How Crazy this world has gotten!!! By:Too Many Choices!?(long, good read)


Too Many Choices!?
May 9, 2005, 01:20 AM
So I go to one of the local(read as: five minutes away from the house) stores
and see something ODD:uhoh:! Some mexican or south american guys were there in a black SUV(old blazer I think). Anyway, one of the guys short and with a baskeball jersey on,was about to go into the store,SUSPICIOUSLY HOLDING THE FRONT OF HIS SHIRT:uhoh:, when the friend in the SUV,stops him. " Naaa! Naaa! NAAA! Don't go in". The guy now stops entering the store and comes my way. I am sitting there with my .45 Taurus millinium(INWB), my door open one foot on the ground, when he gets to my car. He places one hand on the open door's frame and one on the roof of my car. I am watching him but can't see the friend so I am listening for a door also. He says to me in broken English," Will eh, will,will you buy me some smokes?". I have leaned back a little bit in my seat to better grab my gun once he had mmade contact with his hands on my car roof. Figured if he tried to draw something, I was close enough to counter one way or another.
I responded to his qestion with," No, I don't think so man, sorry.", trying to be polite. What happpens next, the punk asks me,"Why."? Can you believe it! I say, thinking on the fly and not wanting to really escalate things,"Because I don't know you man." He backs up clearly aggrivated, SAYS SOMETHING about ,"F*** the Police!",and walks into the store. I lock my car up after checking out the "friend", across from me, and walk into the store. I get in just in time to see the owner(middle eastern), telling the guy,"No". More upset, the guy left.I know the owner and asked him what that was all about, although I knew. The owner told me exactly what I thought, the guy wanted cigarettes with no I.D. I told him that they, or the guy in the jersey atleast, had wanted me to buy some for them, and I said no. He said something about not knowing if they were ,"cops", or something. We exchanged probably a quick, two or three sentences including by and I left to get in my car believing all was well in the world(no hold up, and no problems ;) ). I get in my car and the guy wearing the jersey is hanging out the SUV's front window,leaned to me, Giving me the ,"one finger salute". They take off down the street heading down a feeder road towards town, and I start heading home down a back road contemplating what just happend. I get close to the house andMy mom calls me back from her job, I start noticing a car behind me(maybe quarter mile) but People live back here so I pay it no mind,and continue telling my Mom ,how much I love her and every thing :).
Get home and park my car in it's normal place(which just happens to be a spot that you could not really see if you didn't live here or no me) and start to go inside while still talking to Mom.

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Too Many Choices!?
May 9, 2005, 01:51 AM
I see them coming down the road. Okay maybe somebody took the long way to town,doubt it (:uhoh: )! It was getting late(round 9:30ish) and I know my neghborhood, so seeing this unanounced car stopped me from talking to my Mom in the middle of my sentence! What do you know, they turn in through the gate! NONE of my friends have called me and said they are about to come over, at this time, so now I am worried.....

(Background:My friends knowto call before coming over after an incident where a friend of mine kept knocking on my door and running while we stayed in a semi bad neignbor hood. The next time he knocked I was waiting ,and promptly worked the slide on a large framed SW .40 semi I no longer have. He yelled out,"Its me!! so and so!!! I quit!!!! We were both better off after that day, when he told all the other friends, no more unexpected company! Problem solved :evil:!!

