Want a Mossberg 590


June 18, 2005, 09:59 AM
Okay, I want a Mossberg 590. Don't know if I'll actually BUY one, as...frankly, for the little bit of shotgun shooting I actually do, my Norinco 870 clone works just fine.

The 18" version with the less than full length tube just...well, it looks wrong. But the 20" version is 40" overall, and the guys over in the rifle forum say that that's too long for "urban operations", or whathaveyou. *shrug*

Going to get a FAL carbine almost for sure...it'd be kind of silly if your CQB shotgun was longer than your long-ranged general purpose rifle. I could shorten the FAL to 18" and then they'd be the same, though. :D

(Yes, in my strange world, things like this bother me.)

If I could, I'd get a 14", but those are verboten in MI.

Don't think I need ghost ring sights. Anybody make a glow-in-the-dark bead for a shotgun?

Any insight on the Mossy 590? Can you fit a factory heat shield on the heavy barreled A1 model?


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Fred Fuller
June 18, 2005, 11:33 AM
If I couldn't get an 870, a Mossberg 590 would be my next choice.

IMHO, way too much angst over 2" of barrel. Makes no diff at all, performance wise, and very very little in maneuverability. Still, I like short too, and will take 18 over 20 if available. Too much angst over magazine capacity too, learn to feed the thing and don't worry about how many it holds. Barrels shorter than 18" are TOO short, try one before you get all excited over it. Lotso kewl points, sure, plus the 'I got sumpin special an yew don't' brag but that's about it. Not worth the SBS hassle.

Tritium beads? Yup, Meprolight makes a screw-in, and AO makes a glue-on. May be others I don't know about...

Heat shield? Why? Need some extra weight on the gun? Gonna put a bayonet stud on it so you can stick what you don't shoot? Yeah, it should fit on a bead sighted barrel, but making it stay in place might be fun, some of them want to wander around. Pulling maintenance on the outside surface of the barrel with one of those monsters in place is hardly fun, neither is taking it off and putting it back on every time you clean the gun or need to wipe it down. Have at it if you want, I have bought a couple of used Mossies in the past that had 'em on and the first thing I did was yank 'em off and give 'em back to the dealer.

June 19, 2005, 02:08 AM
If you don't have the heat shield on tight they can move and keep the slide from opening all the way. I just sold my 590 to buy another gun...But it was great while I had it.

Zach S
June 19, 2005, 05:43 PM
Mossberg heatsheilds arent bad to move around like the aftermarket ones. As Lee said, mine is kind of a PITA to get back on after a wipedown of the finish. It came on the gun, I really see no reason not to leave it. I'm gonna make a "tap plate) to get rid of those two little nuts though... My previous HD weapon was a Thompson that weighs around 14 lbs, so the added weight of a heatsheild, or the side-saddle, wasnt an issue.

Also, as Lee said, the extra 1.5" difference isnt a big deal. My 20" 590 is around 40 inches long, so the 18.5" would be around 38.5" long. I dont know of anyone that makes a one round mag extension for the 18.5" 590A1, and I agree that the shorter mag tube looks weird.

The mossberg heatsheilds wont fit the 590A1s, since they come with HBARs.

Andrew Wyatt
June 19, 2005, 05:56 PM
If you shorten the stock to fit normal human beings instead of apes, it ends up being the same OAL as the 18.5 inch, or shorter. my gun has a 12.5" LOP down from 14.5 or some such.

June 19, 2005, 08:37 PM
My Scattergun Tech cylinder bore has an 18.5" barrel and is equipped with Track Lock II tritium front sight and rear ghost- ring. I personally wouldn't have a problem with any barrel length from 18 to 22" on a Combat shotgun. For indoors, the 18" might be the best choice. The rifle sights make it a good 100yd (or beyond with some slugs) slug gun, and the tritium shows up real well when you can't see the black post. For simple home defense, an 18" bead sight would work fine--buckshot or slugs. :)

June 23, 2005, 11:49 AM
-I want a heat shield because it looks cool.
-I want a bayonet lug for the same reason. Fortunately, the bayonet lug seems to be on the standard 20" 590 Special Pupose models in addition to the 590A1.
-I do want the metal safety and trigger guard, so I'm leaning towards the 590A1.
-Not sure about the ghost ring sights. I imagine the shotgun as a close range and night fighting weapon. Ghost rings are difficult to use in darkness. A tritium bead would be preferable.
-Interesting that the heat shiled can be squeaked onto the heavy barrel. Why does the ghost ring sight interfere? Does the heat shield slide onto the barrel from the front?

Thanks for the info.

Oh, yeah, the Bantam Stock is a must. I'm a big dude, but Mossy stocks are way too long.

Zach S
June 24, 2005, 06:34 PM
- I agree. The heat shield looks cool.
- Yes, its standard onthe 20." I'm going to remove mine, I have to since I plan on a surefire fore end.
- The plastic triggerguard wasnt an issue for me. I did replace my safety though.
- I just have the bead on mine. I've never used ghost rings on a SG.
- According to the mossberg website, the heat shield cant be squeaked onto the factory A1 barrel, I've never tried it. Yes, it slides on the front of the barrel. It wont slide off if it even has a bead sight.

IIRC the bantam stock has a 13" LOP. If that's still to long Houge makes them with a 12" LOP.

June 25, 2005, 09:37 AM
I much prefer the ghost ring sight. As for using it in low light conditions, the Surefire forend resolves that issue.



(Sorry for the less-than-stellar photography) :D


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