frustrating day at the range...


July 24, 2005, 01:08 AM
Spent about 3 hours shooting about 300 rounds or so of .308 and another 100 or so of 7.62x39, but it was a pretty frustrating experience.

I took my CETME, which has previously given me great accuracy. I was really looking forward to getting it sighted in, since I just mounted a scope on it, and added a cheekpiece and a stock extension.

My CETME is my favorite rifle, since it has previously given me accuracy like this:

Day started off okay. Scope was mounted, I checked everything for tightness and that the crosshairs were level. I had adjusted the scope a bit at home, but I knew I would be fairly far off.

So I started on a 8 1/2 x11" target at 25 meters. First shot was off paper, but no problem, I started to shoot the corners to find where it was hitting. Found it was high and left.

So I start dialing it in, adjusting it closer and closer. When I shot 3 shot groups, they were nice and tight, and things were looking good.

But my eye relief wasn't right, so I went and adjusted the stock extension (which managed to strip 2 screwdrivers I brought with me).

When I got back to my rifle, and started to finish up the sighting in, it was like starting over from scratch. :banghead:

Even worse, after a couple more shots, the mount started to come loose,and my groupings were completly random. And it got worse from there. Soon, my rings loosened up, and the scope started to shift yet again. :banghead:

About this time, another shooter showed up, so I moved back to 75-85 yards, and he set a bunch of clay pidgeons out at the berm.

After fiddling more, and him trying to help me, I was getting really frustrated. If I tried to move the POI up 4 inches, it would drop 2 inches. If I adjusted it down 4, it would drop 7. Completely random. But occasionally it would show signs of working right, and I could get dialed in properly, for about 5 shots.

After the other shooter left, I went back to 25 yards, and couldn't even get a <5" group, @ 25 YARDS!!! :confused:

Frustrated, and thinking that I was just really off that day, I grabbed my SKS, thinking I will just blow off some steam real quick. I aim at the left over clays he left out, and the partials that were still visible. There were about 4 of them left. After realizing that my sights were set to 200, and putting them on the 100 setting, I popped all 4 clays in 5 rounds. :scrutiny: With a SKS, and cheap wolf ammo. And I can't see the sights all that well.

So realizing that it wasn't my shooting, I went back to the rifle, and took the scope off the mount, and started to look it over. And thats when I discovered that the 2 set screws that hold the scope mount steady and shim the front were both missing. :what: They had both worked themselves loose, and that's why I was getting such random accuracy.

Ofcourse by this time, I had fired about 300 rounds of .308 trying to get the rifle sighted in. Funny how quick 300 rounds go.

So the bad news is that after 300 rounds, I still don't have a sighted in rifle, and I need to replace two small set screws, and get some locktite.

The good news though is that I got to fire off 300 rounds of .308, and another 100 7.62x39. And my SKS has never shot that accuratly before. I am used to being able to hit pop cans from 35-50yards, but I was popping clays and bits of clays out to 85 yards. Nice. And even though the shots weren't going where they were supposed to with the CETME, it still gave me practice, and trigger time which I needed.


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July 24, 2005, 01:10 AM
Scopes are an invention of the leprechauns, used to frustrate good honest shooters, I tell ye! :D

July 24, 2005, 04:58 AM
Don't use cheap parts. I bet the mount/scope/rings are all out of the cheaper than dirt catalogue.

Buy quality stuff.

July 24, 2005, 09:45 AM
igb- ya gotta have days like that on occasion to keep huberus in check...

you'll get, just stay after it. judicious application of loctite helps sometimes.

July 24, 2005, 09:53 AM
I've heard poor things about those claw mounts for the CETME. They look neat and those are real accurate guns. It'd be fun to tap into the full potential with a scope, but i'll stick to my irons.

July 24, 2005, 11:00 AM

You would be wrong about them being out of the cheaperthan dirt catalog.

The mount is the mount that everone on cetmerifles has the best luck with. Unfortunatly, the set screws just worked their way out on mine, and that was what was causing the biggest problem.

I just didn't see them do it, and was blaming myself for the bad groups, until I figured it out.


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