July 4th Brain Phart re: the USSC decision.


June 30, 2005, 07:46 AM
I forgot to turn off my half-watt brain last night. Consequently it churned away all night and sounded like a race horse on steroids when it finally blasted me awake. Here's what it came up with. Pay attention. I'm only gonna say this once.

All giggling aside. The old-time distress signal for a ship was and is to fly the US flag upside down. I remember a General Walker in Dallas, I think, who flew his flag upside down in his yard to signal his distress at some gov't action. I forget what.

This use of the flag has no disrespect or desecration connected with it.

My idea is to fly our flags upside down starting July 4th and keep them that way as long as the property piracy ruling stands.

Then email everyone on your list and have them do the same thing and pass the email on.

I have an example of an email message you could use. Feel free to use it, change it or do your own thing. Let's see how fast we can get the message out.

This action will cause questions from your neighbors and you can tell them what's up and watch them do the same thing. Let a whole nation of distress signals remind the Beltway crowd that we are awaiting a correction.

I will sign my name to the emails I send. I don't see anything wrong with you signing your own name to it if you use it.

Later, I'll tell you my ideas regarding "liberty committees."

here's the email:

Greetings from your local government. Vacate your house by noon or face prison and fines. We have decided to sell your property to a well-known hotel chain for development.

Shocked? The government’s action IS LEGAL.

On the 23rd of June this year five “justices” of the US Supreme Court, Souter, Stevens, Kennedy, Ginsburg and Breyer voted your rights to your property away. If someone else wants it for some moneymaking venture it’s theirs. You have NO say in the matter. Pack your bags.

Distressed? You should be.

The universal sign of distress is flying the American flag upside down. This signal was used prior to radio communications. If you were at sea and saw a ship flying the US flag upside down, you went to it and rendered assistance.

This July 4th, next Monday, fly your flag upside down to signal the distress you feel at having the Supreme Court burn your Constitution. This signal is in no way a desecration or disrespectful action where the flag is concerned. Keep flying your flag upside down until this devastating Supreme Court treachery is annulled. This may take years.

If you are content having your local government able to seize your property at its pleasure, do nothing. Please excuse me for having interrupted your bliss. If you are distressed, please send this email to everyone on your list right now. This may well be the most important thing you ever did for the protection of our Constitution.

Thank you,

that's it.


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June 30, 2005, 09:17 AM
Thank you, RR. I just sent your message to my e-mail list. The only change I made was to increase the font size on the intro statement and put it in quotations. Makes it stand out a little better.

Interested to hear more about the liberty commitees.


June 30, 2005, 09:20 AM
I'm thinking of getting the Gadsen flag to fly instead of Old Glory. The country is indeed in distress. Maybe put Glory upside down under the Don't Tread on Me.

June 30, 2005, 09:33 AM
Sent. And I've been thinking of Boofus' idea, but with a Jolly Rodger for the REALLY bad days...

June 30, 2005, 11:40 AM
Yeah, Hunter Rose - Jolly Roger or maybe Stars & Bars


June 30, 2005, 01:01 PM
_don't tread on me_ has got to be the best flag ever

can you buy those anywhere?

June 30, 2005, 01:05 PM
_don't tread on me_ has got to be the best flag ever can you buy those anywhere? http://www.flagline.com/id01140130

June 30, 2005, 01:18 PM
I considered doing that, but I've been informed that flying your flag upside down around here will get the police knocking on your door ... not because they disapprove of your choice of protest, but because the upside down flag is a signal of distress. They will come knocking asking what the trouble is.

The Gadsden flag would be much more appropriate.

June 30, 2005, 01:39 PM
Old Glory, Inverted
Stars and Bars
Jolly Roger

Any would be appropriate.

Fred Fuller
June 30, 2005, 01:40 PM
It's been done/being done by various folk in various places, as far back as at Wounded Knee in the 1970s, likely longer ago than that.

It also IDs the person doing it as one'o them nasty miltia minded patriot types in the minds of many in offialdom and therefore as individuals suitable for further o-fish-ul attention. Sorta like quoting the Declaration of Independence, or carrying a pocket version of the Constitution ya know, local LEOs are sure people doing that are unstable and dangerous types, 'cause the FBI and others tell'em so.

I suggest you search the words 'flag upside down' on your favorite search engine and do some reading...


