with everything else I have tried.

March 7, 2005, 02:30 AM
In addition to the XD-9 (which has its ergos patterned after the 1911), may I also suggest a Sig?

Sig P226ST
Sig P220ST


March 7, 2005, 03:17 AM
Hey Tony, let me be straight with you here and give you a different angle on your thread. Forget about the whole thing. Save your money on buying an XD or any other sling-shot-matic handgun. Even if it is a range gun you are just going to wind up not liking it much and trading it away. There is even post here where you see "it failed once but it was definitely ammo related". In a wheel gun it probably wouldn't have failed because the only moving part is the hammer, firing pin and the bullet. You will probably be disappointed the first time you have a failure of any kind and a few weeks later want to dump the pistol due to your lack of confidence.

The only way to gain the gap of confidence is accepting that a semi is more likely to have a failure and training with failure drills. A surprise "click" instead of a "bang" with semi pistol requires a person to do more than pull the trigger again like with a revolver.

Good luck with your decision.

walking arsenal
March 7, 2005, 10:40 AM
Aparently medmo doesnt care much for autos and, through some sort of mystical power, knows you wont either. :neener:

March 7, 2005, 11:35 AM
XD40 owner, love it, will never part with it. The only problem I have ever had with it was early on, I got a box of 50 180 grain Winchester ammo that didn't feed reliably. Two or three times, it sorta hung up on the edge of the feed ramp, and I had to convince the slide to continue forward. Never happened before with any other ammo, never happened since, and none of the ammo actually failed to fire or caused an actual jam. I attribute it to break-in and the slight difference in the ammo profile. Oh, and last summer, I carried it IWB hiking around Southern Utah in over 100 degree weather, and soaked it in sweat. It got a couple of little rust spots that cleaned off rather easily.

March 7, 2005, 12:54 PM
hey tony, fellow new jerseyan here. i also reside in peoples republic east. i bought my xd9 last year. haven't had a problem yet. closing in on 4000 rnds. as a matter of fact i took it to the range last saturday and put a few boxes through. i am very happy with it. i paid about $500 for mine but it has trijicons on it and it was a special order that i took off their hands. it came with 10rnd mags and when the awb sunsetted i was able to trade them in to springfield for the new jersey legal 15 rounders. i also have a few wheelguns and a 1911 but i wanted a 9mm. you won't be disappointed....good luck with whatever you decide............ :)

March 7, 2005, 01:28 PM
Tony Mig,

Haven't shot an XD yet myself but I say you owe it yourself to shoot as many of the "new fangled plastic bottom feeder type guns" as you can before purchasing one. I say next in line would be a Glock, H&K USP, Walther P99 and maybe even a Steyr if you can find one. Plenty of "plastic fantastics" out there so go try as many as you can and then make a decision. Also, you owe it to yourself to shoot a CZ-75 and its variants (steel and/or alloy pistols) before choosing any of these, IMHO. Good shooting!

March 7, 2005, 01:48 PM
Shot both the 4" and 5" Tactical. Liked and bought the Tactical. Accuracy is a bit better. It had no problems with any type of ammo fed through it. WWB had very good accuracy. Best accuracy was with Gold Dot, and also exhibited the best recoil. 5" racks easier, and seems limp-wrist resistant. However, when you do limp-wrist it, it has a tendency to spit empties straight into the center of my forehead.

I've owned Glocks, but sold them off because they didn't fit my hand as well as I wanted. The XD-9 fits great.

Brad Johnson
March 7, 2005, 03:06 PM
I have an XD 9 with almost 17,000 trouble-free rounds through it. I'm sure it's overdue for a new recoil spring, but it hasn't bobbled yet.

The Bruniral finish is not as corrosion resistant as some other finishes. If you get and XD as a range gun that you clean and oil after every session then you should have no problems. If you intend to use it for carry, consider getting a stainless or having your slide sent to someone like Tripps for one of their super-duper never ever rust finishes.


Tony Mig
March 7, 2005, 09:26 PM
Good feedback guys, and I appreciate every post.

I have infact shot a couple different models of the Sig, and didn't like them, shot a CZ, but couldn't tell you what model it was, shot a S&W/Walther P99 that I thought wasn't too bad, but it didn't grab me like this XD has.

