Birthday Party At The Range


June 24, 2005, 09:14 PM
I had my birthday party at the range yesterday.
As usual, my wife did an excellent job of bringing dinner there. Roast loin of pork with onion powder, garlic powder and rosemary, crusty rolls, and a Black Forest cake. My friends' wives brought salad and vegetables, and fruit. Both my sons were there. (My daughter had to work and couldn't make it but called earlier.)

We were trying out ideas for three gun. I asked everyone to start things off with a .22 bolt rifle (lefthanded) and a swinging steel plate at around 40 yards. Made them single load it, because I'm a curmudgeon. Time started when they picked up the rifle and continued until they'd hit the swinger, or used up five loose rounds that I put on the bench.

Next we shot three wooden tip over targets at about 30 yards with a shotgun. I used my Mossberg 590. The ghost ring peep and the orange-painted blade front sight worked very well on the small triangular targets. My older son said he liked the Mossberg's sights a lot. He hasn't shot with us for quite a while, so I was glad he was able to make the trip home for the party.

My youngest son, Little Loudmouth, used his full-choke 12 gauge High Standard pump/J.C. Higgens Model 20. He really smacked them, most of his flew backward and flipped over. I mostly just knocked them over with the open-choked Mossberg. L.L. was wearing his BA/UU/R shirt at the time, of course. He and that old gun are sympatico. I think he might have had the fastest shotgun time.

We went on to steel targets at 20 yards and pistols. Some of us used my Browning High Power Practical, one Glock and a .45 were also in the running. The pistol stage gave almost everybody fits. Some started out well and fell apart, others missed the first plate a lot and then finally settled down. I started out OK and then missed the last plate.

After that we fired my AR clone at a couple of International Rapid Fire silhouettes at about 40 yards. Distances are approximate. It was over 90 degrees and I set up the bench in the shade of a tree rather than in full sun at the usual firing point. The rifle stage went pretty well for everyone.

I noticed that everyone did well with the shotgun. This was true even though the tip overs were farther away than the pistol targets and smaller. One guy hit short but still knocked the targets over with some of the pattern of seven and a half shot.

I managed to post the best time. My older son was second and my youngest third. I call that another birthday present!

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June 24, 2005, 10:54 PM
Happy birthday! :)

June 24, 2005, 11:15 PM
Happy birthday! Mine is in 4 days, so I go to the range tomorrow....just to shoot a bunch of reloads, though.

Dave McCracken
June 25, 2005, 07:57 AM
Happy Birthday, ACP. Sounds like a great day. Any pics?

June 25, 2005, 08:22 AM
Brought the camera and forgot to get it out of the car!

One that I'd like to have gotten is my buddy shooting a pistol gripped Winchester pump from the hip and missing a lot.

I'm still looking for a digital, so it would have been difficult to post them anyway.

June 25, 2005, 08:40 AM
Happy Birthday!
Sounds like fun was the cake?

June 25, 2005, 03:46 PM
I delayed going back to shooting to eat some cake.
That ought to tell you something.

June 25, 2005, 05:48 PM
Awesome birthday, awesome wife! Congrats.

June 29, 2005, 10:19 AM
It looks like we may get together for another shoot July 4.
It just seemed like the right day for one!

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