Looking for a new home (houston?)


April 27, 2005, 03:38 PM
Although I haven't started yet, but the urge for walkabout has struck. I'm thinking about moving and Houston Tx has been suggested by more than a few people. reasons friends are pimping houston:

A) it's TX, a gun nut like me would be right at home.
B) CCW is shall issue
C) cost of living.
C) major travel hub
D) major network hub ( i gotta have some way of paying for ammo and range fees)

to Houston residents, past and present, what's your opinion of metro houston as a new home for a network engineer/ gun nut? Also, for RKIs (Reasonably Knowledgeable Individuals), how much pain for a Class 3 CLEO sign off?



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April 27, 2005, 04:23 PM
my girlfriend and her family currently lives in the Houston area and I plan on moving there after I graduate from college this summer. I infact was just looking for class 3 in Houston and what it takes to get a class 3 weapon.

It is well documented on this site and from several gun shop owners, that there isnt any cleo that will sign class 3 paperwork.You will probally have to file a corporation to get one.

Personally I really liked the areas of Spring and the Woodlands and that is where I plan on moving to this summer. There are tons of gunshops through out Houston and a good amount of gun ranges.

April 27, 2005, 04:35 PM
I like it here but the humidity is fierce, the land is flat, and it is the bug capitol of creation. There *are* gun stores, gun shows, and shooting ranges. Depends where you are coming from. If you live in a gun-unfriendly state, you will love it here.

The city of Houston is in Harris County, and I've heard / been told that Class III signoff - for a private individual - is not going to happen in Harris Co.

Other counties near Houston are not reputed to be difficult for Class III.

You will get other (hopefully more helpful) replies - I just wanted to pass along the caveat about Harris Co.


April 27, 2005, 06:22 PM
Houston likes to flood too, when there are heavy rains.

As others have said neither the Houston PD chief or the Harris County Sheriff will sign off on NFA goodies. I had to form a LLC to get mine. There are tons of gun stores everywhere, from small mom and pop ones to the giant Carter's Country near Conroe.

Figure a gun show every 2 weeks, sometimes there are gun shows 3 out of the 4 weeks in a month. If you have weak wallet discipline like me, prepare to be poor. :o

CHL is shall issue, but is relatively expensive as licenses to carry go. It's $140 plus whatever the gun range charges to teach you the 10 hour class and do your prints, photos, etc... For me it came out to around $270 total.

April 27, 2005, 06:36 PM
Everyone I know who lives in Houston wants to move.

Imagine H-town as "Escape from New York" with 99% humidity and worse drivers.

I only go when I have to and then I leave asap.

San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus, or Austin are better choices

April 27, 2005, 06:57 PM
Rush hour traffic WORST than LA area Smog as bad as LA and humidity is terrible. Not some place I want to raise my kids. I do have family in Sugar Land and visited several times a yearon business. I also was in and out of LA area 20 or so times a year. If Ca. wasn't so screwed up I would live in LA area before Houston.
Now find a small town about a hour out of Houston settle in and enjoy Texas because it is a great state Iam just not fond of Houston.

April 27, 2005, 10:27 PM
Michael T said, "Now find a small town about a hour out of Houston settle in and enjoy Texas because it is a great state Iam just not fond of Houston."

Exactly! The city itself if full of aggressive drivers and rude attitude, but the rural areas around Houston can be real nice. Drive around the area. A half hour west of East Bernard (which is about an hour west of Houston), the ground gets rolling instead of cow-pie flat, and the entire atmosphere gets better. And there is a guy in Halletsville who casts excellent lead bullets - Lone Star Bullet Co. (no business connection but I buy / load / shoot his bullets).

I think north of town - Spring and Conroe and that area - is very nice too.


April 28, 2005, 01:00 AM
Anywhere within 100 miles from the coast is like living in a dog's mouth. Other than that, it's all good.

Texas Tass
April 28, 2005, 08:25 PM
As a 30 year resident, Houston has humidity 11 months out of the year, mosquitoes 11 months/year, traffic non-stop...that said, I enjoy it. Ideal place? Brenham, hands down (I love Blue Bell ice cream!). Areas of Houston are prone to flooding. Do research before making a decision (don't necessarily use TS Allison...my neighborhood wasn't hit hard at all-minor street flooding for a few hours. Most of the rain was south and east). You can check the Harris County Office of Emerg. Mgmt. I think their site has info on flood prone areas.

