Tell me about North Carolina


March 24, 2003, 09:02 AM
It appears that the "two body problem" has been solved. My girlfriend and I will (not yet officially, but almost certainly -- we just have to mail in the little decision form") be going to Duke for our respective graduate programs. I am going into mathematics (specifically differential geometry and geometric analysis, if you're interested) and she is going into neuroscience (synaptic placticity, memory and learning at the biochemical level, if you're interested).

So, please tell me about North Carolina's gun laws and political climate!

A brief look over at shows that they have shall-issue CCW, but they might have some other goofy laws. For the CCW, are certain areas verboten? What are the restrictions on buying guns -- waiting periods, other garbage?

Any good shops in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area I should poke into next fall?

What's good to hunt there?


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March 24, 2003, 11:13 AM
>>So, please tell me about North Carolina's gun laws and political climate! <<

NC is a state where many in the capital and the ivory towers in RTP are very liberal. The Dems and Rep go back and forth there election-wise.
The average Tarheel is usually a pretty clear thinking person and on the conservative side of moderate.

>>A brief look over at shows that they have shall-issue CCW, but they might have some other goofy laws. For the CCW, are certain areas verboten? What are the restrictions on buying guns -- waiting periods, other garbage?<<

From a RKBA POV it's a typical nanny state. The politicos know best and restrict what thay can and only begrudging let people exercise their RKBA and then in a more restricted manner than needed. Expect many liberals/anti RKBA on the Duke campus.

I don't know if it's still normal but buying handguns used to require that you go get a pistol permit from the local head LE agent in your area. While you could get up to five at one time it was a PITA. In some places it is breeze to get one... in WS, Greensboro and Raleigh it's a pain. I'm not sure if having a CHL will let you buy and walk in NC w/o a permit. Long guns are less restricted, no permits required there.

I think you have some residency requirements to get a pistol permit in NC. There is a residency req. for CCCW, and NC is just now looking a legislation to recognize and CHLs from other states. Carry is prohibited at certain kinds of business/specified locations. I don't believe a local gov. can prohibit CCW totally just because they don't like it.

Considering how restrictive gun laws are in some places, NC will seem wide open. Of all the southern states I've lived in, I consider NC the biggest PITA law-wise of them all. I hated going to the extra effort to get a permit(s) and the process where I lived at the time required you to come back at a later time and pick them up and pay for them. So a defacto waiting period. I hope they dropped all this foolishness but I doubt they have. In some areas of the state you can walk in a get the permits much nore easily.
OTOH you can carry a pistol in your car as long as it's NOT CONCEALED w/o a permit or, at least that used to be the case.

>>Any good shops in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area I should poke into next fall?<<
There are some pretty well equipped shops in those areas but I find them a bit high priced. I always did better at gunshows $$$-wise. I also did better is some of the shops in small towns here and there around the state.

>>What's good to hunt there?<<
More like what's not good. NC is blessed with a fair amont of public hunting land referred to generically as Gamelands. Hunting in the National Forests is part of this. The department of Wildlife Resources has a special announcement outlining special hunts on the net. Some of these are exceptional opportunities. Resident hunting and fishing Lics. are not too expensive.
It's a pretty great place for deer. Hunts on leased land are better than public but not always so. Turkey hunting is spring only. They have bear and wild boar and small game. Ducks are poor to ok in places and excellent in places. Quail are hit and miss, mostly miss.....its a land use thing. Dove is excellent in eastern NC on some of the big farms.

They have trout fishing at one end of the state, surf and blue water salt at the other and all kinds of assorted fishing in-between.

Spring and fall there are beautiful. Humid summers.
Good luck with Duke. Some of the best graduate classes I ever took were taught at Duke. Spend some time between Raleigh and Morehead off the Interstate. Nice country and some great hunting, but you have to ask permission.

March 24, 2003, 01:17 PM
You'll be living in "Berkley on the Neuse". Duke, Wake Forest, UNC Chapel Hill, NC State is the original Tobacco Road. ACC Basketball is the largest single religion in the state. is a good source to lay out the gun laws. It ain't as wide open as some would like but it is a sight better than NYNJMDCA. Local Sheriff controls purchase permits. TYpically the first batch ordered has to be done in person, others are via mail with a inperson pickup. Not a problem.

