School children a target?


March 10, 2003, 01:57 PM
'Schoolchildren' shot
in terror training tape
New York Post confirms WND's 2002 report on al-Qaida videos, golf course assassinations

Posted: March 9, 2003
6:10 p.m. Eastern

© 2003

Videos depicting a mock al-Qaida siege of schools and golf course assassinations are now being reported by other news agencies, confirming an exclusive report by WorldNetDaily last year.

The New York Post says the al-Qaida tapes include the rehearsed shooting of schoolchildren and the taking of hostages.

The training exercise reportedly took place under the guidance of al-Qaida operations chief Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks who is now in U.S. custody.

The location was an abandoned school in Mir Bach Kot, Afghanistan, north of Kabul, a hotbed of al-Qaida activity before the U.S. and allied forces ousted the Taliban.

Former Green Beret Keith "Jack" Idema discovered the tapes in an abandoned house while serving as an adviser to the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance.

He says the video shows bullet-ridden blackboards and cut-out targets in classrooms, apparently representing students and teachers.

"Knowing al-Qaida trained to take out a presidential motorcade or an office building is scary, but nothing is more frightening than their training to take over a school," Idema told the Post. "In a classroom in a camp near Jalalabad, we found little desks with bullet holes in them and the backs of the chairs each had seven or eight bullet holes in them. They were definitely aiming to hit critical mass."

Portions of the tapes viewed by the newspaper showed a hostage-taking exercise and three scenarios where masked men, armed with AK-47s, pistols and hand grenades, storm a school-like brick building. In one assault, two gunmen rappel from the roof onto a ledge and wait for the go-ahead via two-way radio.

The Post recounts the school assault in detail:

"Two of the kidnappers are sitting in the cafeteria," a narrator says in Arabic.
At the command "move!" a janitor sweeping a hallway inside drops his broom and pulls out a gun. Others burst into rooms, fire automatic weapons and bark English commands at a group of children and adults, apparently locals and other camp residents co-opted for the exercise.

"Sit," a hooded terrorist yells to the children, who shriek in horror. "Don't move, don't move," he says. The children are made to kneel and place their hands on the walls while adults stand with hands raised and are frisked.

The armed thugs then herd their captives down the hallways as they shout in English, "Go in here!" and "Don't move!" Some hostages are then ordered to the roof.

"I don't want to go," one sham victim pleads in Arabic.

"Go before I kill you," a rifle-toting thug barks back.

The camera then zooms in on a terrorist, who stomps on a child.

On the rooftop, a lookout announces the arrival of police. A terrorist then drags a "hostage" to the ledge for display.

The Post says other training exercises include an attack at a mock golf outing, as men dressed as caddies drop their bags, pull out guns and open fire.

"This is how we will kill the world leaders," the narrator says in Arabic.

As WorldNetDaily reported in September, an al-Qaida training videotape, captured in Afghanistan, shows Osama bin Laden's terrorists are not only planning attacks with weapons of mass destruction but are preparing to kill Americans with drive-by shootings and home break-ins, through ambushes of law-enforcement officers and targeted assassinations on golf courses.

The training video shows al-Qaida operatives practicing the following kinds of assaults:

using pickup trucks with shooters concealed in the bed of the trucks;
using motorcycles as a shooting platform for drive-bys and assassinations;
execution of prisoners;
ambushes of law-enforcement officers;
residential assassinations;
assassination on a golf course using a rocket-propelled grenade and rifle fire;
drive-up kidnapping of target walking on a street;
use of tunnels, storm drains and sewers for infiltration during urban raids;
rappelling from rooftops of buildings to make entry on upper floors;
use of motorcycles for grenade attacks; and
raids on buildings with large numbers of occupants – perhaps schools or office buildings.
In one scenario on the video, terrorists pretend to be stranded on a six-lane highway, their vehicle disabled. When a police officer stops to assist, the driver blows his horn. Another occupant of the vehicle opens fire on the police officer with a rifle. In other scenarios, shooters were concealed in the trunk of the car. When the terrorists were picked up by accomplices in a getaway car, the original vehicle was blown up, apparently to destroy evidence.

In another scenario, an innocuous-looking terrorist knocks on the door of a residence, standing in view of the resident and answering questions through a closed door. When the resident opens the door, the terrorist immediately draws his weapon and fires, emptying his weapon into the victim.

In the golf course assassination, the target was on the green, near the hole. A rocket-propelled grenade is fired at a vehicle adjacent to the green, perhaps a security detail. Then the target of the assassination is killed with rifle fire.


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March 10, 2003, 02:24 PM

March 10, 2003, 02:29 PM
I'm not afraid of Al Qeda at all. However, to target kids...thats about as low as it gets.

Back the boat and ship em all outta here!

March 10, 2003, 02:32 PM comment was not meant to make fun of you....just so you know.

