Connecticut THR Meet - UPDATE


June 4, 2005, 07:23 PM
Well there has been but a smattering of interest. Most seem to favor Chris' Gun Shop but there are some that would rather shoot outside for free rather than indoors and pay. Especially if the weather is nice. Plus we are a bit scattered so finding a range that's going to be close for all is probably not going to happen.

Juggler has extended an invite for next Saturday (6/11/05 @ 0845) at his Salem area range for the regular ConTact IDPA style match ONLY but cannot accomodate a large group using the whole range without prior planning. Anyone interested in bringing their favorite carry gun with holster and lots of ammo PM me and I will give directions. Entrance fee is a wopping $2 and we seem to have quite a bit of fun what with all the laughing about how crappy we shoot :p Newcomers are welcome. After a few minutes with juggler's instruction you'll be an old hand at it. VERY worthy practice if you carry at all.

As far as Chris' Gun Shop, I'll go but we need to pick a good date for all. Guilford is about an hour from me so I'd prefer a weekend day. Saturday afternoon usually works for me. PM me on this with a list of days you can make it and I'll try to see if there is one common to us all.

That's all for now I guess.



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June 5, 2005, 01:01 AM
It's a nice invitation, but (a) I'm not interested in IDPA, and (b) Salem is a 2-hour drive for me. Leaving the house at oh-dark-thirty on a Saturday morning is not in the cards for this olde pharte.

I'll catch y'all another time.

June 5, 2005, 07:31 AM
Hopefully we'll hook up in the future.

I just want to clarify as there seems to be a little confusion. The ConTact match, while using IDPA style targets is not true IDPA to the best of my knowledge. It is more of a practical type instructional thing. The object is to bring your regular carry rig and practice with it, which is why I continue with it. There are virtually no "race guns" and while winning is nice, IMHO it's not the focal point. I can't speak for the others on that. It is regularly scheduled year round at that same time and run very well by RSO juggler and a few others and runs unless the weather is just too bad or unless the RSO's are not available. It is the only IDPA style stuff I do. I'm a bullseye shooter.

juggler has left an open invitation to ANY THR member who would like to participate. Just P/M me and I'll give directions. This way we're not bothering him with too many P/Ms. Besides, he can be the kind of guy you have to call and ask, "Did you get my email?" :neener: He is only allowed a couple guests anywhere / anytime else on the range except during that period of the ConTact match without first clearing it through the club board. Hence I couldn't call it a THR get together if you showed up any Saturday but just an opportunity to see a nice range and shoot a few rounds.

I am STILL open for a THR meet at Chris's if we can get a solid date. Just because I'd rather not drive at ANY dark thirty for 2 hours doesn't mean I won't. :D

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