June 30, 2005, 01:48 PM
This is an excellent idea. I'll more than likely take part and pass this on.

another okie
June 30, 2005, 02:15 PM
If you want to do something effective about this Supreme Court decision, go to your state legislature and ask them to change the eminent domain law. Just because the Supreme Court says a state has a certain power doesn't mean the state has to exercise it.

Al Norris
June 30, 2005, 06:43 PM
Lee Lapin wrote:
It also IDs the person doing it as one'o them nasty miltia minded patriot types in the minds of many in offialdom and therefore as individuals suitable for further o-fish-ul attention.
That's the whole point. We not only want to let the "authorities" know who we are, but we need to let them know just how many of us there are.

Realistically, it's not gonna happen. Way too many people, like the poster above, are simply too afraid to let it be known that they are concerned and that they are watching. Let's not call attention to ourselves....

I submit to everyone, when we are that afraid of our own government, then the cause is already lost.
another oakie writes:
If you want to do something effective about this Supreme Court decision, go to your state legislature and ask them to change the eminent domain law. Just because the Supreme Court says a state has a certain power doesn't mean the state has to exercise it.
That is only a stop-gap measure. It will work for the time being, until the Feds pass some law, or the Court further enhances the "public use" clause, that undermines your states authority.

Before your attack this line of thought, remember the decision on Raich. No state has the power to make its own decisions as to what is or isn't intrastate commerce. The reach of federal law under the commerce clause is now everywhere.

If all the little encroachments upon our Liberties have not yet roused you (the general public) from your apathetic stupor, then what will? Despite all the bickering between The Two Parties, they continue down the road of domination. We are now at the point where the Court either condones what the Executive does, or it stands mute. What choice does it have? Lincoln showed the impotency of the Court to enforce its decisions without the enforcement power of the presidency. And what of the legislature? Here the Court has given its blessing to pass whatever odious laws it wants. We are reduced to literally watching, as the Federal Government becomes an unstoppable monolith, with all three branches in collusion with one another.

We are now a people whose natural and unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are no longer guaranteed, but instead, are granted us by the Government only so long as it suits their purpose.

June 30, 2005, 07:39 PM
I have a Gadsen Flag somewhere. I understand that it is an official US flag.
Private property is down there at the bedrock level of freedom.

I read somewhere that Fascism is a form of Socialism wherin the property is owned by the people, but controlled by the .gov. I guess making the trains run on time and telling you who you have to sell your property to would qualify as Fascism.

Fascism, you remember? The form of .gov that our fathers fought to overcome?

We have met the enemy and he is US.

July 1, 2005, 01:18 AM

I am not about to come up with the magic formula to fixing liberty over a week end. We didn’t get into this hole in a minute. Think about it. Supreme Court “justices” not afraid to trash your property rights! In 1800 they would have been led out and shot! We the people have become so docile and dependent on our comfort and entertainment, that we no longer care. Not more than three hours ago, since I wrote the main part of this document below, I was jabbering with an editor for the biggest paper in the region. He was UNAWARE of the SCOTUS decision! An editor! A week! He did not know of the attempt to grab Souter’s shack! He said, “So what. If they want the dump I live in, I’ll go find another one!” An editor for a newspaper has this attitude! And he was not joshing me. Four of us and him were sitting around drinking, smoking cigars and admiring his dogs. We’ve been working down the slope since the ink dried on The Document. A plan such as this I’ve outlined will save us, but who has the guts to continue it year after year?

The main benefit that I see to such an organization as I outline here is this: Through this work you will meet and work with people from all walks of life and all areas of the nation. From these new acquaintances and colleagues and the many meetings and discussions you will have, you will become much more aware of when it is finally time to go 2A and have a broad base of support and cooperation to do this. Otherwise, each one reaches his boiling point, starts shooting, dies and we slide a little more into the abyss. The only hope of ever having a chance of restoring liberty is either the success of “liberty committees” or in the success of reasoned and informed revolt should these committees not do the trick.

While you are working on the committees you will be learning how best to defeat the system through some sort of revolt if such a thing should need to be done.


Liberty Committees

I picked that name because it’s simple. A high sounding name might be impressive, but it might scare people off.

The ultimate goal would be to have such a group in every county in the nation. Large counties might need more than one committee. There might well be a state committee tying all the county committees together and then a national group. Starting at the county, or maybe township level and building up would be the most workable plan, I think.

Each committee would be incorporated under the not-for-profit laws of the various states and have a slate of officers and directors and a set of by-laws. A method of financing the thing, usually through member dues, is vital. These items are needed to have a viable corporation in most states.

