Just Bought a Hakim


The Grand Inquisitor
March 25, 2005, 11:01 AM
The guy whom I buy most of my rifles from (Roger Howe at "The Ammo Bearer" in Iowa City) had a Hakim in 8mm today that I just couldn't pass up. After haggling for a bit, I jumped in, and even though I was only able to put 15 rounds through it quick at the range, I am very happy with it so far. The rifle itself is an absolute monster, but it really does help with the recoil and feel while firing and taking aimed shots was much easier and faster than any other 8mm I've tried, or even a Garand for that matter.

The bolt system is also something of an oddity that I am trying to get used to - there is a cover that totally changes the way the action functions and requires a little getting used to over normal bolt actions or Garands (I think the Hakim and the Garand are very compareable rifles).

Any other THR'ers out there with Hakim's, and are there any good resources on the web for keep and care or any other info?

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March 25, 2005, 11:31 AM
Could you post a picture?

March 25, 2005, 02:25 PM
I sold my Swedish AG42B Ljungman in 6.5x55 last December.
It's the Grandaddy of the Hakim.

Google-up the Swede and Hakim; you'll get some info.

I'll try to remember to come back with some links when I get home from work.
Nice find on the rifle, BTW! :D

March 25, 2005, 10:21 PM
Go to gunboards.com and look on the Egyptian firearm board.

They have a guy that can sell you any part and they will tell you how to adjust the gas valve etc.

I use to have one and it’s a hoot. Just stay away from the Turkish ammo and adjust that gas valve.

PS: they are very loud, be sure to use ear protection.

PPS: mind if I ask what you paid for it?

March 25, 2005, 10:31 PM
telewinz has one - and gave me a lotta useful hints when I got mine.

It is a fascinating platform - and you do need to guard your thumb a bit - or that bolt will have it!!!

Many say don't use the hot Turk ammo - well, I have boatloads of the stuff - and so far seem Ok - but I do keep gas valve turned right back - it's only on #1 position. I'd prefer to get some of the - what is it - Chezceslovak (slp?) ammo? Something less hot than the Turk milsurp anyways.

Certainly, a fascinating rifle - a search on Hakim should yield one or two very useful threads BTW. It only saw active service I believe the once - in the Saini war was it - Egypt's conflict - or Suez. I forget.

Not a very good pic .....


kart racer
March 25, 2005, 10:35 PM
I think on surplus rifle a guy has a review of his.Sounds and looks like a very interesting rifle.

March 25, 2005, 10:55 PM
Back in the late 80's or early 90's my old shooting buddy bought one of those. That rifle was a hoot to shoot, ammo wasn't real easy to come by at the time though. He shot it for a couple of years using it for everything from once a week plinking to deer hunting. The front sight post flew off one day and he couldn't find a new one so he sold it. I kinda wish I would have bought it from him. It was an interesting gun for sure.

The Grand Inquisitor
March 26, 2005, 07:35 AM
I paid $380 for the rifle with a nice little sleeve to carry it around and a little bit of ammo.

Responding to the issue of the Turkish ammo I have some experiance with it and you do have to be careful with what you buy. When I bought my Mauser I also picked up 500 rounds of Turkish 8mm that dates from betwen 1932 and 1938, and even though it is hot ammo, I have had ZERO problems with it. At a gunshow I saw someone selling Turkish 8mm on strippers in a bandolier (dated 1942-48 I believe) for cheap so I decided to pick some up. This is the ammo to avoid.

When I was shooting this stuff with my Mauser I noticed my shots were going crazy - not just bad paaper hits - but they were soaring a METER or so from the target and into the DIRT. Since I had one round left in the chamber I decided to pop it out and look if something was wrong with the barrel or bolt...Something HAD to be wrong with my gun---right?

As I opened the bolt, a cloud of black powder flew out at me and a casing broken at the shoulder dropped onto the ground. After a few minutes of getting the projectile out of the rifle I found the mangled casing and showed it to my buddy. He couldn't believe how a case could be broken just by the action of the rifle. I grabbed a few of the strippers to see if any of the other rounds were like this and as my friend and I looked at the new rounds we found we could pull the projectile from the bullet with no resistance.

Out of 70 rounds, at least 45 of them had cracked shoulders and some looked like they could have caused serious damage if used.

Be very wary of Turkish 8mm, but remember that some of it is still OK.

I will post pics in a day or so.

March 26, 2005, 08:52 AM
I have a Hakim. It is probably my most fired firearm. Why? Because it is accurate and the ammo is dirt cheap.
My Hakim likes 1970's Yugo and the newer Romanian 8mm best. I would not try Turk in it as I have heard too many stories of broken extractors with this ammo. I tried Greek 8mm the other day and had very poor performance with it.
The only downside to the Hakim are the sharp points on various parts of the rifle. Yesterday, I sliced my pawn while putting the bolt cover back on the rifle after cleaning. And of course, the Hakim thumb. Just make sure you load the rifle with the safety on! :o

50 Freak
March 26, 2005, 06:12 PM
I have a FN49 in 8mm. And if the Hakim is like the FN49, it doesn't like lighter bullets like the Turk ammo (150 something grain). But with heavier grain bullets (185 something grains) it functions perfectly. And accuracy is much better.

Also I've been warned that with the FN49 with the lighter grain bullets, there have been cases of blown up barrels/actions. I'd check to see if that is common with the Hakim also.

March 26, 2005, 09:57 PM
Looks like some of the web locations have changed since I've seen them last,
but here's a couple/few links for you:





Good Luck on getting some excellent information on your acquisition.

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