I live outside the city limits (Cypress) and work is about 20 min. away. I agree with Bobcat, go west (or northwest) for some great scenery. I recently obtained my CHL and have met some great people in the process.


April 28, 2005, 08:31 PM
Have worked in downtown Houston for 8 yrs, commuting every morning from Galveston on the coast, an ideal arrangement.

You have a small beach town resort to live in, the countries 4th largest city to work/shop in if need be. VERY gun friendly area.

Wouldn't consider living anywhere else, but then I'm a beach person anyways, as much as gun person :D

April 28, 2005, 08:51 PM
Well, it has already been said....

Search for accomodations north and west of the city....

Conroe is okay...Tomball is somewhat better...but north of there, such as Magnolia, is a nice little town...good food...and friendly people.

I think Montgomery county....north of Houston....will sign off on class 3...but again, I am uncertain....

just make sure your car has A/C :)


April 28, 2005, 10:40 PM
I used to live in Conroe. I might live back there but I would never live in Houston. I think you should consider some of the smaller towns around Austin. 105+ degree heat is much more pleasant without the 99% humidity. Central Texas/Hill country is much more beautiful land than around Houston.

I don't currently live in Houston OR Austin so I don't really have a pride stake in either one. Austin area is just nicer period. There are plenty of network/computer jobs to be had in the area too. I've spent plenty of time all over Texas. I grew up in the deep east Texas piney woods, lived outside of Houston, lived in College Station, have some getaway land 30 minutes out of Austin, have spent time out west in Marfa, have grandparents and other family in Dallas, lived in Temple, worked in Killeen, now I live in Waco... I still think the hill country is the nicest area and there's lots to do there. College Station is a more conservative, folksy place that's a helluva lot of fun but you also have some of that humidity there and the scenery is not as nice. I remember one summer week in College Station when the mercury hit 113 and the humidity was high 90's. Sheesh...

brad cook

April 28, 2005, 11:07 PM
Flooding is not a problem if you pay attention to where you are moving. There is high ground available (relatively high). I live in Clear Lake and no high water has ever come anywhere near by townhome in the last several years at least.

Many of the suburbs are in neighboring counties. I have never tried for a Class III so I wouldn't know about that. Texas has state laws preventing cities from enacting gun control for the most part. TSRA is a pretty good organization.

I grew up near Columbus, TX (1 hours West of Houston). Yeah, so there is high humidity. The winters are mild and relatively bug free. All the major Houston Suburbs spray heavily for mosquitos so they are not as bad as they could be. Columbus and areas North of I-10 from there are very nice (Brenham). I guess if my engineering degree did not tie me to larger cities, I might live out near a smaller town myself. The only people I have known who hate Houston are those that grew up around mountains. I guess I can see that viewpoint.

My brother lives in Spring and likes it, but he is a bowfisherman, not a shooter. North of Houston is probably you best bet for outdoor activities and state/national parks. I wish I knew where more rifle ranges were. I mainly go home and shoot on my grandmother's land.

April 28, 2005, 11:20 PM
Brenham is a very nice little town. Less than an hour from Houston and just under two to Austin. The folks live there and really enjoy it. If that damned Wal-Mart would disappear it'd be one step closer to perfection.

The San Marcos area is really nice, I enjoy living here. 45 minutes to San Antone, 30 to Austin. Not to mention TSU is here so there are more college hotties than you can shake a stick at.

April 29, 2005, 10:31 AM
MechAg94 said, "I wish I knew where more rifle ranges were."

Ok, not to hijack the thread, but a blatant commercial for Bayou Rifles.

We have 100, 200/300, and 600/1,000 yard rifle ranges at our Juliff facility. Matches are open to the public, otherwise the ranges are club members only. Membership is not that expensive.

There is a fun 60-shot prone match the third Sunday of every month; if you have a scoped rifle you can shoot F-Class, or you can shoot Service Rifle or Match Rifle.

There is a Garand Match scheduled Sunday, May 29th. Come out, all you need is your ear and eye protection, for $20 you get the loan of an M1 Garand, 56 rounds of ball ammo (50 rounds and 6 sighters), and a clinic on how to shoot the match. You also get a Match Bulletin with your name on it, to qualify for the CMP rifle sales program.



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