CCH laws are pretty much in line with other states. NC is a shall issue state. I think it has a 30 day residency requirement before application. NC just reported a bill for approval to extend reciprocity to like provisioned states. Just like other states there are some areas where CCH is prohibited. It does have a local opt out provision which is triggered by simply posting a no-CCH sign. It is my assessment that most establishments don't opt out.

Hunting is all they do down east (eastern NC where the land is really FLAT). You have the choice of Outer Banks in the east, Norfolk in the NE, Myrtle Beach and Wilmington in the SE, mountains in the West. Leaf season in the mountains is world famous. Southern Virginia is a few hours north of RDU area. Decent airports.

Right now unemployment is pretty high in the state. We've been putting up with wholesale exporting of industries for about 15 years. The state has yet to figure out the connection between tax policy and job creating.

Politics is typically small southern state governing the 14th largest state in the country. The governor is a complete idiot. He's a hand puppet for the democrat power block. He's pushing a lottery as the solution to all financial problems and the voters ain't buyin' it. Politically the state is split down the middle. We are the state that claimed Jesse Helms as Senator for life then turn around and give the other seat to John Edward, a leaping screaming leftist trial lawyer. Jesse retires and we give his seat to Liddy Dole, a buttermilk republican if ever there was one. Go figure!

It ain't perfect but its better than other states.

March 24, 2003, 01:33 PM
Well, politics aside, it's certainly one of the most beautiful states in the country. The wife and I applied to Duke. We were both accepted - I was offered a scholarship, she was not. Had we wished to assume $100,000 in loans for her, we would both proudly call it our alma mater. ;)

March 24, 2003, 02:14 PM
gunshop advice..... Note: this is how it was 4 years ago when i moved away, no garutee of all or any of these still being there, adn i'm sorry that i can't help with street names, i lived int eh area for 16 years and went to my favorite places almost by instinct rather than names on a map.

first step get a good map of the Durham,wake, and Orange counties area (the triangle counties)

Colonial Gunshop in Hillsburough (20-30 mins from Duke campus at most) good place just don't go there for smal parts. they'll stick you on small crap. but the gun room was huge.

Young Guns in Apex, great guys good prices and helpful. only thing is that they ARE in Apex (when i left a rather out of the way town for most but still in Wake conty i think)

Davi's in Raleigh: indoor range, good service, good selection, decent prices. you have to drive deep into the pack of strip malls it's hid in to get to it, but it's worth it i think

there is only one that falls under the if it's still there be REAL careful buying there category....

Gunworks in North Raliegh. guy who owned the place when i left was a real nut job. only thing keeping him in check was his wife and then she died. last i heard there was talk of his FFL status being reveiwed b/c there was a possibility of him being a danger to others.
even if nothing came of that, he was overpriced ($150 in 1996 for trash Moisin Nagants that would have been $75 elsewhere and THAT negotible), RUDE and had policies that made me never darken his doorstep again. they wouldn't show you a handgun unless you had a permit IN HAND. sorry jack that ain't how i shop!! i'm gonna look over the options THEN get the paperwork and come back to get it.

now i will say that in that time he may have been forced out, his daughter may have taken over, or teh whole shebang sold to another person. so DO check it out. but be warned of the possibility. mabe someone else here knows for sure. but unless he's sold out or his daughter took over and lowered prices to reasonable i wouldn't even return to browse.

other info advice.... first i have to say this "Gunshops in Chapel hill" ROFLMAO you've GOT to be kidding, i think there might be one or two but they tend to hide themselves from veiw in that little pocket of liberals. opening a shop in the shadow of UNC would be veiwed by many "locals" (read as those attached to the school, not nessesarily folks who grew up there) as akin to opening a KKK supply store in compton!!