March 10, 2003, 04:04 PM
Don't they those guys know School zones are gun free:banghead:

El Tejon
March 10, 2003, 04:57 PM
Someone's been reading too much Tom Clancy again.:rolleyes:

March 10, 2003, 05:05 PM
I disagree.

The recent DC area shooters demonstrated what 2 motivated men and one rifle can do. The nation's Capital was paralyzed with fear. Al Quiada would have to be fools not to have noticed.

Double Naught Spy
March 10, 2003, 05:39 PM
The amount of demonstrated response by frightened citizens, schools, and other organizations in DC that were due to hold events really does show just how far a little fear can go.

As for the Taliban and drilling to kill school kids, is anyone really surprised? Does anyone have any preconceived perceptions that these folks are going to follow some sort of honorable battle plans that involve proper treatment of non-combatants, prisoners, and the like. Keep in mind that the US and its people are seen as evil threats to the Taliban and no distinction is made between combatants and non-combatants.

Remember your history and the disdain the British felt for the dishonorable guerilla warfare by the colonists who refused to wear bright uniforms and fight in formation, trading volleys of musket and cannon. Non-traditional and non-acceptable means of warfare may be seen as horrible things, but that does not mean they won't be effective. Frightening thought, no?

El Tejon
March 10, 2003, 06:17 PM
00, no, it's not frightening, well, maybe to the Eloi who went nuts over a couple of mad dogs who were hunting them.

AQT is not going to waste operators with a inane mission such as shooting random kiddies no matter how many Tom Clancy novels the masterminds at WorldNetDaily read. They will wait and plan another haymaker, not some pinprick.:rolleyes:

March 10, 2003, 06:23 PM
That would be a HUGE mistake on their part .......when you start messin with kiddies ......I think even the peace protestors will start shopping for AR's..........Flame on:neener:

March 10, 2003, 06:53 PM
Well, if the security of the school where I teach is any indicator, we will certainly have a problem. Even in the throes of the sniper incidents here in DC our building was essentially an open invitation for someone to walk in and do whatever deed they wished.

Like most schools, we shut down outdoor sports etc.....yet we allowed students to line up in the parking lot to wait for the buses for 20 minutes at a time:banghead:

March 10, 2003, 07:18 PM
I sure would hate to think of the wrath such beasts would incur should they actively seek to harm and kidnap kids from schools in the United States. I fear it would lead pretty quickly to a legendary breakdown of civility between certain religious groups.

March 10, 2003, 07:28 PM
You know what's ironic? When this happened, when a school shooting with rifles was shown on the news... the first cry would be for more laws. Remove more firearms from private ownership. Restrict or remove altogether more areas where CCWs are allowed. And it would play right into the terrorists hands. Fewer armed citizens to resist, and more 'infidels' dead. Win-win for them, lose-lose for us.

If I were a terrorist, I would use this idiocy every way I could. Buy rifles in American stores, use them to act. I erode American rights and kill them at the same time.

The worst part is, the gun grabbers are too stupid to see it! :banghead:

March 10, 2003, 07:44 PM
Terrorists target women, children, and youths in Israel for maximum terror effect. The last attack in Israel blew up a bus with a bunch of high school kids in it.

Cowards of course. The only al-Qaida attack that had any air of a military action was the USS Cole, because that was a military target.

Killing kids is easy, but those guys who were on that raft next to a Destroyer with real big guns had some guts at least, and that made them soldiers. Big difference.

But the outrage over the Cole incident was no where near the outrage over 9/11, or that caused by one of our own, in Oklahoma City, which wiped out a day-care-center.

That's why terrorists go for the soft emotional targets. I can't imagine living in Israel. I know a few Israelis in the software industry and, oddly, they accept it as a way of life. I can't imagine.

Sean Smith
March 10, 2003, 10:41 PM
The DC snipers were Al-Qaeda sympathizer scumbags. They weren't mainline foreign terrorists, but they liked the idea of roasting Americans alive for Allah. That sort of peripherally related degenerate might go waste a bunch of children for a trip to heaven. But foreign terrorists like Al-Qaeda or even Iraq's ANG probalby wouldn't bother with gunning down the kiddies in some marginally organized shoot-'em-up like the story suggests.

Guys with guns, frankly, don't scare me. That is old school, second string terror tactics. Kind of like worrying about being mugged by a guy with a flintlock. What people still, amazingly, don't grasp is that 9/11 wasn't the apotheosis of the terror attack. It is just the beginning. Anthrax has already been used on U.S. soil. Not just any chemical weapon, but a binary nerve agent bomb was used by some obscure Japanese cult years ago. These were halting, marginally effective attacks. But they are learning, and they are smart enough to see the potential of what is to come.

There is a problem with our perception of the situation. You hear everybody talk about terrorists like they were slobbering fanatics. In fact, we are dealing with a very intelligent and rational enemy. They learn. Their full-time job is thinking through ways to bring us down. They have the resources of governments behind them. The big difference between them and us is that they have removed all the self-imposed moral constraints of war. They are "persuing war by other means," to re-write a bit of Clausewitz. This gives them a freedom that we lack, a freedom that compensates for their shortage of raw military power.

