I'll buy Luigi Franchi Imperial Montecarlo Extra catalog


May 22, 2005, 10:26 AM
It's been for a long while that I've been looking for a book, a catalog, one website for this gun and it sort of models, prices and caracteristics.....
Any of you can give a hand on this matter?
I would be very thankful!

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May 22, 2005, 02:31 PM
The closest thing I've found so far is a 2001 auction...very nice looking gun BTW...item #867 at


"867. * EARLY FRANCHI DOUBLE BARREL SIDELOCK SHOTGUN 2-BARREL SET. Cal. 12 ga. Full sidelock shotgun with two sets of 28" barrels choked MOD/IC and FULL/MOD, raised matted ribs with single brass beads, double lump with ejectors, The wood is highly figured Circassian walnut with a splinter forearm and straight stock 14-1/4" over a checkered butt. The forearm has a gold inlay in the center with a wreath and crown marked "Imperiale Monte Carlo". The receiver is unadorned bright polished metal, except for minor patterns around the screws and the manufacturerís name "SA Luigi Franchi" in gold on each lockplate. It has double triggers with the front being articulated and the stock has tear drop side panels. Accompanied by what appears to be the original leather trunk case fitted for receiver and both sets of barrels. Ser. 11882. CONDITION: Excellent, Nearly new having been fired very little. The barrels retain 97-99% bright original blue with only slight muzzle wear. The receiver and sidelocks retain all their original bright polish. The wood is sound with only minor flaking of the finish around the locks and receiver. Excellent bright shiny bores. The case is fine, slightly dry with worn edges and corners and slightly faded and lightly soiled interior. 4-41024 (7,000-12,000)"


Top to bottom: Franchi, J.P. Sauer, Francotte Best Quality Box Lock

May 22, 2005, 02:46 PM
You may have seen these sites already, but it's an interesting subject. I'm afraid the Google translation from Italian to English leaves a bit to be desired. John

From www.musil.bs.it/Presentation?id=42

"An important stage in the history of this company has been the realization of the Imperial Extra Montecarlo, a doppietta constructed entire by hand in all the members, completed with recordings signed from the bresciani masters and valtriumplini. The Imperial Extra Montecarlo had occupied one prominent position in "medagliere" of the Franchi with to others important productive historians understood them like doppiette the Albatros and Astore the superlusso."

June 4, 2005, 08:33 AM
I thank much JhonBT for the suggestion.

I am a coleccionador of fine guns of hunting (www.armasdeluxo.blogs.sapo.pt and others) and have an Imperial Monte Carlo Extra of 1951 muy pretty and valuable.

For each shotgun of the colection taste to have the respective one I catalogue, books with the history of the mark and others with photos of the some manufactured models, its caracteristicas techniques...

In some marks I have these documents (Lebeau Courally, Aug. Francotte, Purdey, H&H, Ideal, Browning, Beretta, Charles Daly, V. Sarasqueta.....), but I do not obtain to get of the Franchi, situation that leaves me very admired, therefore it was and it is a mark with the great history and has weapons of great quality.

I do not understand... the Ideal and the V. Sarasqueta whose it manufactures already had closed has many years, still catalogues of its shotgun and its history are obtained.

Already I asked for Š mark Beretta and they do not have this catalogue nor indicate any book that has its history? I am in several forums, Espanholes, Italians, English, Americans... and also I do not obtain nothing? also I tried next to encyclopedias of armis/shotguns/escupetas/fusils... and nothing? already I tried tiendas web of collecionadores... and nothing?

It had hope that in this forum shotgun to this bought in years 40/50 would go to obtain somebody could have one and that had also one catalogues of this time that me could authorize a copy... to vender... or to give to me to tracks I to obtain to get this documentation... go to continue to try and who knows! perhaps it finds this "soul" lost that help me - I have hope...

If somebody in the forum to be able to help me I am very grateful.

I have others two things that also I search has much time without success... that they are shields of anagrams of Victor Sarasqueta and Luigi Franchi to place in respective maletins of leather. Of the V. Sarasqueta already I asked for to the current owner of the mark, Armas Parkemy, and am has wait of a reply for briefing. Of Luigi Franchi also I do not obtain... is a disillusion... and I have penalty that so sanctioned mark it so fast loses its roots and references.

Thank you and I am has wait of a surprise of the members of this forum

June 22, 2005, 05:34 AM
Please... help me... :o :o

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