Glock 36 owners...


March 23, 2003, 08:32 PM
Glock 36 owners:
How have they performed?
How many rounds fired without problems?
Are they durable? Give me the scoop!

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March 23, 2003, 08:50 PM
I've had mine for several months. It has been reliable, fairly easy to shoot & the accuracy has been acceptable.

March 23, 2003, 09:00 PM
I've had mine about 2 years now and carry it loaded with Corbon Powerball every day in a Sidearmor IWB holster.

I think it is the best carry gun I've ever had. Accuracy is excellent; it may kick a bit more than the larger .45's but no so much that I notice. Have not had a jam/malfunction in the 500 or so rounds that I have fired.

I am a small framed guy and the G36 is perfect for concealed carry for me. The other Glocks don't feel right in my hand due to their thicker grips but the single stack G36 is perfect.

Just my $.02 worth, hope it helps.:)

March 23, 2003, 09:35 PM
I got a G36 a couple months ago and the first time out with it, I had a couple jams, then on the 88th round, the recoil spring assembly came apart and the guide rod was sticking out the front of the frame. Glock sent me a new recol spring assembly and it has fired over 200 rounds since then without a malfunction.

When the first spring broke, it tore some plastic out of the area inside the dust cover. I had to scrape out all the excess chunks of plastic in order for the slide to cycle properly with the new spring installed.

I am planning to get a Wolff recoil spring for it someday if I ever decide to use it for defensive purposes.

Other than those problems it's been ok.

March 23, 2003, 10:40 PM
Mine is sick!! It holds open on a non-empty mag!! Sometimes the slide will almost go into battery!! The slide moves so slowly, that you can see it move!! This puppy has some major problems!! And no, I'm not hitting the slide stop with my thumb!! Already checked for that, besides it does it for the smith too. He has no idea what is wrong with it!! Sooooooo off to Ben Paz at Glockmeister I go!! As soon as I can find the time to drive the 130mi round trip!! ;)

March 24, 2003, 04:20 PM
I don't have one but my brother does. He has fired about 2000 rounds in the past 1 1/2 years. He has had 3-4 jams. The accuracy is O.K. for the intended use but that doesn't mean it is good. A good shooter can keep all the shots on a small pie plate (6-8") sized target at 25 yards.

It chews up brass and leaves a large dent in each empty case on the mouth. It is a nasty gun to shoot. The recoil is all out of proportion for the caliber. It is the nastiest .45 I have ever shot and that includes my dad's AMT Backup .45 which is the smallest .45 auto made. The space between the mag and the frame pinches my hand rather badly and the plastic grip stings my hand during shooting. Also the trigger somehow stings my finger during shooting. After a few shots, my hand begins to tremble and it is hard to shoot well.

I am not recoil sensitive with any other gun and that includes, .44 mag, .38 snubbies, .357 mag, .45 acp, and pistol grip shotguns. I find it odd how unconfortable this gun is for me to shoot because my brother has no problems with the recoil.:confused: It seems to be a gun that works well for some but not for others. The gun never felt good in my hand yet my brother says it fits him perfectly. I would say, if it seems to fit your hand, you will be O.K. but if it feels odd, it might pose some problems for you.

Just based on my experience with the Glock 36, I would say pass. I think there are far better guns out there that are more refined in design. If you need a .45 auto, try the SIG 245. It is far superior in every possible way.

March 24, 2003, 05:58 PM
Mine has 500-1thousand rounds by me...I bought it used

No problems...great shooter

March 24, 2003, 07:50 PM
Mine has 500-1thousand rounds by me...I bought it used

Is that 500,000 and 1 or 500-1000 rounds?:neener:

March 24, 2003, 08:20 PM
I have had my G36 since Christmas of this year. I have fired it quite a bit. I tested and carried 200 grain Federal +P EFMJ for a while. Then I noticed the posts on Corbon PowRball so I ordered some 165 grain +P. With both ammo types accuracy is excellent. Slow timed shoots will drill one hole groups at 7 yards and shoot fist sized groups at 25 yards. More than good enough for the weapons intended purpose. However, rapid fire is quite another story. I am no stranger to recoil or shooting but I find the G36 with PowRball quite a handful even compared to my MK40 with 165 grain Golden Sabers. It was only after a great deal of practice that I was able to go from 7 rounds at 7 yards shootgun type pattern center mass to 7 rounds at 7 yards in a pie plate sized group. At 25 yards, rapid fire, the first shot is the only one that would count. I have had to work some discipline to keep my head and fire more slowly as the target gets futher away.
Packing the G36 is a dream. In a Kramer horsehide belt scabbard it is, hands down, the most comfortable CCW handgun I have ever carried from day to day. I have had zero problems with this little powerhouse so far and combine that with the legendary Glock resistance to rust and corrosion and you have a winner in my book.

March 24, 2003, 08:27 PM
But Riddle, ya can't put stag on that thing.....;)

March 24, 2003, 08:53 PM
I know what you mean. I sat up one night thinking about thin bone grip panels.



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