Going after the junior high with some gunmen would be pretty stupid, given the risks involved and the fairly small payoff. Our school kids shoot themselves, anyway. Using a really big dirty bomb on a large urban school might be worthwhile as far as kill count goes. But there are so many juicy concentrations of people to blow up in America that thinking in terms of a passive, defensive approach ("more school security!") is imbecillic. There is no defense, period. He who guards everything guards nothing. We can either hunt them down and kill them with single-minded determination, or we can just sit back and accept whatever the latest body count will be.


March 11, 2003, 12:15 AM
That would be a HUGE mistake on their part .......when you start messin with kiddies ......I think even the peace protestors will start shopping for AR's..........Zactly! :cuss:

Double Naught Spy
March 11, 2003, 12:19 AM
To believe that persons such as children would not be targeted by terrorists because it would be a waste of resources for an inane operation would be very shortsighted.

I don't think groups like Al Queda are all that concerned about losing members who give their lives to make a point, such as flying planes into buildings. These people are more than willing to die for their cause and have no qualms with sucker punches or choosing non-combatants as targets. Many of the terrorists killed on 9-11 were well trained individuals and that meant that the terrorists lost some fairly important people in terms of the time and $$ investments they had in those folks.

No doubt that such an attack would not be a smart move on their part in our view, but nobody ever claimed that terrorists necessarily perform in manners that we necessarily believe to be smart on their part. They may simply see such an attack as a means to break the will or resolve of the American public.

Would such an act be perceived as cowardly by us? Sure, but calling it a cowardly act as a sort of means to discredit the terrorists or to suggest that they were somehow weak, unmanly, and unfair really is not all that relevant. When we call people or groups like that cowards, what that essentially means is that they managed to nail us in some area where we were weak or not vigilant and were able to cause harm to something we hold precious, children.

We we drop bombing on folks from 50K feet and the people on the ground don't even know they are being bombed until the bombs hit the ground, we call that a tactical advantage. Our pilots of the bombers are not considered cowards by us even though they were unwilling to fly low enough to provide warning to our enemies and to give them a chance. Strangely, our enemies think us cowards for not facing them directly.

We call them cowards when they hit us where it hurts most, against innocent people. In confrontations with bad guys such as in the Miami FBI shootout or the North Hollywood bank robbery, we say that the law enforcement folks were outgunned, but what that translates into is the fact that law enforcement was not prepared and took a severe beating.

No matter how you classify such destructive people, it really does not matter. What does matter is figuring out how we can help protect innocent bystanders such as children and how we can better prepare ourselves for fights against those who don't want to fight by the rules we perceive as being proper.

March 11, 2003, 11:27 AM
School children a target? Schools, Day Care Centers, Churches, Malls....I am convinced that there is NO target off limits for those [ahem] people. Killing/maiming children would generate the most feelings of terror, rage, and helplessness. That is their Prime Directive.....Eliminate as many of the Western Infidels as possible, while destroying the Western Way of Life.

There is an elementary school "right around the corner" from my home, which is also my polling place. I took a look at the 'security' last time I voted...what a joke. The "custodian" was installing extra deadbolt locks on some classroom doors. Keyed outside, 'thumb turn bolt' on the inside. Most classroom doors also have large glass sections. I asked the custodian what was up with the extra locks ? ? Reply: "In case of attack, we will lockdown the school".
Me: "You are wasting money with this idea. Sure, you can lock the lock, but with those glass panels, all it takes is an elbow smack or a gun butt-stroke, reach in and turn the thumb bolt. Bad guy is now in your face. What do you do?"
Custodian left in a huff, returning with Principal. Skool official demanded that I leave. "OK, right after I vote"
"You leave NOW! !" demanded the nitwit. "I am calling the Police."
Me: "Knock yourself out. But I would not want to be you, after I contact the media and the School Board about your waste of money over this lock nonsense, and your attempt to interfere with voting. I think that I will contact the media anyway. And when you call the police, ask for Lt. {name with held}, the Watch Commander. He is my next door neighbor. Principal quickly shut up and stormed off. After voting, I waited about 30 minutes down the block in my car. No police ever showed up.

A good day for to vote, and insult a LIE-beral blissninny "educator" all in 5 minutes.:evil:
But to get back to the original thought of this thread, yes I am very concerned for the safety of our children, even though I no longer have school-age kids

March 11, 2003, 12:11 PM
Double Naught,

Maybe I didn't read your post correctly.
Are you actually comparing the bombing of military targets from the air in time of war with the bombing of busses, discos, restaurants or schools? Do you mean to say that legitimate aerial bombardment is as abhorrent as terrorist attacks or that the terrorist attacks are a ligitimate form of warfare?

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