Each committee should have a lawyer who is part of the group or interested enough in the cause to work for nothing. There should be someone who can keep the group’s website up to date.

There are probably other items and people needed, but these are the ones I’ve had some experience with except for the web wonder.

You don’t need masses of people showing up and clogging meetings with noise, etc. And you surely need to stay away from the posturing, shuffling and infighting that I have witnessed around here in the various fire and rescue organizations. You need a strong membership of people ready to shell out a few bucks for various projects and willing to help with some activities. The board of directors does most of the work, planning, article writing, etc. I’ve found that trying to hold a membership meeting every month kills interest fast. Keep in touch with the group through the website and/or newsletter, but work with a tight, well disciplined board that meets regularly. Keep the group informed and forewarned of any activities planned. Chat with members constantly and keep asking them for input, opinions, etc. They MUST be kept interested and ready to help out. You groom one or two a year for some office in the organization. The board always needs new blood.

So much for the basic structure of the thing.

The committee keeps in contact with all government and school governance units in the county. A member of the group goes to most meetings. One member might take in town A, B, C and the school in town A, while another member covers some other entities. I think it’s better if the same person goes to each function on a regular basis. You might not take in every meeting, but hit the important ones. The attending member becomes the “expert” on the groups he is with most often. “What’s going on in A-town?” “Ask Joe. He knows everyone over there and all their dogs and pickup trucks.”

Members would attend all court trials and hearings, especially where an individual’s rights might get mauled. Keep notes and write articles for the local papers about the proceedings. Keep records of all articles, etc., naturally.

The committee would study all rights/liberty issues. For instance, if a land grab were contemplated, some members would be at every public meeting asking questions and expressing opinions and stating facts when and if allowed. Members would study, with the help of the attorney, every law that is introduced related to the action contemplated. You are always gathering facts and keeping track of who is doing what. And you are always writing articles and going on local talk shows stating facts and sane opinions.

At election time, you will have a raft of valid info that will enable you to go after liberty trashers. Speaking of elections—it is very important to keep a listing of who is registered to what party and other data such as address and phone numbers. Know the voters. Know who will get out and vote and how they might vote. Voter lists are on CDs now and available from the board of elections in the various counties usually. They do cost money. [Before CDs I went to our county election board and paid $120 for about twenty pounds of paper. Great info including unlisted phone numbers. Handier, those CDs.]

A group such as outlined here would be made up of polished self-made politicians before too long. You are always in contact with people. Before very long you will have a group of people who know and understand what’s going on and who will have ideas how to fix things that need fixing and how to dump things that need dumping. One danger is that you will find that one party or the other wants you to run for one of their orifices. The problem is that too many people getting voted into some position or other, kills the group. It’s sometimes the strongest members who are lured away. A bunch of us had a taxpayer’s group going about 35 years ago. We did a lot of the things I’ve outlined here and did them quite well. We made one school board, two or three town boards and the county government clean up their acts and we never had more than six people show up for anything we did. After about three years we were sucked into running, got elected to various posts and died out. If you’re going to be a watchdog, you can’t also be a wolf.

Activities you can do is to take every opportunity to contact young people and spread the story of freedom, its history and how it is being wrecked and by whom. Celebrate Columbus day, Bill of Rights Day, Washington’s b’day, Flag Day and so on. Of course, get this info into the paper. Keep your group before the public all the time. Celebrate some liberty significant holidays by having a small luncheon and inviting various gov’t/school officials, or having a picnic on Columbus Day and getting the kids out to it. Take pictures for the paper and the website. One rights oriented group I was in while associated with one of our SUNY schools held an essay contest every little while. The subject would be some aspect of liberty people were fuzzy on. One year the contest theme was: “Damage that Multiculturalism is doing to America.” That got the anti-liberty crowd to revving their engines real good. The prize was always a $50 US Bond that I paid for.

Shooting and gun safety classes would be great. Sponsoring a high school debating team would roast the anti-liberty crowd. Do whatever you have to to get young people to know and trust you and feel free to ask you about any issue. AND BE SURE TO ALWAYS BE WORTHY OF THAT TRUST!

There is no end to the things you can do besides helping people with their gov’t troubles and reporting gov’t abuses. And, noticing this skeleton list of things to do, there is no end of the work. In 1975 I went to so many gov’t/school meetings and such that my kids called me Mr. Taillights. Gone again. I had to cut back on a lot of the activities.

