semi-automatic shotgun!?!


May 19, 2005, 11:39 PM
Hello everybody! This is my first post in the shotgun section of this amazing website ;D. I am very new to the whole gun scene (being 19) and so far i have aquired a ruger 10/22 rifle and a smith and wesson model 41 semi-automatic .22! Well i am looking into growing my little collection and i was thinking about a shotgun.

Well to be honest i don't plan on using it for sport. Home defense is always a nice perk because currently i keep my smith and wesson at hand. I have heard from several sources that the bets home defense is a shotgun.

My second use would be going to Knob Creek gun range and blowing stuff up!

but while i was looking around on the net i saw an semi-automatic shotgun. Well my only experience is a double barreled shotgun that i guess would be similar to a bolt action rifle (single shot, reload after).

the one i saw had a 6+1 magazine. And am i safe to assume that a semi-automatic shotgun is no different than a rifle and a pistol (meaning you don't have to pump the barrel).

If this is the case than i am very interested in owning one of these. Who makes quality semi-automatic shotguns? The only brand i know is from my dad's old weatherby over-under shotgun.

Thank you in advance for any answers you may provide and i hope i can join the ranks of the proud shotgun owners of america ;)

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May 19, 2005, 11:49 PM
the one i saw had a 6+1 magazine. And am i safe to assume that a semi-automatic shotgun is no different than a rifle and a pistol (meaning you don't have to pump the barrel).

Yes. Semi-auto means self loading, ie you don't have to manually work the action after each round.

May 19, 2005, 11:57 PM

At the top of this Forum "stickied" are some great threads by our esteemed Moderator Dave. Many others have contributions such as PJR, Trapper, kudu, Smoke, Lee... etc., we have a hell of cast here. :D

I always recommend Bob Brister's Book - Shotgunning: The Art and the Science try

Gun fit to shooter, so different makes will fit you better off the rack than others.
Training - learning the CORRECT Basic Fundamentals with a gun that fiits, and keep training that BA/UU/ R .

Basic shotgun then training , to see if YOU need anything else, i.e. mag ext, light, sidesaddle...etc.

Now on a gas gun there is less perceived recoil due to the gas system naturally. Getting a shorter bbl is possible....there is a bunch of stuff that has to work together. Too short a bbl and the dwell time is off. Opening ports means one oftens cannot shoot a variety of loadings...only what the ports is set to shoot. Tighten a sidesaddle too tight, and the binding prevents the gun from running reliabily ...

Gun fit: wood allows one to fit the stock, synthetics do not.

New: Win Super X 2 with 3" chambers, Reminton 1100 ( I prefer these over the 11-87 personally) , Beretta 390/ 391.

Used: Any of the above if you can find one.



May 19, 2005, 11:57 PM
Winchester, Benelli, Remington, and Beretta all make great autoloaders. But, the general consensus is that a pump action is better for self defense because they're more reliable (they're also cheaper).

May 20, 2005, 10:19 AM
oh im sorry! I try to pay attention to sticky's and as i was glancing through the old threads i didn't see any that seemed like they would help :(

*tries not to be another net newb*

so are there any legal issues that set normal shotguns apart from semi-automatic? I saw at wal-mart in KY that you had to be 18 to buy a shotgun so i would imagine automatics would be the same.

Also i'm not too familiar with shotgun brands, who makes a cheaper (not cheapest) semi-automatic shotgun? Kind of like how CZ75's are great little handguns for the money. Are there any 'great deals' for buying new semi's?

oh and is a gas gun another name for a semi-automatic? I tried to do some research on and they mentioned that the drum magazine on the... pancor jackhammer i believe? used the excess gas from the firing to cycle through the magazine. Is there an alternative to this method? (perhaps the Benelli M4 Super 90/M1014 Combat Shotgun which uses a 'traditional magazine')

*edit what about a Stoeger 2000? I like the price but i can't tell if it is semi-automatic!

May 20, 2005, 11:09 PM
I typed a very eloquent reply, hit submit - and THR went to Update. So now you are stuck with what I remember I typed.. :p

You are not a 'Net newb. Anytime you ask a question - there are a half dozen others that were wishing someone else would ask.

Autoloader refers to not having to manually cycle the loading. Sometimes called a Semi-Auto, each shot requires the pull of trigger.

We have gas operated , guns using the bleed off gases, thru ports in the bbl to cycle the gas piston which in turn cycles the action. Remington 1100 is just one example. These have less perceived recoil than...

Then we have Recoil-Operated , the recoil cycles the action. Browning Humpback , Benelli Montefelro [ TrapperReady will correct me on spelling :p - two examples .

MY only experience with Stoeger is the single shot guns imported by InterArms ( IIRC) many years ago. Others can chime in.

Personally -

We have too many Quality guns that have Proven themselves, the Customer service , parts availbility the specs have not changed . I mean parts for an Old Beretta 303 , Rem 1100 ,, are still availble. Not always the case with lesser knowns, not proven yet. Especially with a gas gun.

Statutes vary around the country , TTBOMK - I've not heard of distinguishing b/t Semi and non semi shotguns. Check local stats.

The way some blissninnines are ...don't get me started.



May 20, 2005, 11:19 PM
I'm not sure what price range you're looking at, but my Winchester SX2 was $600 new from Outdoorworld. Benellis start at about $1000, and Berettas are somewhere in between. I don't know anything about Remington as their autoloaders have never really caught my eye ::ducks::

As for cheaper autoloaders, I've heard good things about Stoeger's semi-autos. I think they can be had for under $500 (maybe under $400 but I'm not sure), and they use Benelli's proprietary recoil operated system so they should be very reliable. They won't have the fit and finish of a more expensive gun from the other brands, but everything I've heard about them says they function very well.

May 20, 2005, 11:27 PM
Welcome to the forum,and to shotguning.It's a hoot!!
first off don'lt let the other guys tell ya that ya just GOTTA have a 3 1/2" magnum to prove your tough.:)
I have never heard of a semi auto being any tougher to own or buy than any other kind so I'm sure you're ok there.
They are a bit of a pain to keep running compared to a good pump gun..good to me is american made,not chinese or russian..they just aren't built as well,IMHO.
Once you've put a few hundred rounds thru a pump gun it'll smoothe right out and you'll be 'blowing up things' right and left.:)
I did see a post that says WalMart is closing out it's 'Sam Walton signature' shotuguns for 399,and they are remington 1100's IIRC.
If you decide to go pump gun ,go Rem. 870,you'll never be sorry.Lots of models to choose from in that line besides the walmart one.:) :(

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