CZ Ringneck 12ga SxS review


July 17, 2005, 10:12 AM
Well, i got to go play with my new toy yesterday. (see True Love thread). Went out to Colorado Clays to shoot the sporting clays course with the new gun. In the nice 100 degree heat. (really, 106 when we quit at 2:30, ugh :fire: )
Anyway, the gun. CZ (previously Huglu) Ringneck 12 ga SxS, sidelock, 28 inch barrels, single trigger, pistol grip. Really well put together. More than a couple people at the range commented on it, and just about everyone wanted to shoulder it. (and i brought extra ammo for people to give it a try, CZ should give me a commission)
So, bad news first. I shot terrible. Horrible score. worst score ever (1st time through). :cuss:
Good news. I've never had more fun. :D I've never had a gun snap to shoulder so easily and quickly. I shot low gun for the first time ever and I never mis-mounted it. Shot a couple at the patterning board and that was interesting. Left barrel shoots right to target, right barrel shoots a little right (about 3 or 4 inches). Shoots very tight patterns. I was shooting IC left and Mod right and the patterns weren't much different and were probably 12 to 18 inches total.
So, at lunch I went over to the Jim Jamison trailer to get the gun fitted (got permission from the boss). Now, i thought gun fitting was a scam. I'm a believer now. he changed teh back angle so it mounts better, and shaved down the top, and then some on the palm because I was twisting it. Now it comes up perfect every time. I mean, every time. Well worth the money. He also commented how good the woodwork was and the fitting.

Anyway, went back out and shoot another round, went up 12. and on the last station got 8 of 10. I think i'm finally starting to figure out where the point of aim is. (maybe.). Still, tons of fun, never hurt my shoulder (despite shooting 225 rounds all day) and was really sweet.
It is a little sticky and doesn't want to unlock after firing. (the shots must get pushed back a bit), although that was getting better as the day went on. New gun breaking in.

Oh, and I finally beat the wife on the 2nd round. :-) :D

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Dave McCracken
July 17, 2005, 06:53 PM
A good day, IMO, Brian. Gun fit isn't a big thing, it's darn near the only thing. Bet those scores climb after a few more rounds.

July 19, 2005, 02:52 AM
I am new to sporting clays and I wondered what a fitting might cost? This would be for an o/u. A price range would be helpful since the exact cost must vary a bit.

July 19, 2005, 07:34 PM

About 2 weeks earlier, we had the wife's gun cut down and fitted at least in length (not the full thing), and that made a ton of difference. He took off like 1.75 inches off the LOP. and then fitted a new fancy pad. :cool: It was much better and easier for her to mount (yes, i knew it was too long, and i knew we would have it cut down, but she was beating me anyway. :eek: )
that was 150 bucks. I thought that wasn't bad as the pad is like 50 bucks.

For the full fitting, (mine), he measured and looked and changed the back angle where it meets the shoulder (I have no idea what that is called), then put the pad on and cut it to fit. then he worked with the left to right, and so he sanded down the top so I could just sight right down the rib. then he sanded the palm side. At first i was like "hey, wrong side" but he said your palm is forcing this to be crooked, and this is a common issue. So he did that.
every time, straight, right up, etc.
$400 bucks.
Honestly i think that's a little tall, I would think $300 would be closer, but I suppose you are paying for knowledge and the ability to see what's wrong and fix it.
Well worth it in my opnion.
Next bonus gets the Browning Citori fitted. (if the wife doesn't shoot a straight first, in which case I owe her a new gun, which will need to be fitted)

July 19, 2005, 11:09 PM
update. Went trap shooting tonight
21 first round (and i've been shooting bad lately with the O/U) from high gun.
even beat my wife (once, but still)
then shot low gun teh rest of the night, 14, 16, 17
only those stupid straight aways got me.
still, very sweet, shot right up, and some of the misses were my fault (ok, they all were my fault) but i didn't get wood on wood :D (cheek on stock)
liking it better and better

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