if you need an outdoor range i think the options are still slim. Sir Walter Raleigh Gun Club off of I-85 between Butner adn Creedmore is the only large one i know of near Durham. the one i used was called Gunrunner's and was about 45 mins up 85 just south of OXford. if you want i'll try and get the direction to it, when i was last there is was small, but informal, and one of the better palces to shoot without a waiting list. while i was there the way you joined up was, to go out on a saturday and watch, possibly shoot, etc and look, wait for, ask after, the owner (man named frank Glover a retired LEO) and either someone would point you in the right direction or you'd run into Frank. you'd be given teh run down on the rules, he'd ask you for a year's dues (whole family etc) of around $52 (when i last paid) as long as you followed the rules laid down. you'd have no problem.

as for hunting the only things i ever hunted while there were Doves and "pest control type critters" down around Goldsboro there is a large are of State run farmland that is open for Dove hunting. deacent place if you can find a good spot, but since it's public acess you have to also find a site that isn't crowed by the jerks who insist on breaking the game laws.

anyway i've rambled enough and there are others that can tell you MUCH more stuff adn of a more recent vintage.

March 27, 2003, 10:17 AM
Thanks for all the great comments.

I emailed the state AG about how to legally bring my firearms (specifically the handguns) into the state, and I'll certainly apply for CCW once eligible.

Being from Wisconsin, the opportunity to have CCW at all is great whether or not it's as free, unrestricted, and accepted as it ought to be. In WI, there are no restrictions on buying firearms (well, waiting period for handguns), no registration for anything, but ABSOLUTELY NO CCW. Maybe we'll see it if the legislature can push it past Gov. Doyle.

However, the list of places where carry is prohibited in NC is quite long. Let's see: No educational property, no state buildings, restaraunts, no place which charges admission, no finanical institutions, no public events.

So, I guess I could carry at the bookstore and the coffee shop, but not the coffee shop if they sell irish coffee..... It essentially restricts it out of usefulness.

Anyway, I'm not too afraid of the local liberal politics. Having lived in Madison, WI for the past 4 years, I'm used to a population which votes 50/50 for Nader/Gore.

Here's to moving to a warmer climate!

March 27, 2003, 10:59 AM
I think it has to be pretty good.....

It's close to Tennessee!! ;)

March 27, 2003, 07:10 PM
It's the home of NASCAR! :cool:

March 27, 2003, 07:21 PM
Oh, that's a plus :rolleyes:

(I won't say which of the last two posts I'm referring to... :p )

March 27, 2003, 07:26 PM
Er, check out the taxes. When I thought about moving there 20 +/- years ago they had some pretty confiscatory taxes, especially as related to land and inheritance.

Also, you might want to visit first. I was terminally turned off by the number of yankee retirees who were settled there. Sure yankee retirees are a great business resource if you are a potter or other 'artiste' type, but they tend to run up the housing and grocery costs, not to mention the traffic wait times.

March 29, 2003, 12:54 PM
NC is a nice place, but it does have a "Permit to Purchase" handgun law.

March 29, 2003, 09:58 PM
Watch out if you live in Durham--they are the only county in the state that requires handgun registration after purchase. this is spottily enforced, but it exists. The sheriff of Orange County has slightly more stringent requirements for his pistol permits, as well. You must not only provide three references, but they must be Orange County residents, and execute a sworn statement to the effect that you are an upstanding citizen. Major PITA factor.

For outdoor shooting, Durham Pistol and Rifle Club is available. I just joined, and they seem to be a good bunch. See their site at for any more information.

March 30, 2003, 09:56 AM
NC summary:

Long Gun purchase - just NCIS check

Handgun - must get "Purchase Permit" from county Sheriff. Sheriff's office does background check. It's up to the Sheriff how many permits you may get at one time and per year. Durham limits to 2 permits per application and 5 permits per year. Wake County is 5 permits per application and 5 per year (new Sheriff last Nov). Durham requires two references and notarization of their signatures. goalie gave the goods on Orange.
Don't know about Granville (NE of Durham, north of Falls Lake, not a bad commute on I-85, once it's finished).
When you buy, the seller takes the purchase permit and must keep it, forever, I presume. This includes private sellers. The permit does allow you to skip the NICS check for long guns. The permits are good for 5 years as long as you reside at the same address.

