Plastic fantastic! 2340 range report with pics.


March 23, 2003, 11:37 AM
Here's an informal range report on the sig pro that I posted on SIGforum a while back.

Purchased a 2340 357SIG used a few weeks ago. Nitron, Trijicons, with 7 mags. Cleaned it up well, and waited for a non-snowy day. That day came yesterday. This is my informal first impression.

sig pro 2340:

sig pro with DeltaZ folder and G2:

Ammo: Speer Lawman 125gr FMJ.
Winchester Win-Clean, 125gr TMJ.
S&B 125gr FMJ.

Weather conditions: Partially cloudy, calm wind, 55 degrees, F. Outdoor range.

(Here it is with i-shot bag):

At first I wanted to acclimate myself to this new pistol and ammo.

Here's my target at 15 yards, offhand, 30 shots fired. Wincheseter 125gr TMJ:
The first thing I noticed was the huge ball of fire coming out of my muzzle! Surprisingly, the recoil was very manageable, more so than the P226 in 357SIG. Flip was well-controlled. Reminded me of the HKUSPf in 45acp, but with a tad bit more sharpness. The noise was much so, that a couple of guys who were sighting in their blackpowder rifles got kinda miffed....even with earplugs, they were flinching after every round.

Next I did a couple of 10-round strings, at 25 yards. Benched off of a sandbag using my arms as support. Nothing fancy. Here's my two best targets, the upper one at 2 inches, the bottom at 1.74", using the Speer Lawman 125gr FMJ (which was noticeably hotter):

Then I did the rest of my informal shooting at 10 yards, all off-hand, using the modified-Weaver stance. The larger target was a 30 round rapid-fire string, using the Lawman 125gr.

The smaller targets were shot at 10 yards, offhand, 10 round strings. Incredibly, there are 20 shots in each target. The left was the S&B, the middle was Lawman, and the one in the right upper corner was with Win-clean.

I like this pistol! I like the 357SIG round! I cannot wait to try some 125gr Gold Dots, and work up some reloads. The gun is definitely fun. I was able to plink at a soda can at 80 yards, hitting with pleasing regularity. I also liked how CLEAN all my brass was after firing. No residue whatsoever with the Speer and WinClean, a bit of soot with the S&B.

What I don't like:
I'm a lefty. The triangular mag-release, which I left on the left side of the pistol, gave me a blister on my middle finger.

The trigger-slap, so absent in the classic SIGs, was mildy noticeable in the sig pro.

A longer sight radius would be most welcome. How 'bout a full-sized sig pro, anybody?

Thanks for letting me share. I believe that everyone would really enjoy spending time with this 'sleeper.'

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March 23, 2003, 12:07 PM
I enjoyed reading this range report. I vividly remember reading it on SIGforum not too long ago. I agree that the Sig Pro is an outstanding pistol, worth of being called a Sig. I liked mine so much that I put together the Sig Pro FAQ (the link to it is below, in my signature).

May 10, 2003, 07:21 AM
My friend agreed to help co-author a range report to help keep it objective.
He will take care of the .40 range report, and I'll do the 357SIG.
There's little point in doing this until I have the 9mm conversion barrel from bar-sto in my hot little hands.
I have 300 rounds of winchester, and when my 550 press arrives, I'll have to do some handloads to see if plated bullets will detract from accuracy, and how much learning curve there is with 357SIG reloading.
I will also try to test accuracy and reliability with bar-stos 9mm barrel.
Thanks again to Lunde for organizing the group purchase.

Marko Kloos
May 10, 2003, 07:58 AM
I used to have a SigPro in .357SIG, just like yours. It's a great gun, and I want to pick up another one soon. They're great shooters, and one of the better-looking polymer designs on the market.

May 10, 2003, 01:21 PM
Yup, I too am waiting for the 9mm conversion group buy organized by Dr. Lunde, and I'm sure we will see a bunch of range reports shortly thereafter. Long live the sig pro!

Since I originally posted this report, I had the opportunity to run a few hundred Gold Dot 125gr JHP through it. Seems to digest them with the same voracity as the FMJ stuff. Accuracy was nearly the same. Still working on building reloads.

May 10, 2003, 01:34 PM
That's some pretty fancy shooting at 25 yards, Agony. Probably woulnd't have bet that it would have been capable of sub-2" groups at 25 yards using randomly selected ball ammo.

I was completely pleased with the actual shooting ability of my Pro in 40S&W, it just seemed to be too top-heavy compared to 1911s and Glocks.

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