Where are your manners?


english kanigit
April 5, 2005, 11:59 PM
All this hate is running rampant. What's wrong guys? Everybody is entitled to their opinions, misguided as they may be. Now a good healthy debate is one thing but some things just get to personal.

My personal rule? Don't be a put-whatever-fits-the-time,-place,-and-situation-in-this-blank-ophobe. They have their beliefs and you have yours; it's not your fault that they're wrong. (note to self: it's usually best NOT to vocalize this part...somebody may decide to manually install a set of manners in your nugget)

Just my completely biased opinion... :rolleyes:

Your best "shots" welcome!

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April 6, 2005, 10:24 AM
It's not worth the trouble . . . .

April 6, 2005, 10:35 AM
True, but it was interesting.... to many.

I was following some of those, and I did notice a strange dynamic take place. Even after some of these were CLOSED, they still received more views than most of the regular daily posts here. I might have re-phrased the titles (to drop the word "hate") but if you look closely at them, many members were very quick to say that it’s not hate that they wish to convey, but rather some strong-ish feelings, one way or another.

First, I am not opining here in any effort to offend or challenge anyone at all. I also understand all of the standard stuff - that any given forum can have any set or rules that they desire, and I can just move on if I don’t like something. So I always try my level best to abide by forum rules, and I do have some personal thoughts on all this.

The content of the majority of the these hate threads I saw can easily be compared to any similar spirited conversation that would happen on any given night with some close friends over. Much of it was flat-out interesting, opinion packed and not very offensive at all. Be the topic firearms, women, politics, or automobiles, you cannot expect perfect perfection when folks start saying what they really think about any contested topic. I didn’t notice anyone really get out of line and seriously attack anyone, but stuff like that is usually handled very capably by other members anyway. There is a distinct difference between passion, and trolling.

On that interesting (but doubtful) day when I’d be moved to start my own forum, I would most likely follow the pattern of those huge gun and knife forums that do supply a place to vent and respond (within reason) to the hotter topics. I would strive to use a moderator’s influence when and where it’s needed…….and in the role of actually moderating the debate. I would base this first on my member’s implied adult status, and by their desire and interests, especially when I can actually see what they’re interested in, directly by the view counts.

There would always be a place for the human condition (as it is) and how (much of) it feels comfortable. Boys will be boys, and whenever a verbal “slap” happened from member to member, I would expect the slap-ee to respond equally (if desired) but not much further. Anything less just isn’t normal, it's lightweight stuff, it happens, and that sort of situation usually stops soon enough by itself anyway.

It would be a FIREARMS forum for cripes sake, and functioning within a sport/career/passion field where many strong and common sense personalities work and play. I’d be tempted to place some side bets that this system also would really provide some quick, unique, and focused real-world insight for so many, and in ways seldom found at the range, gun shop and forums. With those aforementioned level headed personalities running around ranting (helping out) :D it could only help to eventually contribute to some tactical, practical and/or psychological well being for the needy. Tough love, from mentor to newbie - it literally makes most of the world go ‘round.

In the time-tested system used by the media (television/radio/satellite/cable) it’s generally understood that you just don’t gravitate towards areas that won’t mesh well with your personality. That’s where you’d generally have my chosen system, so there would be plenty of levels and places to visit, just like at THR.

Lastly, I do understand that it would be difficult to run my forum in these modern times where many folks appear to just sit around and wait to be offended somehow. This is a part of the “tail wagging the dog” syndrome that seems to be running rampant these days. I guess I would just keep a plaque near me that would remind me that I am in America, to act accordingly, and to pass it on whenever possible.


english kanigit
April 6, 2005, 01:07 PM
Well said dubya...

April 7, 2005, 06:22 PM
Thanks english kanigit,

It's an interesting and multifaceted issue, to be sure.


Johnny Guest
April 8, 2005, 02:02 AM
This thread, while perhaps interesting in the abstract, has nothing to do with the forum topic, Handguns: Autoloaders.

If anyone wishes to make suggestions as to the way a specific forum, or THR as a board, should be run, please feel free to e-mail or Private Message the Administration or any staffer.


Best regards,
Johnny Guest

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