Durham does have handgun registration; it's a law enacted in 1935 because Durham's population, majority African American, was rioting, I believe.

For local shops, I like the Gun Room best, I don't know Raleigh all that well, except to second the Gunworks opinion. I went in there once and saw they had USED Leupold scopes for about the same price Cabelas charges for new ones. I never went back.

If you're willing to take a drive or go to the Raleigh gun show, Ed's Discount Guns in Vass is pretty hard to beat.

I've been a member of Durham Pistol and Rifle Club for 3 years, I like it. If you have no need to shoot centerfire rifles, the Durham Wildlife Club is IN the Research Triangle Park and has pistol and trap&skeet ranges. Wake County has an indoor range, it's $10/hr for Wake residents and $12 or so for Triangle residents. It's on the Wake county website (don't remember the URL). There's a $25 or so training fee that includes 1 hr of range time.


March 30, 2003, 11:21 AM
I will be up front. If you move into Durham, move into the southern area of the county, near I-40. It is the safest place to live, hands down. Durham politics is down the tubes, kinda the way DC was run awhile back. Politicians get caught in the wrong, and still stay in office.

On a lighter note, we really don't enforce the registration thing. Never heard of it being enforced since I have been here. Too many bigger fish to fry. You would figure with the city's reputation and homicide rate that the antis would have a field day- not an issue.

Gunstores in the area are ok. Detritus- Colonial Guns is on the way out, it seems. Five years ago they had more guns, albiet costly, when I went in there last month they had maybe 75 guns in the whole store, and not a whole lot else. The sign on I 85 still says over 1000 guns in stock, unless you are in the mood to stop, find another gun store. A shame.

The Gun Room in Mebane is pretty good. He just moved into the bigger building, selection is there. Friendly people.

PHSDC in Raleigh is a bit pricey, but you have a smithy on site and a decent selection for holsters, shooting, what have you.

Young Guns, it's ok, decent selection. Davi's- the last time i was in there the gunshop commandos were in charge. I heard this changed, good for them.

Abraham, pm me if you have any questions about Durham. Be more than happy to get you the info.

March 30, 2003, 10:05 PM
not surprised in the least by the fall of Colonial. they were begining to stagnate well before i left. i don't think i went in there but maybe once a year the last 3 years i was in NC, and at least one of those stops was b/c colonial was a known place to meet up with some folks i was going on a trip with. truthfully i think when the sons (or next generation don't know if it stayed in the family) took over that the shop began to decay.

As for Davi's, when did the "gunshop comandos" take it over? all my dealings with there were from about a year prior to the move to the newer site with the indoor range, till about late '98. adn in that time the staff seemed to be not of the type you describe. maybe it was the additional staff that they had to get to cover teh expansion and the range that caused the "BS blasters" to show up..... either way that stinks to have happen.

i have to make a comment on the assertion that the ONLY good places to live in Durham are in the southern portions of the county.. like any old city, Durham has areas that are "bad" and areas that are "good" and many times the difference is, which block YOUR house is on. there are great old neighborhoods in and around downtown. granted there are also places where unless you happen to live there you won't want to go except in broad daylight. but that's true of every single place i have lived in my entire life. in other words don't let an over generalization keep you from looking for housing closer in to the Duke campus.

i DID notice that you haven't said if you're going to be looking at houses, apartments, buy, rent lease etc. or if you intend to live ON campus. though if you;re comming with your firearms, i'd guess that means you're not gonna be able to live on campus :D. all this does make a difference.

but as for where to live in the area, make sure you LOOK FOR YOURSELF instead of thinking, "oh no i was told NOT to look in this area by someone on line" we all hold oppinions and most of them are based on the person holding them instead of the full reality. i certainly know this hold for MY oppinions adn therefore hold nothing agaist those who disagree (as long as their oppions do not become hatred)

March 31, 2003, 12:19 PM
I'll also have to respectfully disagree with S. Durham being the only safe part. I live in North Durham, north of the Eno. It's a nice area.

April 3, 2003, 10:14 AM
Again, thanks for all the great reponses.

I guess I'll have to get used to this registration baloney....

