Shot my first Bullseye Pistol match this morning...


July 3, 2005, 11:14 PM
Quite a blast, and a bit different than the 3p and prone competitions that I'm used to. I used a Ruger Mark I target that I borrowed from a friend, and enjoyed that, but fell in love with the benelli m90 that two shooters had on the line. I think this is where some of my money will end up going in the future...

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July 4, 2005, 06:11 AM
Bullseye competition is the basis of all other diciplines. Quantrill

July 5, 2005, 04:22 PM
I started shooting rimfire Bullseye indoors last winter. Then on to an outdoor Duello league this spring. I've always considered myself a pretty good shot when comparing to hunting partners and friends plinking in the woods. But Bullseye was an eye opener.

The introduction to Bullseye was to a great group of disciplined people. I started with my trusty standard model Ruger MKII with light tapered 4" barrel. OK, so, I know that thing's capable of better scores. I shot a Hammerli that one guy loaned me for a few targets. Nice! So,, some stoning of the trigger and hammer on the MKII. Then I ordered a Trapper spring kit. A Volquartsen trigger. (blemished) Hogue finger groove target grips too. And my scores improved by 25+ in that league. Most improved shooter. At the end of the league I bought a brand new SS, 6" Slabside Bull BBL, Ruger MKII Target and I've done all the trigger stuff and grip changes to it too. I'm hoping to average in the low 570's one handed this fall and winter. (Best has been a 565 so far) No league here in the summer.

Shooting Bullseye has made me a better shooter. Much better. If you get a chance to shoot Duelo, go for it, It's challenging. Slow fire in two sessions of 25yd. Your timed fire and rapid fire sessions are replaced by three sessions of 10 of 100pt each, in five shot strings. Target faces you for three seconds. One shot. Then away for three seconds. Repeat. It's nice to have four magazines for Duelo.

So, you historians... How did Bullseye start?


July 5, 2005, 08:14 PM
yeah...first round was a 390...yeah...pretty bad, but I didn't shoot my last 5 shots as I didn't know the procedure for alibies after my gun jammed while chambering the first round. The second was a 547. Pretty fun, but my pocket book doesn't like the idea of getting another gun... :( oh well, I probably will anyway. :D

July 6, 2005, 03:14 AM
Well, I tell ya what... If you can fit another pistola outa the pocket book, I think that Bullseye has made me a better shooter all around. I don't target/rifle shoot, but I'm a high power rifle hunter. And pistol hunter. Keep your eyes open for a good price on a Ruger MKII or a Browning Buckmaster. Those are great entry level Bullseye guns. You don't need the target models from either of those brands, but they are nicer. There's not much aftermarket stuff for the Browning. But there's plenty for the Ruger. Outa the box, I'd say the Buckmaster has the edge when it comes to the trigger. But the Ruger is easy to refine. Those Hammerli's are nice but spendy. Even the Sig/Hammerli's are accurate as one ragged hole at 50'. And they'll shoot any ammo. But, again, they're half as much as a worn Hammerli. And it's a crap shoot for trigger pull on one of those new. They cost twice as much as a Ruger too. One to look at is the S&W. It looks to be a pretty good gun. I've never shot one, but I hear that they're quite accurate. Cheap too!

Once the rules of Bullseye are learnt, it makes for much better shooting. My first outing wasn't too much different than yours. I prefer to shoot proven lots of ammo during competition now. I went more than 2000 rounds through my new SS MKII without a misfire this spring. Winchester T-22's or some old Federal match were the most accurate and reliable.


July 6, 2005, 08:02 AM
Welcome to Bullseye! I'm only on the low side of intermediate, myself, but started in Bullseye and am now exploring the other pistol competition formats as well.

You might find some good information here:
and there's a mailing list (with searchable archives) here:

July 9, 2005, 12:44 AM
"...How did Bullseye start?..." No offense, but that's like asking when did target shooting start. Bullseye shooting is older than any other competitive shooting. It was one of the original Summer Olympic sports, but bullseye target shooting is older than that.
JackOfAllTradesMasterAtNone, see if you can try a Smith Model 41. About a grand, new, but it's one of the least expensive target .22's. Fussy about what ammo it will operate with and shoot well though. Mine only likes Remington Target velocity ammo or IVI crap. 22's are like that. Lots of U.S. handgun hunters use it for squirrels etc. Lots of after market grips etc available. The Rugers are ok for the money, but good high end target pistols they ain't. The triggers are poor and are truly a pain to fix. The Smith is ready to go out of the box with ammo it'll shoot. Trust me. I've done it. The Ruger just doesn't cut it as a good target pistol.
The guys I used to shoot ISU bullseye(It's not called that anymore. Same thing as NRA bullseye) with had Walther's in .22 and .32 S&W(about $2500 for the set, last I saw.) Are you shooting Duello with a .22? In ISU shooting, Duello is done with a centerfire. The course of fire is 15 rounds of precision, centre fire in 2.5 minutes at a bullseye target then 15 Duello. Just curious.

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