Keep in contact with neighboring committees and support each other in activities and in sponsoring lecturers or renting and circulating video media, moderating debates, etc. Always push the liberty theme and keep educating the public about it. Right now, such a committee system could load New London, CT with maybe a hundred, maybe a thousand “outsiders” who are supporting the victims of SCOTUS over there. This impresses gov’t birds. Nothing impresses them more than a disciplined organization. I don’t mean that you march in like a band of soldiers. I mean you ask tough questions politely, decide who will speak for the group at a meeting and who will handle the slides, or such. No shouting matches and name-calling. Always be polite, fair and very firm. Even though I relish a good old “who’s the biggest arseole?” contest, these events, though a hell of a lot of fun, are counter-productive.

Speaking of impressing the gov’t birds--back in my taxpayer group days, I was assigned to take in every County general meeting and a few of the committee meetings. I sat there and said nothing for eight months. I took a few notes and wrote an article for the paper after some of the more important meetings. I signed the group’s name and not mine. One night one of the elected county birds who later made it to the US congress, got up the nerve to ask me who I was and who I represented. I told him that I was just a fellow who was interested in what was going on. He said, “You’ll never know how much money you’ve saved the taxpayers of this county by just sitting there and watching. There’re some of these people who are genuinely nervous when they see you. Usually nobody from the public shows up.” Later we had a beer and I told him about the t.p. group.

A great advantage to the members of the committee is to see what some of the gov’t birds do and what they go thru, even the ones you love to hate, in trying to accomplish their jobs. You will get a much better idea of the hows and whys of gov’t by watching them work through and debate issues. You’ll find out who is serious about liberty and who wants to trash it. Great info at election time!

So that’s how it’s done and nary a shot gets fired. It’s a daunting task that makes that 6PAK in the cooler seem so much more attractive than years of this kind of action. This is the way I want to see it done. PETA and the GREENs do it this way. Why can’t we? An answer to that seems to be that PETA, etc is out to grab and trash liberty. We are out to save/reboot it. It seems to always be easier to organize to grab rights, money, etc. than to organize to save these things. That, methinks, is why liberty gradually fades and dies and a revolution with noise and bloodshed is required to restart it again. That’s why I say that blood is the currency of politics.

Maybe it will be different this time. That’s what keeps me from going hog wild. And “this time” is getting here at super-sonic speed.

You all may want to add, subtract or change any of this. Nothing is written in stone.

I found out just tonight that there’s a group in this state called the State Property Rights ???Group, association or whatever. More info is coming to me tomorrow night. Check your area and see if something like I’ve outlined already exists. If so, join and if it is going somewhere near the way you think it should be going, stay and help.


July 2, 2005, 09:30 AM
Since I posted my outline of what might work to peacefully get the nation back in the loving liberty business and pointed out that a lot of work would be needed, there have been about 60 "reads" and nary a "write." Does this mean that everybody has given up on a peaceful solution?

I remind y'all that people out to grab our guns and our rights in general, organize along the lines I have outlined for a peaceful rebirth of liberty in America. People will organize to TAKE but not to SAVE.


Art Eatman
July 2, 2005, 01:29 PM
Starting in to put pressure on your legislature is about as good an idea as there is. The Texas Lege is in Special Session about school finance; there's been enough uproar around the state about this eminent domain deal that there is already a bill introduced to outlaw a city selling to a private developer.

Letters to editors tend to bring more of them on this. City council types can get the message as well as legislators. Phone calls about wheree your campaign funds will go don't hurt, either.

So fly a flag however you want: Don't quit there.


July 2, 2005, 05:52 PM
Not quitting with the flag, etc.

Over the years I've been in various groups that have done a little good. Most of them public groups. I thought I'd retired from doing this stuff. But, I sure got blasted awake by this travesty.

You might have seen in the postings I've dumped in that a friend of mine has a sister living in Souter's hometown in NH. The town has 2--count 'em--2 cops and they are guarding Souter's house.

It's a wake up call. Now the trick is to keep people's fingers off the snooze button.


July 2, 2005, 06:53 PM
Why are they guarding his house? Were there threats made? I wouldn't consider the attempt to legally sieze it to be a threat requiring police.

July 3, 2005, 09:29 AM
I don't know the why of the house guarding thing. I'll see the gal who told me this in a little while. I'll see if she can find out.


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