We'll probably get a 1000-or-so sqft apartment the first 6 months or year, and then look into buying a house once we know the area better. We aren't particular about living close to campus, as long as it's a short drive or there's a bus or something.

Anyone have a favorite landlord?

Also, thanks for the link to the DPRC -- it looks like a nice setup! I've always shot on my family's private land, so I'm always leery-by-unfamiliatity of clubs, but it looks good, based on their web pages.

Ol' Badger
April 3, 2003, 10:27 AM
Its hot in the summer and cold in the winter, when the power gets knocked out by falling tree limbs :D That should keep the Liberals out !

April 3, 2003, 04:22 PM
I consider NC home, although I've lived alot of places.
Make sure you take the time to do the outer banks. Ride the ferry to Ocracoke and drive all the way up to Currituck (one more ferry from Ocracoke to Hatteras). Visit Kitty Hawk and check out Roanoke Island, as well as hitting all the lighthouses along the way.
I absolutely miss NC and can't wait to move back there one day...

April 3, 2003, 10:12 PM
I absolutely miss NC and can't wait to move back there one day...

you sound like me!!
i've been working on my wife for 2 of the 3 years we've been together, to at least go on a trip back to NC (i lived there, she visited a friend there while she was in the Army), adn preferably mvoe there as soon as we can. i spent the majority of my life (16 of 26 years) in Durham. and i miss it with all my heart.

April 16, 2003, 11:31 AM
Wake County is 5 permits per application and 5 per year (new Sheriff last Nov).

Just got off the phone with Donnie Harrison, the new Sheriff. He said this is untrue, that you are limited to 5 pistol purchase permits per application, and unlimited applications per year.

April 16, 2003, 01:56 PM
In case anyone is wondering, here's a response I got from the AG office:

My question:
I will be moving permanently to North Carolina (specifically, the Durham area) this coming summer. As a current resident of Wisconsin, I legally own several firearms including handguns, long-arms, and black-powder firearms.

Reading your state's online FAQ on firearms laws, I see that your state requires a permit for purchasing handguns (which Wisconsin does not). My question is: what must I do to legally bring my firearms into North Carolina when I move?

Theire response:
I am in receipt of your email to the North Carolina Attorney General's Office and I am happy to respond. Hopefully the following information will assist you.

You are correct that North Carolina requires pistol purchase permits when buying handguns. You specifically inquired as to what is required to bring your currently owned firearms to North Carolina. There are no specific registration requirements for an individual moving to this state. However, if you wish to purchase additional handguns once you arrive, or obtain a concealed carry weapons permit, then you would have to submit the proper paperwork to your local sheriff's office. Again, as to previously owned firearms, that comply with
state and federal laws, no registration is required. Thank you for your inquiry.

April 16, 2003, 02:09 PM
This implies, by the way, that I need to find my new 1911 before August. :D

April 16, 2003, 07:13 PM
And remember if you thnk you will EVER want any Class 3 goodies, make absolutely sure you move into a county where the sheriff will sign Form 4s.

I found out the hard way. :banghead:

April 17, 2003, 03:51 PM
When you get to town, or if you come down scouting before the move, please be sure to let me know and I'll treat for dinner.

April 17, 2003, 04:49 PM
Just got off the phone with Donnie Harrison, the new Sheriff. He said this is untrue, that you are limited to 5 pistol purchase permits per application, and unlimited applications per year. That's good for Wake Co residents. I got my info from a co-worker. I trust the sheriff himself is a better source. :)
I am certain about Durham Co., as I just got 2 permits a month ago.
Again, as to previously owned firearms, that comply with
state and federal laws, no registration is required. Thank you for your inquiry.

I'm not sure this is true for folks who move to Durham County. The State Attorney General's web site says there's no registration in the state at all, but it misses this odd-ball Durham only law. I know personally the Clerk of the Court will happily fill in the registration forms for you.
Check for NC laws summaries. I just read the Durham law, G.S. Chapter 157, HB566 and it only mentions new transfers, not new residents. This may mean that you don't have to register when you move in. I don't know for sure, I am not a lawyer, and all that.


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