Back to what happend, The car got close enough down the driveway for me to recognize it(reeeeeeeaaaaaalllly looooooooooooong driveway) as not a car but the same SUV:uhoh:!!! SUV is,"creeping", up to my place, very slowly. My exact words as I remember after my stopping an recognizing the car, to my Mom where," They followed me! She asks ,"Who!" of course, and ", Where i am". I tell her some guys wanted cigarettes and I wouldn't buy them, and they followed me home. She says are you okay", or something, and I respond with,"Yeah, but I am going inside to get a bigger gun!, I will call you back in a little bit,Bye Mom. I run inside and grab my SHTF gear! My Bushmaster AR-15, sporting the flat-with red dot scope, and A2 stock. I turn on the red dot, and grab a loaded mag of .223,55gr wolf, fmj, that I had loaded from some informal plinking. It ended up with 14 in the mag and one in the pipe, ready to go. Since I didn't have any more Taurus mags, I grabed my loaded Glock 23,in .40 and threw it on my left hip, cross draw style even though it doesnt go that way. Ready to go I turn off all the lights and crack the door. They are still chuggin' along. Finally they get to about 50-100 yards away and I, can tell they don't see me. They drive up and turn around and start creeping back up the driveway. I wait till they are down the road some and get in my car with the intention of getting a license plate and better description but really coudn't :( . I don't know what these guys were thinking but, I honostly felt intimidated if not scared for my life! And now these idiots no where I live :uhoh: :cuss: !!! I told my Mom the full story after getting back home and she thinks I should call the police station(sherrifs and state troopers really as we are mostly without,"Cops", per se, round here) and make a report. What do you guys thinkl? I already know what I am going to do though ;)

PS. I may have a plan ,but evey little bit helps!!!!

May 9, 2005, 06:33 AM
You should def. file some sort of report. You probably did the best thing too by getting ready for the S to HTF, but not escalating the situation yourself. Some might say NEVER go home when you think someone is following you, but how were you to know/ Just a car driving a quarter mile or so behind you on the back road home. A quarter a mile is a long ways between driving cars. Just be on the look out for any similar activity in the next week or so and be safe! :)

May 9, 2005, 12:02 PM
You definitely want to file a report with the local police. Remember, them asking you to buy some smokes for them is wrong on their part, but not indicative of any hostile behavior. Their following you to your house is. Once they have plotted your whereabouts, you have every reason to believe they are up to no good. As such, you should call the police, tell them what happened and then direct them to your friend at the store. Maybe he already has a plate number.

Did you do anything wrong? Well, you shouldn't have let a stranger approach your vehicle when, as you noted, they are acting rather strangely. Strong, definitive statements that show you are confident and in control are the order of the day. Practice in front of a mirror.

If, after telling him to stay back, he continues to approach, you have even more reason to believe non-friendly behavior is about to ensue.

Having said that, it's really easy to sit here and critique. I know how weird these situs can be at the time and thing you did good. You did esp good by prepping for a hostile encounter at the house.

Live and learn. Learn and live.

Too Many Choices!?
May 9, 2005, 05:13 PM
When I got up to check my car this morning I noticed my AR-15's gun case(Says BUSHMASTER on the front)had been in the back seat the entire time :) ...Maybe that's what brought on his F the police statement. So that really made me think it was just a punk kid and I NEVER actually saw what he had under his shirt(if anything). But I have had a square framed handgun under my shirt with no holster before and think I know what it looks like being carried uncomforatbly. I will stop by to see the store owner after I get off work. He has cameras all over 'cause he has been robbed a bunch!! The last guy( I think he was upset my friend would not sell him more beer as he was too drunk) attatched a chain to the door and drove off with it. Some other jackasses tried to steal his atm but couldn't get it out. He now has some VERY THICK BULLET resistant glass and I am sure atleast one firearm back there. Hopefully he has a license plate number, and I need to tell him what I NOW BELEIVE was really going on :uhoh: !

PS I go to fill the paperwork out tommorow as they don't take statements over the phone, you have to speak to a deputy. The lady did ask if I wanted to be placed on higher patrol, which I declined. A deputy stays on either road that comes to my place. Hopefully after I file the report, I can get some help from them if anything goes crazy....

May 9, 2005, 05:46 PM
Its been said...file a report, and know that if this is the way this scum lives, then they are doing the same thing today, and will tomorrow, till they meet their end. The big dog of life, is waiting behind a bush, ready to bite them good.

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