What are the BEST gun locks made?


June 7, 2005, 09:12 PM
Hey guys,

I'm shopping around for some extremely tough gun locks but I don't know whats the most effective. Aside from using a safe what is the BEST locking mechanism that can't be defeated without the possibly of destroying the firearm?

I know of trigger locks,cables, and the one you swap out with a pistol magazine. Am I forgetting anything?

Short of disassembling and hiding parts ,what really WORKS!!

The locks need to work on 2-bolt action rifles, 2- semi-auto w/detachable magazines, 2-pistols(1911 single row mag, Taurus double row mag), and a 12 gauge pump.


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June 7, 2005, 09:34 PM
I wonder if the Lifejacket series of gunlocks may meet your needs. Look here:Lifejacket gun lock (http://www.defensedevices.com/lifejacket-gun-locks.html)

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June 7, 2005, 09:36 PM
Millcreek, your link doesn't work for me - here (http://www.copsplus.com/prodnum2321.php) is another one for the same product. I agree with you that this seems about the best gun-lock available.

June 7, 2005, 09:41 PM
the Omega Lock (http://www.omegagunlock.com/) is a great design. It goes in the chamber like a snap cap and when locked, the action cannot be opened without destroying the gun. I think they cost about $20 and are available for just about every common pistol, rifle, and shotgun chambering.

Old Fuff
June 7, 2005, 10:01 PM
The Old Fuff is going to be contrary again ... Of course.

I don't like trigger locks in principal, because they're made on the basis of one size fits all, so therefore they don't really fit anything. As a substitute I prefer to take the handgun - any kind or size - and lock it is a metal box or better yet, a small safe. You can buy them specifically made for guns, or at Wally-World. Larger guns can be stored in a reenforced closet with a steel door and double dead-bolt locks. If this doesn't seem to be enough go buy an honest-to goodness safe and be done with it.

June 8, 2005, 04:35 PM
Thanks for the info!

The OMEGA lock seems like its the one to get. I was wondering about one thing regarding their lock set-up for rifles since the rifle shown on the web site (unless I've gone blind) appears to be for a semi-auto and not for a bolt gun.

Maybe I'm missing somethin' here. Although I haven't contacted them yet I was thinking that maybe you could use it on a bolt gun but the bolt would have to remain open.

Have any members used this lock on their bolt guns?? If so did you have any problem?? They seem to have the pistol and shotgun locks covered ok. Worst case scenario I'll just hide the bolts somewhere........I can see it now (next huntin' season..OK,where did I put the BOLTS!!)LOL


June 8, 2005, 05:48 PM

To what purpose are needing gunlocks ??? And what type of firearm ??? Is it to keep nosy kiddos from accidently making them go bang ?? To prevent them from being stolen ???

While the Omega's look nice, I prefer a gun safe and/or combination cable locks. I bet my 4 year old son could have the Omega's out in less then a minute. I know my 11 year old daughter could unlock them.

Nosy rugrat prevention:
1. Training. The Four Rules plus "Rule 0". What's "Rule 0". You don't touch a gun unless Mom or Dad says that you can. Not Grandpa, not Uncle Mike, not Cousin Cindy, Mom or Dad only.
2. Gun Safe.

Theft Prevention: Gun Safe

Trigger locks are unsafe. see http://www.donath.org/Rants/OnTriggerLocks/ (http://) Mr. Donath is a member of THR and his website has some well reasoned/researched info.

Plus for Combination Cable locks:
1. If properly installed, you cannot close the action, even if you can load a round in the chamber.
2. In a emergency, I don't have to go find a key, I always have it with me (memorized combination).
3. Ankle-bites can't accidently find the combination like they could find a key.
4. HH6 (Mrs Scout) knows the combo also. No need for a separate key.

Mine are kept in the safe. When they come out of the safe, the cable locks go and guns go in cases until we get to the range.

June 8, 2005, 06:48 PM
The Lifejacket series by Mogul security are very good for pistols and shotgun(pump).For a bolt action rifle,I would remove the bolt and store it in a lockbox.

Jim K
June 9, 2005, 12:48 PM
It depends on how secure you want to be. Even the cheapest trigger lock will stop a child, but if there is need for greater security, they will not do. Most locks designed for guns are fairly small and fragile, and easy to break or pick. Many have only two or three tumblers, not exactly a challenge for any one with a lock pick. Most trigger locks can be removed simply by cutting through the trigger guard with a saw or bolt cutter, leaving the gun still functional.

The inexpensive cable locks are also fairly fragile and the cable is easily cut.

When possible I prefer to use a heavy duty padlock (Master is one) with a hardened shackle, and put a piece of rubber hose or shrink tubing around the shackle to protect the gun. All the makers make long-shackle locks (bicycle locks) that can be inserted through the magazine well of an auto pistol, and smaller locks can be inserted into the cylinder opening of a revolver with the cylinder swung out. That type of lock is very hard to disable, pick, or cut and removing it by cutting the gun will destroy the gun. That type lock won't work on all guns, but when they do they are very effective.


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