I do get the oppertunity to shoot a wide variety of guns, both revolvers and semi-autos at my range. And I have owned two different centerfire semi auto's in the past along with a couple of rimfire semi's. I do know that any and all semi auto's can suffer from failures to feed and eject. The Beretta 96FS I had hated CCI Blaser, but loved Wolf and Remington-UMC.

I've heard that the slides on these guns can get rusty if you're not careful, but I've always been ainal about keeping my guns cleaned and oiled....(living at the seashore does that to you)...the guys at the HS2000/XD forum talk about a product called Armadillo that works well to keep the rust away on these guns, and I've always found Breakfree CLP to work wonders.

Thanks again for the feedback....

XD Niner
March 8, 2005, 12:00 AM

If you are at all concerned about corrosion consider the Bi-Tone model with stainless steel slide. Mine has been great. I haven't used Armadillo but I have used Boeshield T-9 which was invented for Boeing to conrol corrosion on their aircraft. I use it on all my steel and cast iron tools and it has performed perfectly. I renew it about every six months whether it needs it or not. :rolleyes:

Medmo, I now have over 4000 rounds through my XD-9 in just over two months. I have had one FTE in all that time. It was on round 13 of a 15 round magazine. Let's see, that would be the original and two reloads for your wheel gun if I count correctly. :barf:

March 8, 2005, 01:08 AM
Aparently medmo doesnt care much for autos ?

You kidding me? I love autos. I love revolvers. I don't discriminate. I love them all.....

Tony, I got a kick out your thread because it sounds real familiar. I was just having some light hearted fun. A guy I know goes through an occasional need for a semi auto and a few months after purchasing one trades if for another revolver. Seriously, if you have shot wheel guns forever and now are going to an automatic practice malfunction drills if you are going to carry one. One of the guys here at my local gunshop took an XD-9 out and completed a torture test. Him and some buddies ran a ton of ammo through it, (varied brands), and didn't have any problems. I think it is a good pick.

XD-Niner, no way do I want to participate in a revolver vs. auto thing. That is just never a good idea and leads to nothing constructive.

March 8, 2005, 11:39 AM
I own a XD40 and a XD9 tactical that I use for IPSC shooting. They are both excellant guns that I will never sell.

March 8, 2005, 03:35 PM
I have an XD-40 as well and totally love it!

I shoot modded Hi-Powers and 1911s, so my standards are high and I was not expecting to love this thing as much as I do, but its true.

I have about 900 rounds through the thing and it is bone-stock. I have yet to expereince any failures of any kind and I drag this pistol through the dirt and dust and don't baby it one bit.

The XD-40 is as reliable and accurate as pistols I have spent much more money on, like Berettas, Glocks and a Sig 226. It has a better grip angle and trigger than the Glock and is a pleasure to shoot.

Yeah, I'd say that if it appeals to you...buy one. I have spent more dough on less reliable guns than the XD-40.

This is one hi-tech pistol that I will never sell. I sold my 92FS Beretta and Glock 17 and don't misss them at all.


Tony Mig
March 8, 2005, 05:32 PM
Medmo...I got a kick out of your post, and no offense was taken here.
After all, you were right in that I have two times in the past bought a semi auto only to realise I didn't like it, and traded it in on a revolver, so you weren't far off.....

This time instead of diving on something that struck my fancy only to move on after the honeymoon was over, I've been a lot more selective. As much as I favor wheel guns, I've always figured there might be a semi auto out there that I would find to my liking. I have shot a couple of 1911's that I wouldn't mind owning, but I can't justify $3,000.00 for that custom Wilson Combat, and up til now nothing else has really set a hook into me like this XD has.

The funny thing is, it's really an ugly gun. Much like the Ruger Super Redhawk is to wheel guns, this thing is to semi auto's, but looks aside, this gun just fits my hand perfectly, it's accurate, easy to control, durable, and the best part...very affordable. I've paid more for single action Ruger's then the asking price of this Springfield XD-9 service model....

March 9, 2005, 07:09 PM
Thanks Tony. I agree with you that the XD's are definitely not eye candy but they are about as practical as possible. I like the fit also and the point of aim. I probably will be adding one to my collection in the near future.

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